Got an Amazon order that’s “held for pickup” at the carrier location? Here’s what to do next!

When you buy through Amazon, sometimes they use carrier facilities for convenient pickup. Your package update might say “Amazon held for pickup and delivery update at carrier location.” Let’s dive into what this means and how to get your Amazon order!

Amazon Held For Pickup At Carrier Location

What is a carrier facility?

A carrier facility is a warehouse run by a delivery service like FedEx, UPS, or USPS. It is a bustle of tasks all day long and occasionally far into the night. Packages are delivered by trucks to addresses in the carrier facility’s area. 

Outbound shipments are picked up by other trucks. Deliveries are picked up by delivery vehicles and delivered to consumers.

It’s possible for the order to make many carrier facilities stop if it comes from a distance. The package is sorted and placed on a different truck every time, bringing it toward its target.

What does it mean when Amazon is held for pickup at a carrier facility in 2023? 

Held for pickup at carrier location” means the delivery was attempted at your address but the product was not able to be delivered, so it was taken to the carrier facility to be held for you to pick up after the effective date. This service allows an item to be delivered to and held at a carrier location for a specified recipient to pick up.

Amazon holds the delivery until the delivery is picked up by the carrier when shippers like USPS or EVRI ship a shipment. 

If you get a hold for pickup at carrier location notification, you might have to go to the USPS and EVRI shipping facilities by yourself to pick up your shipment.

Amazon Held For Pickup At the Carrier Location

If it reads “Held for Pickup at Carrier Location,” your Amazon package is at a carrier location and ready to be picked up. It may take place if delivery people are unable to leave your shipment at your residence for any reason.  

You must go to the carrier’s location to pick up your package. When Amazon uses delivery partners like USPS or EVRI, this problem frequently occurs.

Call your carrier services to figure out the matter and confirm that they will deliver your shipment to your delivery location if you are experiencing the same issue. 

Visit the site to pick up your package. You can get your package the quickest using this method.

What Carrier Facility Does Amazon Use?

Amazon offered its carrier facilities when it transitioned from fulfillment by Amazon to its fleet of delivery vehicles. One of the biggest and most advanced logistics operations in the world belongs to Amazon.

It effectively moves items and orders using cutting-edge technologies. Amazon maintains warehouse sites Near many American cities with dense populations. As a result, your Amazon item can be delivered directly to your door from the warehouse without stopping at a carrier facility. 

Due to this, Amazon can offer next-day shipping and occasionally even same-day delivery.

Why Do Orders At Carrier Facilities Sometimes Halt?

It’s possible to see your shipment arrive at a carrier facility if you’re tracking a long-awaited online order. Afterward, it could remain there for a while. This may indicate a backlog in getting boxes loaded onto delivery vehicles because the delivery service is overloaded with them. 

A lack of delivery vehicles or drivers could also bring on the congestion. Deliveries may take longer to arrive during busy shipping, like the holidays, since the system can’t handle transporting all those parcels.

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What does “my shipment is being held at the carrier facility” mean?

It could occur if the carrier tried to deliver the package but was unsuccessful, for example, if a signature was required and nobody was available or if a gate code was needed to access your neighborhood or building. It was not supplied, or the carrier just refused to deliver to your location.

Does Amazon refund for lost packages?

Clients can file an Amazon Stolen Package Claim for reimbursement if they haven’t received their purchases. This warranty also covers items that are delivered that are defective or damaged.

What does it mean when the carrier picks up the package from Amazon?

When the carrier picks up the package from Amazon, it means that the item has been handed over to the shipping company responsible for its delivery. This marks the beginning of the package’s journey to the customer’s specified delivery address, and tracking information is usually provided to monitor its progress.


Your Amazon shipment is at a carrier facility and available for pickup if it says “Held for Pickup at Carrier Location.” It can happen if delivery personnel cannot leave your shipment at your home for whatever reason. 

Until the carrier picks up the package, Amazon pauses the delivery. You must pick up your purchase from the carrier. 

You might have to go to the USPS or EVRI facility to pick it up if you receive a hold for collection at carrier site notification. Hopefully, this post has answered all of your questions. 

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