Ever ordered something online and wondered if it’ll get to your apartment door? Especially when you live in a big building with lots of doors.

FedEx is a big name we all know. They deliver packages everywhere. But how do they handle apartment buildings? Is it different from delivering to a house? What if they can’t locate your flat?

In this article, we’re going to find out all about it. We’ll see if FedEx will bring your package right to your apartment or if other steps are involved. If you’re waiting for a package or just curious, read carefully till the end. So, without any further ado, Let’s get started.

Does Fedex Deliver To Apartments

Key Takeaways:

  1. FedEx delivers to apartments and to the front door if building access is possible.
  2. Providing clear delivery instructions, like intercom codes, ensures a smoother delivery experience.
  3. FedEx’s Delivery Manager tool allows real-time tracking and updating of delivery preferences for convenience.
  4. For multi-story apartment residents, FedEx tries to deliver to any floor if the apartment allows or provides access to delivery agents.

Does Fedex Deliver To Apartments?

Yes, FedEx does deliver to apartments. If your apartment allows delivery agents into the apartment, then they will deliver it to your front door. Apartments have many units, sometimes gates, and often multiple floors. But don’t worry; FedEx can easily handle these types of situations.

The first thing they’ll try is to bring your package right to your apartment door. If they can easily get to your door, that’s where your package will be. 

But if there’s something like a gate in the way, FedEx won’t be able to deliver it to your front door. This could mean leaving your package in common places, like a mailroom or with the building’s manager. 

Remember, they won’t drop your package in your mailbox or leave it with your neighbors(without informing you).

How Does Fedex Gain Access To Apartments?

If an apartment building has a security system or a gate, the driver might use an intercom buzzer. They’ll press the buzzer for the apartment they’re delivering to. 

If someone answers, they can let the driver in. Sometimes, if someone else is entering or leaving the building, they might help the driver get inside.

It’s always good to give clear instructions when you expect a package. This helps the driver and ensures you get your delivery without any problems.

If a FedEx driver just can’t get inside, they might try again later or leave a note for you. The note will tell you what you can do next to get your package. 

You will usually receive a notification saying, “Attempted delivery and delivery failed.” They will try to deliver your package on the next business day.

Can Fedex Leave Packages With Apartment Building Managers?

The answer varies from apartment to apartment. FedEx drivers can leave packages with apartment building managers if the building’s policy allows it. 

Some apartment managers are happy to accept and keep packages safe for residents, while others might decline due to responsibility or security reasons.

It’s always a good idea to check with your building manager or leasing office about their package policies. 

Knowing these details can help you provide better delivery instructions when ordering online. If your building has a set process or specific spot for packages, informing FedEx ensures smoother deliveries and fewer missed packages.

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Will Fedex Call Me To Gain Access And Deliver To My Apartment?

FedEx drivers have the capability to call, but they’re not typically provided with company phones, and it’s not a regular practice to call recipients. 

Their main priority is to deliver packages efficiently and safely.

If a driver feels a delivery is particularly important or if they’ve had past experiences with a specific location, they might decide to call. It’s not guaranteed, but it can happen.

Using tools like the FedEx Delivery Manager can allow you to give specific instructions or even update your preferences. This way, you’re more likely to get your package on the first attempt, whether they call or not.

Do Fedex Drivers Deliver To The 3rd Floor (Or Higher?)

Absolutely, they do! FedEx drivers are trained to deliver packages to the exact address provided. Whether it’s on the ground floor, the 3rd floor, or even higher, they’ll make an effort to reach your specific apartment. 

There might be building policies, locked access doors, or other barriers that prevent direct door delivery. In such cases, a common area like a mailroom or package holding spot might be the alternative.

If the driver can access your floor and there are no other restrictions, you can expect them to knock on your door and deliver the package. 

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How Can You Ensure That Fedex Delivers To Your Apartment?

Clear Delivery Address:

Be clear with your delivery details. When ordering, ensure your address is complete, including any apartment or unit numbers. If your building has a gate code or a specific entry method, include that in the special delivery instructions. 

Use FedEx Delivery Manager:

If you know you won’t be home or if there’s a change in your building’s access, use tools like the FedEx Delivery Manager to update your delivery preferences. This tool allows you to provide real-time instructions, ensuring drivers have the most accurate information.

Use Parcel Lockers:

Some apartments have big lockers for packages. If yours does, it’s a good spot for FedEx to leave your package. If you don’t have one, maybe you can talk to your neighbors and see if everyone wants to get one together.

Building Management policy:

Every apartment building has its own rules. Some might have a special place for packages. Others might not want any packages at all. Be sure to follow these policies and let the delivery person know any special details.

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Does Fedex Deliver To Apartment Door Or Mailbox?

FedEx will deliver to your apartment door if possible. If your apartment building has a locked front door, FedEx may leave your package at the parcel locker or with the building manager.

How Are Packages Delivered To Apartments?

Packages are delivered to apartment doors mailrooms or left with building managers based on access and apartment policies.

How Does Fedex Deliver To Locked Apartments?

If your apartment building is locked, the FedEx driver may contact you to arrange for delivery. You can give the driver a code to enter the building or ask them to leave the package at the management office.

How Do You Enter An Apartment Address With Fedex?

To enter an apartment address with FedEx, include your full name, apartment number, street address, city, state, and ZIP code. You can also include additional information, such as the apartment complex name or buzzer code.


FedEx does deliver to apartments. If you’re waiting for a package, they’ll try their best to get it to your door. If they can’t reach your apartment, they might leave it in a shared place or with someone who manages the building.

It’s always helpful to give clear instructions when you’re expecting a package. If your apartment has a gate or an intercom code, make sure FedEx knows. 

They have tools like the Delivery Manager to help keep track of packages and make special requests. If you live higher up, like on the 3rd floor or above, don’t worry. FedEx will still bring your package to you. 

That’s it for now!

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