Are FedEx and USPS driving you crazy? If you need to ship a package, deciding on the best carrier can be a headache. But what if you have a FedEx package and want to use USPS? Can you do it?

Let’s dive in and find out how to get your packages moving, no matter the original carrier.

Does Usps Take FedEx

Does USPS Accept FedEx Packages

As a rule, USPS does not handle FedEx shipments packaged in FedEx envelopes or boxes. Nonetheless, USPS and FedEx have a long-standing business relationship where USPS leverages FedEx’s extensive global network, and FedEx’s SmartPost shipping takes advantage of USPS’s strong local delivery capabilities.

FedEx and USPS: How Do They Work Together?

When USPS and FedEx first started working together, it was in 2001. Through this relationship, USPS would benefit from FedEx’s extensive domestic and global reach.

This reach is made possible by FedEx Express, which now has one of the largest aircraft fleets in the world—the largest non-passenger fleet. FedEx Express has had unsuccessful attempts on USPS mail for years, especially foreign mail; lately, USPS and FedEx extended their long-term arrangement until 2024.

For the last leg of delivery, SmartPost often employs USPS service, but this isn’t always the case.

When FedEx is already close to the package’s location and direct delivery would be quick and easy, there are situations where FedEx drivers deliver parcels directly. Nevertheless, USPS vehicles deliver the vast majority of SmartPost parcels.

However, it’s interesting to note that FedEx suddenly ended the second crucial aspect of their collaboration. FedEx stated it would stop depending on USPS ground to handle the “final leg” of packet shipments in the spring of 2021.

The FedEx SmartPost service involved getting the box pretty close to the delivery location, handing it off to USPS, and then letting USPS manage the actual delivery.

Can I Use A FedEx Box To Ship USPS?

FedEx provided a service known as SmartPost for a very long time. For the last mile of delivery, this used USPS. In other words, USPS drivers made the final delivery to your door or mailbox.

When returning an item, users could also use this service to place a FedEx SmartPost package into a USPS mailbox. It was a service utilized by online stores for whom effective return policies were crucial.

But in recent years, FedEx completely redesigned SmartPost. FedEx no longer employs USPS for the final mile of delivery; instead, it now goes by the name FedEx Ground Economy. FedEx Ground Economy customers are thus unable to ship FedEx packages to USPS mailboxes.

Why did FedEx send my package to USPS?

As mentioned earlier, FedEx used to provide a service called SmartPost shipping. Smaller package shippers that didn’t place a high focus on speed were ideal candidates for this low-cost shipping alternative.

For SmartPost, which transported shipments to USPS, FedEx established its own network of distribution facilities. After then, USPS finished the “last leg” of the parcel’s trip, thereby becoming the one who really delivered it.

Therefore, the whole point of SmartPost delivery was for FedEx to hand off a recipient’s package to USPS. FedEx, however, declared that SmartPost will be discontinued in 2021. No longer will USPS assist with delivery.

In an effort to save costs for the large carrier, FedEx will now handle all delivery for the newly branded FedEx Ground Economy on their own.

Is It Legal For FedEx To Put Packages In Your Mailbox?

FedEx is not permitted to place parcels inside your USPS-owned mailbox. In reality, it is forbidden for anybody but USPS and the occupants of the home to reach into a mailbox.

FedEx, UPS, and any other carrier must climb the extra actions to your doorstep and leave the packages there. However, despite their long-standing commercial relationship, FedEx is still prohibited from using USPS’s monopoly on mailboxes.

What Happens If You Accidentally Put a FedEx Package in a USPS Drop Box?

FedEx will be requested by the post office to pick up the package, however, this is an extra step that will delay delivery.

Additionally, there is a potential that the object will go unnoticed and wind up hidden on a shelf somewhere. It can take a staff member days or even weeks to respond to it. Moreover be aware that since the package hasn’t been scanned by the FedEx system, your FedEx tracking number won’t work.

Additionally, there have been cases where FedEx was charged “Postage Due” by the post office when it was picked up. a cost that you or the recipient will unavoidably bear.


Do FedEx and USPS work together?

FedEx does work with USPS through its FedEx SmartPost program.

Is FedEx and USPS the same?

No both are different. An international courier firm called FedEx is known for its exceptional package tracking and overnight delivery capabilities. The United States Postal Service, or USPS, is the country’s main postal service and a well-liked method of sending mail and small parcels both domestically and abroad.

Why does FedEx hand off to USPS?

Only if you have utilized a service like FedEx Ground Economy will your FedEx mail be handed off to USPS. This service provides companies with affordable and dependable postage choices by utilizing the vast postal network of the USPS.


Despite having a tight working relationship since 2001, USPS does not generally accept FedEx. The last leg of FedEx’s SmartPost service was dependent on USPS ground services until very recently, but that aspect of their collaboration has now ended. I hope this post has answered all of your questions.

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