You’re eagerly awaiting a package from FedEx, and you decide to track its progress online. Suddenly, a status update catches your eye: “Package Part of Incomplete Shipment.” 

If you’re like most of us, the immediate reaction might be confusion. What does this status really mean? Is there a problem with your delivery?

This update can often raise more questions than answers, especially for those unfamiliar with FedEx’s tracking terminologies. But fear not; we’re here to break down this specific FedEx status.

By understanding the meaning behind this update, you’ll be better prepared for potential delays and how to navigate them. 

Stick around as we explain more about this topic and clarify what this means for your eagerly anticipated package.

Package part of incomplete shipment Mean In FedEx

Key Takeaways:

  1. “Package Part of Incomplete Shipment” indicates that a shipment has been divided into multiple parts, and one of them is delayed. 
  2. The status often resolves within hours to days, but external factors like customs can extend the waiting period.
  3. For consistent updates, utilize FedEx’s online portal, mobile app, email notifications, or third-party tracking tools.
  4. If the status stays for a long time, contacting FedEx or the shipper can provide clarity and solutions.

Explanation of FedEx “Package Part of Incomplete Shipment”

“Package Part of Incomplete Shipment indicates that your shipment is divided into multiple parts. While one part is actively tracked within the FedEx system, the other might not have been scanned yet or lagged behind.

This status can arise for various reasons. Due to logistical needs, shipments are sometimes split into different packages to facilitate easier transport or clearance. 

The separated packages might not always sync up perfectly in their journey, leading to one package getting scanned and updated in the system before the other. 

When FedEx recognizes this delay, the system might temporarily hold the first part, allowing the other to catch up. 

This ensures both parts can proceed together, especially during clearance processes, reducing the chances of one getting lost or delayed without the other.

However, occasionally, a one-part shipment might mistakenly receive this status due to scanning errors. 

If you suspect this is the case with your delivery, it’s advisable to contact FedEx or the sender for clarification.

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Reasons for Receiving a “Package Part of Incomplete Shipment” Update

Here are the reasons why you might have received this status update:

Multiple Packages for One Shipment: 

Sometimes, a single shipment might be divided into multiple packages due to size, weight, or content restrictions. If these separate packages don’t synchronize perfectly in their journey, the status can appear to indicate inconsistency.

Logistical Delays: 

Operational hold-ups, like a congested sorting facility or unexpected transportation delays, might cause one part of the shipment to lag behind, even if both parts were shipped simultaneously.

Clearance Procedures: 

For international shipments, customs clearance can sometimes cause problems. One package might clear customs rapidly, while the other faces a slight delay, leading to the “Incomplete Shipment” update.

Scanning Errors: 

Human or technical errors during the scanning process might occasionally mislabel a single-package shipment with this status. It doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a second package, but rather that an oversight occurred in the tracking system.

Packaging Issues: 

If a shipment’s packaging is damaged or compromised during transit, it might be repackaged into separate parcels, causing one to progress faster than the other.

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Steps to Take When Receiving a “Package Part of Incomplete Shipment” Update

At first, just wait a little. Usually, the slower part of the shipment will catch up, and the tracking status will change on its own.

Keep an eye on the tracking updates for both parts of your shipment. Monitoring these can give you insights into any potential movement or changes.

If you’re unsure whether your shipment was indeed divided into multiple parts, touch base with the sender or merchant to confirm the nature of the shipment.

If the status remains unchanged for an extended period or if you believe there’s been a scanning error, contacting FedEx customer service can shed light on the situation. 

They can provide real-time updates and possibly expedite any lagging package parts.

If your package is from an international location, keep an eye out for customs or clearance-related statuses. 

Sometimes, additional documentation or actions might be required from your end.

Regularly check your email or phone messages. FedEx might contact you with important updates or requirements, especially if clearance or delivery challenges exist.

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How long “Package Part of Incomplete Shipment” will last?

How long "Package Part of Incomplete Shipment" will last?

Generally, this status doesn’t linger for too long. Most often, the two parts of a shipment will sync up within a few hours to a couple of days, and the status will update accordingly.

The length of this status can vary depending on several factors. If one part of your shipment faces delays due to weather, customs, or logistical challenges, the status might remain for a longer period.

For international shipments, customs processes can extend this duration. Depending on the country and the items being shipped, clearance might require extra time, keeping one part of your shipment on hold.

If this status lasts longer than a few days, it’s a good idea to reach out to FedEx. They can provide more insights and help you understand any potential reasons for the extended duration.

How to Get Tracking Updates of Your Package When It Says Part of Incomplete Shipment?

FedEx Tracking Portal: 

The primary method is using FedEx’s online tracking portal. Simply enter your tracking number, and it will display the most recent updates related to your shipment.

Customer Support: 

If you’re unsure about your shipment’s status or need more detailed information, call FedEx’s customer support

They can offer real-time insights and might provide details not immediately visible on the tracking portal.

Third-party Tracking Tools: 

Several third-party websites and apps consolidate tracking information from various couriers, including FedEx. These tools can be especially useful if you’re managing multiple shipments from different providers.

Contact the Shipper: 

Sometimes, the sender or merchant may have additional details or tracking tools that they use alongside FedEx’s system. 

It might be worth reaching out to them if you’re looking for more granular updates.

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Why Does FedEx Keep Delaying My Package?

FedEx packages may be delayed due to high volume, weather, operational issues, or incorrect/incomplete addresses.

Can a Delayed Package Still Come on Time?

It is possible for a delayed package to still come on time. However, it is important to note that FedEx’s estimated delivery dates are not guaranteed.

Is It Normal for a Package to Be in Transit for 2 Weeks?

It is not normal for a package to be in transit for two weeks. If your package has been in transit for two weeks, you should contact FedEx customer support to inquire about the status of your package.

What Does FedEx Package Part of Incomplete Shipment Mean?

If your FedEx package shows this status, it means that your package has been split into multiple shipments, and one of the shipments has not yet been delivered. 


In conclusion, this status message indicates that a shipment, often divided into two parts, is out of sync. This can be due to several factors, including logistical challenges and customs delays.

During such times, staying patient and utilizing tools like FedEx’s tracking portal or mobile app for regular updates is essential. 

While the status typically doesn’t last long, prolonged delays should prompt you to reach out to FedEx or the shipper for clarity.

Remember, this status is temporary; your package will start on its journey again as soon as possible. 

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