Imagine a close friend or family member is hospitalized, and you want to send them a gift or perhaps a necessity they forgot at home. 

Since Amazon has almost all products, you might open Amazon to order the product for them. But the main question here is, “Does Amazon Deliver to Hospitals?” if yes, “should you pay any extra charges?”

This is a common doubt many people might have. In this article, we will know whether Amazon will deliver to a hospital or not. So, without any further ado, Let’s get started.

Does Amazon Deliver to Hospitals

Key Takeaways:

  1. Amazon delivers to many locations, including hospitals, but it depends on the hospital if they allow deliveries or not.
  2. When sending packages to hospitals, providing detailed recipient information ensures smoother delivery and receipt.
  3. Amazon Prime members benefit from faster shipping times, often without extra costs, even for hospital deliveries.
  4. While many products can be sent to hospitals, it’s essential to choose items suitable for patients and hospital environments.

Will Amazon Deliver to Hospitals In 2023?

Amazon does deliver to hospitals. When placing an order, shoppers simply need to provide the full address of the hospital, including the name and room number of the patient.

 If you’re considering sending an Amazon package to a hospital, it’s essential to check with the hospital first if they allow package deliveries. However, Certain products are not allowed, like foods or drinks. So make sure if the hospital allows the product you are sending or not.

Do All Hospitals Allow Amazon Deliveries?

While Amazon is ready to deliver to hospitals, some hospitals don’t allow deliveries. They might not allow deliveries because of security concerns, logistical challenges, and restrictions on certain items. To ensure smooth delivery, always check directly with the hospital before placing an order.

How Can Shoppers Get Something From Amazon Delivered to a Hospital?

If you want something from Amazon to be delivered to you then you have to follow the steps below:

Check with the Hospital: 

Always start by contacting the hospital. Ask about their policy on receiving packages for patients to ensure they allow Amazon deliveries.

Provide Complete Address: 

When placing your order on Amazon, provide the full address of the hospital, ensuring you include the recipient’s name, ward, and room number. This will help the delivery agent to find your room fast and deliver the product to you as soon as possible.

Determine Who Will Receive the Delivery: 

Before placing your order, decide who will be the primary receiver of the package. While the patient is the obvious choice, they might not be in a condition or position to accept deliveries directly. 

You could also arrange for a family member, a friend, or hospital staff member to receive the package on their behalf. 

How Long Does an Amazon Package Take to Be Delivered to a Hospital?

An Amazon package follows the same shipping duration as any other delivery. You can benefit from free one-day or two-day shipping on many eligible items if you’re an Amazon Prime member

Non-prime members might see a standard shipping duration of 3-5 days, depending on the item’s availability and location. If the hospital is located within a metropolitan area or close to an Amazon distribution center, chances are the delivery might be faster. Rural or remote hospitals might experience slight delays.

Is There a Fee for Sending a Package to a Hospital?

There’s no extra fee for sending a package to a hospital. But you do have to pay shipping charges.

The size and weight of your package determine the shipping charges. Also, if you want to deliver the package quickly, you have to choose express shipping, which might cost extra.

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, then your packages can be shipped in two days for free. If you don’t have Prime, regular shipping usually costs between $5 and $10.

What Amazon Products Can You Send to a Hospital?

You can send many products to hospitals. Products like books, DVDs, magazines, etc can be sent to a hospital, which are a source of entertainment to the patient or anyone else.

Other items like soft blankets or pajamas, personal care products, or Electronics can also be sent.

But before you send any products, remember to check with hospital delivery policies and know what products can and cannot be sent.


Amazon Prime Delivery to Hospitals?

Yes, Amazon Prime delivers to hospitals. However, there may be some restrictions on what can be delivered to hospitals, and delivery times may vary.

Where does Amazon not deliver?

Amazon does not deliver to remote, unsafe, and unreachable locations. 

Can you send a package to someone in the hospital?

Yes, you can send a package to someone in the hospital. However, you should check with the hospital to see if there are any restrictions on what can be delivered.


In Conclusion, Amazon does delivery to hospitals. But it’s good to note that some hospitals might have rules against accepting deliveries. So, it’s always wise to check first.

Also, while the usual shipping rates apply, having an Amazon Prime membership could get your package there faster without extra charges.

You can send various packages to hospitals, including books, DVDs, healthcare products, etc. Ensure to inform the hospital about the delivery if the patient is not in the state to receive the delivery. With that being said, we hope we have answered all your questions.

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