Have you ever sent or ordered something through FedEx and then found out it was given to USPS for delivery? It might seem a bit strange at first. 

Why would FedEx hand off a package to another company? USPS is one of the biggest shipping companies, but why would two competitors collaborate to deliver a package?

In this article, we will discuss why FedEx transfers packages to USPS. Additionally, we’ll guide you on monitoring your package once it’s been handed over. So, without any further ado, Let’s get started.

Key Takeaways:

  • FedEx and USPS collaborate to deliver your package faster and cost-efficiently. This is called a Fedex Ground Economy service.
  • A FedEx package may get a USPS tracking number during the transfer so that you can track the package even after it is transferred.
  • If your package is shipped with SmartPost, then it might take about 2-7 days for the package to get delivered.
  • To track your package on the USPS website, add”92” in front of the FedEx tracking number.

Why Is My FedEx Package Transferred to USPS?

When you use FedEx’s Ground Economy service, your package starts with FedEx but is transferred to USPS for final delivery. This is done to deliver the packages faster and cost-efficiently.

FedEx handles long-distance transportation, while USPS, with its big local network, manages the “last mile” to your doorstep. FedEx and USPS began this partnership to provide customers with an efficient, cost-effective shipping solution. 

By combining FedEx’s expertise in cross-country transportation with USPS’s capability to deliver to every address in the U.S., customers get a reliable service at a reduced cost. This way, you will get your package on time without unnecessary delays.

Why Does FedEx Transfer Packages to USPS?

It’s because you’ve opted for the FedEx Ground Economy service. This isn’t just a FedEx service but a combined effort between FedEx and USPS. In this partnership, FedEx handles the first part, which is when they pick up the package, move it across cities, and provide the tracking information. 

But once your package reaches the city or town where it’s supposed to be delivered, it is passed. 

USPS takes over from there and delivers the package right to your doorstep. This is why the “Transferred to USPS” update appears. It’s not an error or delay.

The FedEx Ground Economy service is much better, faster, and cost-efficient than normal mail and it is cheaper than FedEx Ground shipping.

What does USPS do with FedEx packages?

USPS steps in when a FedEx Ground Economy package reaches its destination city or town. They handle the package’s final journey, ensuring it reaches its intended recipient. 

This “last mile” is crucial as it’s the part of the shipping process where the package is delivered directly to the end customer’s doorstep.

USPS handles this because it has a more extensive local delivery network than FedEx. This allows the recipient to receive the package more quickly.

How Long Before My Package Is Delivered?

When using the FedEx Ground Economy service, the overall delivery usually takes between 2 to 7 business days within the U.S. However, if your package is heading to Alaska, Hawaii, or a U.S. territory, it might take slightly longer – ranging from 5 to 14 days.

These are general timeframes, and external factors like weather, high shipping volumes, or operational delays can occasionally impact the delivery speed.

How Can I Track a FedEx Package Transferred to USPS? 

Initially, you can monitor the journey of your package using the FedEx website with the provided tracking number. This will show the package’s status within the FedEx system.

However, once FedEx hands off the package to USPS, the tracking on FedEx’s site might display a status like “At a U.S. Postal Service Facility.” 

From this point on, to continue tracking, you’d need to use the USPS tracking system. Remember, FedEx’s tracking numbers are typically 20 digits. 

To use this number on the USPS site, add “92” to the beginning of the FedEx tracking number. If you face any problem while tracking, reach out to FedEx for help.

Why does my FedEx package have a USPS tracking number?

This is because FedEx and USPS work together to make some deliveries. FedEx will bring the package near the recipient’s regional delivery hub and then transfer it to USPS.

When USPS takes over, they give the package their tracking number. This way, you can still watch it, even after it switches from FedEx to USPS.

It’s just a way to ensure you know where your package is until it reaches you. Just add “92” before a 20-digit FedEx tracking number to make it a USPS tracking number.


Why does my FedEx package have a USPS tracking number?

Your FedEx package may have a USPS tracking number if it is being delivered through FedEx SmartPost. FedEx SmartPost is a shipping service that combines FedEx’s efficiency with that of USPS’s last-mile delivery service.

Does FedEx ever use USPS to deliver?

Yes, FedEx sometimes uses USPS to deliver packages through FedEx SmartPost. FedEx SmartPost packages are typically delivered within 2-7 days of being shipped.

Why did my package go to USPS?

If your FedEx package went to USPS, it is because it is being delivered through FedEx SmartPost. FedEx SmartPost packages are typically transferred to USPS after they have been transported to a FedEx regional hub.

Why does FedEx deliver USPS?

FedEx delivers USPS packages through FedEx SmartPost because it allows FedEx to offer a more affordable shipping option for customers.


FedEx and USPS team up to deliver some packages. FedEx starts the process, handling pick-up and most of the transport. 

But near the end, USPS takes the package, managing the ‘last mile’ to your door. This is because USPS has a vast local network, which helps them deliver the package in less time.

Your FedEx package might get a USPS tracking number when it’s handed over. You must add “92” at the beginning of the FedEx tracking number to make it a USPS tracking number. 

These two delivery companies collaborate to deliver your package quickly and efficiently. So, next time you see both FedEx and USPS tracking updates, know that your package is on its way.

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