Have you ever bought something online and tracked your package? If so, you might have seen the update “Tendered to Delivery Service Provider.” What does it mean?

It’s actually a key step in getting your order to you. It’s an interaction between major couriers and local delivery partners. There are more details that you need to know about this status.

In this article, we will discuss what this status means and why it’s important. So, next time you see that update, you’ll know exactly what’s happening with your order. 

So, without any further ado, Let’s get started. 

What does Tendered to Delivery Service Provider Mean

Key Takeaways:

  1. “Tendered to Delivery Service Provider” means your package is close-handed to a local courier for the final delivery phase.
  2. If the tracking status is stuck with this message, try contacting the shipping company for potential delays or issues.
  3. For faster package delivery, choose express shipping options or order from nearby sellers to minimize transit time.
  4. You don’t have to take any action after receiving this tracking update. Be patient and wait for your package.

What Does Tendered to Delivery Service Provide Mean?

This tracking status means that the main shipping company has handed over your package to another local courier service for the final delivery. The local service is often better equipped to handle deliveries in specific areas, ensuring your package reaches you more efficiently.

This update often pops up during the tracking process and is a standard practice in the shipping world. 

For example, big carriers like FedEx or DHL might transport your package across countries or states. But once it’s near your location, they might give it to a local postal service, like the USPS, to deliver it to your doorstep. 

This collaboration between major shippers and local services ensures timely deliveries, especially in areas where the primary carrier might not have good coverage. 

These local companies know their areas well and have what they need to deliver packages right to your door.

Tracking Status Meaning in Different Courier Services

DHL Tendered to Delivery Service Provider Meaning:

When you come across this tracking status in your DHL tracking updates, it signifies that DHL has handed over the responsibility of your package to the United States Postal Service.  

This usually means your package is now with USPS, which specializes in completing deliveries within your region or locality. You will receive your package in 2-3 days after being handed over to USPS.

 Tendered to Delivery Service Provider FEDEX Meaning:

For FedEx, this particular status works similarly. When FedEx displays this status, it means they’ve entrusted USPS to bring your package to its final destination. 

FedEx employs this method to speed up the delivery process, especially in areas where they don’t have a dense delivery network.

Tendered to Delivery Service Provider UPS Meaning: 

When UPS provides this update, it’s their method of communicating that your parcel has been transferred to USPS.  

This could be because UPS believes that the local service has better resources or expertise to ensure the package reaches you swiftly and safely in your specific area. They will deliver the package in 2-5 days.

Tendered to Delivery Service Provider USPS Meaning:

USPS, a giant in postal deliveries, also collaborates with other delivery services. When they update this status, your parcel has been handed over to one of these partners.  It could be for efficiency, locality expertise, or to manage high package volumes.

Tendered for Delivery 4PX Meaning:

4PX, often used for international shipments, uses this update to convey a similar message. When 4PX mentions this status, it signals that your international package, after reaching its destination country, has been handed over to a local delivery service. 

This is to ensure the final leg of the journey, within the destination country, is managed by those who know the local routes best.

Tendered to Delivery Service Provider How Long Does It Take? 

Upon seeing this status, your package has just been handed over to a local or specialized delivery service. This local partner is better equipped to handle deliveries within specific regions, neighborhoods, or terrains. 

As a result, they can often deliver more efficiently and quickly than international courier companies in those areas. On average, after this handover, most packages are delivered within 1-3 business days. 

However, factors like the package’s size, local delivery volume, weather conditions, or even special events in the area can influence this timeframe. 

It’s essential to keep an eye on subsequent tracking updates. If the package doesn’t arrive within the expected window or if there’s no tracking update for several days, reaching out to the local delivery partner might be a good step. 

They can provide more specific insights into any potential delays or issues.

Why Does the Tendered to Delivery Service Provider Show? 

Large courier companies like FedEx or UPS have vast networks that are across countries or even continents. However, they might not have the local reach that some specialized or local delivery services have.  

By collaborating with these local services, the primary courier can ensure that packages reach all parts of a region without setting up their own local networks.

Another factor is cost-effectiveness. Delivering every single package, especially to remote or less accessible areas, can be costly for major couriers. 

With the help of local delivery services, they can save on costs while also ensuring timely delivery. Lastly, during peak seasons or under heavy shipment volumes, these partnerships can help in managing the load. 

Instead of overburdening their own delivery system, major courier companies distribute the delivery tasks, ensuring no package gets left behind or delayed.

What to Do Next if You See Tender to Delivery Service Provider?

This status is a routine part of the delivery process. It signifies that your package is on track and is now with a local shipping partner or specialized courier, getting ready for the final stretch to your address. 

For the most part, the best action is simply to wait.

Track Your Package:

Consistently check the tracking updates. This not only gives you peace of mind but keeps you informed about its location and estimated delivery date. 

Contact the Shipping Company:

If there’s a significant delay post this status or if you have concerns, reach out to the original shipping company. They can share insights or direct you to the local delivery partner for specific details.

Set Delivery Expectations:

Based on tracking updates and the carrier’s information, expect a reasonable timeframe for when you can expect your package. Remember, while this status implies an approximate time frame, local factors can still cause minor delays.

Confirm the Delivery:

Once you receive the package, some carriers might have systems in place for you to confirm receipt. This step ensures both you and the carrier are on the same page, concluding the delivery process.

Do I Need to Do Anything Specific When I See This Message?

You really don’t need to take any immediate action. It’s the courier’s way of telling you that your package has been handed to a local delivery service like USPS, which specializes in delivering packages in your area. 

They can often get your package to your doorstep quicker because they know the local routes well.

If you’re curious, you can also find out which local company will deliver your package – this might come in handy if you have questions or if there are any delivery changes.

All you have to do is wait till the expected delivery date and receive your package.

Tendered for Delivery for Weeks – What Can I Do? 

If your package has had the same status for a long time, it’s unusual. “Tendered for Delivery” usually means your package is almost there.

Start by checking the tracking info again. Sometimes, updates can be missed or not shown right away. 

If there’s no change, it’s a good idea to call the original shipping partner. They can tell you where your package is and might know why there’s a delay. 

They might also ask you to talk to the local delivery courier, as they could have the latest info. Also, double-check your delivery details. Make sure there’s no mistake in your address or contact info that could be causing the hold-up.

How Can I Have My Package Delivered Fast?

When placing your order, always explore the shipping options available. Often, companies offer different delivery speeds, ranging from standard to express. 

Express or priority shipping usually promises faster delivery, often within 1-3 days, depending on the destination. 

Next, consider ordering from local or nearby sellers. The closer the origin, the quicker the delivery will likely be, as the package doesn’t have long distances to travel.

It’s also helpful to monitor the tracking once the package is shipped. If you notice any unexpected delays or issues, contact the shipping company immediately.  

They can sometimes offer solutions or give you a clearer arrival time.

Lastly, for those willing to pay a bit extra, some services offer same-day or next-day delivery for certain products and areas. These options can be a lifesaver when you’re in a real-time crunch.


What Does Tendered to Delivery Service Provider Mean?

This tracking update means that the package has been transferred from the original shipper to the last-mile carrier that will deliver the package to the recipient.

How Long Does Tendered Delivery Take?

Most packages will be delivered within 1-3 days. In some cases, it will vary depending on the last-mile delivery carrier and the distance the package needs to travel. 

Who Did DHL Transfer My Package To?

DHL typically transfers packages to the national postal service of the destination country. However, DHL may also transfer packages to private delivery companies, such as UPS or FedEx.

What Does It Mean When FedEx Says a Package Was Tendered?

It means that the package has been transferred to FedEx for delivery. FedEx will then transport the package to the nearest FedEx facility and begin the delivery process.

What Does a Delivery Service Provider Mean?

A delivery service provider is a company that transports and delivers packages to customers. Delivery service providers can be either public or private.


When you see “Tendered to Delivery Service Provider” on your package’s status, it’s a good sign. It means your package is almost at your doorstep. It’s been handed to a local team who knows your area well and will get it to you soon.

But if your package seems to be taking too long, don’t worry too much. Reach out to the shipping company. They can help figure out what’s going on.  

If you’re in a hurry for something, remember next time to choose a quicker delivery option. It might be a bit pricier, but it’ll get your item to you faster. We hope all your doubts regarding this tracking status have been cleared. 

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