Have you ever found yourself in the nerve-wracking situation of realizing that your FedEx package is headed to the wrong destination? 

The anticipation of your eagerly awaited parcel turning up at the wrong doorstep can be an anxiety-inducing experience. But fret not, for there’s a solution at hand! In the world of parcel delivery, the power to reroute a FedEx package can be your saving grace.

The fact is, FedEx understands that packages can encounter unexpected curves, and sometimes, you need to tweak the delivery plan. That’s why they offer a rerouting service, allowing you to redirect your package with ease. 

In this article, we’ll guide you through the process, address potential roadblocks, and reveal the cost implications. So, if you’re wondering, “Can you reroute a FedEx package?“—stick around because we’ve got the answers you’re seeking. 

Can you Reroute a FedEx Package

Key takeaways

  • FedEx allows package rerouting with fees based on distance, providing flexibility for address changes and delivery adjustments.
  • Rerouting is authorized by the shipper and has specific restrictions, such as no international or dangerous goods shipments.
  • Online or phone rerouting is convenient; follow the process by visiting the FedEx website or calling customer service.
  • Fees vary by $5.55 for <120 miles, $33.50 for >120 miles, or $22.50 with a 3-day delay. Plan wisely.

Can you Reroute a FedEx Package?

Yes, you can reroute a FedEx package, and it’s a practical solution to address various shipping concerns. Whether you need to change the delivery address or redirect your package for pickup at a FedEx location, FedEx offers the flexibility to make these adjustments.

Are There Any Restrictions on Rerouting FedEx Packages?

Certainly, while FedEx offers the convenience of rerouting packages, there are some important restrictions to keep in mind to ensure a smooth process.

Address Change Restrictions

First and foremost, your ability to change the delivery address depends on a few key factors:

  • Account Restrictions: Ensure there are no address change restrictions on your FedEx account. Certain accounts may have limitations, so it’s essential to check.
  • International Addresses: FedEx can reroute packages within the same country. However, if you’re looking to change the address to a different country, this might not be possible.
  • Delivery Status: FedEx can only reroute a package if it hasn’t been delivered yet. Once the package is in the hands of the recipient, rerouting becomes challenging.

Air Waybill Considerations

Another crucial aspect is the air waybill attached to your shipment. If FedEx can’t modify the original air waybill, rerouting may not be feasible.

Dangerous Goods Shipments

For safety and security reasons, FedEx does not allow changing the delivery address for shipments classified as dangerous goods. However, these packages can be held at a pickup point within the same service area as the original address or returned to the shipper.

Lastly, keep in mind that FedEx typically permits only one reroute per package. Therefore, it’s essential to plan and make the necessary adjustments judiciously.

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Where Can You Reroute a FedEx Package?

You might be wondering where exactly you can reroute your FedEx package. Fortunately, FedEx offers flexibility in this regard, allowing you to make changes to the destination to suit your needs.

Here are the key options:

Change of Street Address: You can reroute a FedEx package to a different street address within the same city or even to an entirely different state. This flexibility comes in handy when you need to adapt your delivery to changing circumstances.

Hold at a FedEx Location: If you prefer to pick up your package rather than have it delivered, you can have it rerouted to a nearby FedEx location. This option is particularly useful when you’re not available at your original address or if you want to ensure the package’s safekeeping.

Residential to FedEx Location: FedEx allows you to reroute a package from a residential address to a FedEx location for convenient pickup. This can be an excellent choice if you’re worried about the security of a doorstep delivery.

In essence, FedEx allows you to reroute your package to various locations, making it convenient to adapt your delivery to your specific needs and circumstances.

Can You Reroute a FedEx Package to a Different State?

Yes, you can reroute a FedEx package to a different state, but there are some important considerations to keep in mind.

First and foremost, the authority to change the delivery address to another state rests with the package sender or shipper. If you’re the shipper, you have the ability to authorize this change.

However, it’s crucial to note that rerouting fees can vary based on the distance between the original delivery location and the new state. If you plan to reroute a package more than 120 miles from the initial delivery point, you should anticipate higher fees.

For a comprehensive understanding of the fees associated with rerouting FedEx packages, we’ll delve into that later. Keep reading for more information on the cost implications of rerouting to a different state.

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How Do I Reroute a FedEx Package?

Rerouting a FedEx package is a straightforward process that you can easily manage online or through a phone call. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to reroute your package:

1. Access the FedEx Website: Start by visiting the FedEx website to access the tools you need to reroute your package.

2. Locate Your Tracking Number: You’ll need the tracking number for the package you want to reroute. When you send or receive a package, this number is typically provided to you.

3. Online Rerouting:

  •  Click on “Manage Delivery” on the FedEx website.
  •  Choose between “Hold at Location” or “Change Address,” depending on your preference.
  •  Acknowledge that altering the delivery address may affect the delivery date.
  • Select the new delivery location from the options provided.
  • Provide your contact information, including your phone number and/or email, to receive updates.
  • Review your selections and click “Submit” to confirm your request.
  • Double-check your request, then click “Done” to finalize the process.

4. Phone Rerouting:

  • If you prefer a more personal approach, call FedEx at 800-463-3339.
  • Identify yourself and provide the FedEx representative with your tracking number.
  • Specify the new address where you want the package to be delivered.
  • Be prepared to cover any required fees to complete the transaction.

Following these steps, you can efficiently reroute your FedEx package to the desired destination, ensuring it reaches the right place with minimal hassle. Whether you choose the online or phone option, FedEx provides the flexibility you need to manage your deliveries effectively.

How do I reroute a FedEx package in transit?

Rerouting a FedEx package that is already in transit is a common scenario, especially when circumstances change unexpectedly. While it’s best to make address changes before the package ships, FedEx does offer solutions for packages on the move.

Here’s how you can reroute a FedEx package that’s already en route:

1. Visit the FedEx Website:

  • Head to the FedEx website using a computer or mobile device.

2. Access Your Tracking Information:

  • Locate your tracking number, typically provided when you send or receive a package. It’s essential to have this number on hand.

3. Sign in to Your FedEx Account:

  • If you have a FedEx account, sign in. If not, you can still use the tracking features available to all users.

4. Enter Your Tracking Number:

  • Input your tracking number into the designated field. This will provide you with real-time tracking information for your package.

5. Choose the Rerouting Option:

  • Look for the option to reroute your package within the tracking details. Click on it to begin the process.

6. Follow the Prompts:

  • The FedEx website will guide you through the rerouting process. You’ll need to provide the new delivery address, contact information, and any other necessary details.

7. Confirm and Pay Fees:

  • Review your rerouting choices and confirm the changes. Be prepared to cover any fees associated with rerouting, which can vary based on the distance and timing of the reroute.

8. Receive Updates:

  • Once you’ve completed the rerouting process, FedEx will update you on your package’s status and the new delivery details.

By following these steps, you can successfully reroute a FedEx package even when it’s already in transit. However, it’s essential to act swiftly and ensure all information is accurate to avoid any delays or complications in the delivery process.

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Does FedEx Charge to Reroute Packages?

Yes, FedEx does charge fees for rerouting packages. The cost of rerouting depends on several factors, including the distance between the original delivery location and the new one. Here’s a breakdown of the rerouting fees:

Packages Less Than 120 Miles from Original Address: If the new delivery location is within 120 miles of the original address, the fee is $5.55 per package. This is a reasonable cost for minor adjustments to your delivery plans.

Packages Over 120 Miles from Original Address: If you need to reroute a package to a location that is more than 120 miles away from the initial delivery point, expect a higher fee. FedEx charges $33.50 per package for such reroutes, and the delivery typically occurs one day after the originally scheduled delivery date.

Three-Day Delay Option: If you’re flexible with your delivery time and can afford a three-day delay, FedEx offers an option at a cost of $22.50. This can be a cost-effective choice when rerouting packages over long distances.

It’s essential to consider these fees when deciding whether to reroute your FedEx package. The cost may vary based on your specific needs, so be sure to weigh the benefits of rerouting against the associated fees to make an informed decision.

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Can I reroute FedEx packages to a different address? 

Yes, you can reroute a FedEx package to a different address if the package has not yet been delivered. You can do this online by logging into your FedEx account and selecting “Manage Delivery.” You can also call FedEx customer service to request a reroute.

How much does it cost to reroute a FedEx package? 

The cost of rerouting a FedEx package depends on the distance between the original and new addresses. For rerouting within 120 miles of the original destination, the fee is $5.55 per package. For rerouting further than 120 miles, the fee is higher.

Can I Change the Delivery Address of My FedEx Package? 

Yes, you can change the delivery address of your FedEx package if the package has not yet been delivered. You can do this online by logging into your FedEx account and selecting “Manage Delivery.” You can also call FedEx customer service to request a change of address.


In the world of FedEx deliveries, the ability to reroute a package can be a lifesaver when circumstances change unexpectedly. To sum it up:

Firstly, yes, you can reroute a FedEx package, and the process is relatively straightforward. Whether you need to change the delivery address, opt for a pickup location, or make minor adjustments, FedEx offers solutions to cater to your needs.

However, it’s essential to be aware of some key considerations. Rerouting is typically authorized by the shipper, and there are certain restrictions. You can’t reroute packages internationally or for dangerous goods shipments due to safety reasons.

When it comes to fees, FedEx does charge for rerouting. The cost varies depending on the distance and timing of the reroute, so it’s important to weigh the benefits against the fees.

FedEx’s rerouting service provides flexibility and convenience when your delivery plans require adjustments. Whether you’re changing the destination, picking up your package, or rerouting mid-transit, FedEx has you covered. So, the next time you need a delivery detour, remember that rerouting with FedEx is just a few clicks or a phone call away.

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