Ever bought something from Amazon and then decided to send it back? If so, does Amazon check the stuff that is returned?

With Amazon being such a big e-commerce store, they get loads and returns daily. It must be a huge task to go through all of them. So, do they take a close look at every item that gets sent back?

You’re surely not the only one with this question. So, if you’re curious and looking for answers, stick around. 

In this article, we’ll discuss if Amazon checks the returns and, if they do, which ones they might pay extra attention to.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Amazon checks returns, especially expensive items, to prevent fraud and ensure product originality.
  2. Items returned to Amazon could be resold, discounted, recycled, or donated based on their condition.
  3. Your history with Amazon, including frequent returns, will decide if your returned package will be checked or not.
  4. You can check the Return/Refund status on the Amazon app or Website. They will also email you regarding the same.
Does Amazon Check Returns

Does Amazon Check Returns?

Yes, Amazon does check returns, but not necessarily every single one. The inspection process varies based on factors like the item’s value and a customer’s return history. 

If you have returned more than 10% of the products you’ve ordered, they will closely check all the items you return. This is done because returning frequently is an indication of fraudulent activity.

Amazon prioritizes specific returns for closer inspection. This is to ensure that what’s inside the box matches the original product and to prevent potential fraud activities.

How Does Amazon Decide Which Returns To Check?

Product Value:

The value of the returned item determines if it needs to be checked or not. High-priced items, like electronics or designer products, are usually checked thoroughly. 

Higher-priced items are given priority for mandatory inspections. This helps Amazon ensure that the customer isn’t committing any return fraud.

Your Return History:

Your history with Amazon matters. If you’re someone who frequently returns items, Amazon might give your returns a bit more attention. 

They track patterns to identify any potential misuse of their return policies. If you return more than 10% of the products that you have bought, then your returns are checked thoroughly.

Type Of Product:

The product’s category also determines if the returned package needs to be checked or not. Fragile items, electronics, or items known for frequent counterfeit attempts might be examined carefully.

If you’re sending back a premium smartphone or a luxury handbag, chances are it’s getting a closer look than a book or a pair of socks.

What Happens When You Return An Item To Amazon?

Once Amazon’s return center receives your returned package, it’s sorted and inspected. The primary goal of this inspection is to determine the condition of the item and verify if it matches the reason provided for the return.

If the product is in its original, unopened condition, it might be restocked and resold. Items that have been opened but are still in a new condition might be sold as “open-box” at a discounted price. 

In cases where the item is damaged or cannot be resold, it could be recycled or disposed of, depending on its condition.

For items with a serial number, like electronics, Amazon checks if the returned product matches the one initially sent to prevent fraud. 

If there are any issues or the return is suspicious, Amazon might contact the buyer for further clarification.

Remember that excessive returns can lead to account suspension or banning. Amazon monitors return patterns to identify and prevent potential abuse of their policies.

Does Amazon check expensive returns more closely?

Yes, they do check expensive returns more thoroughly. This is because people usually commit fraudulent activities with costly products.

Smartphones, gaming consoles, or any gadgets are costly items that are thoroughly checked when returned. 

If the seal is broken, it will be sent to the technical grading team to check the condition and originality of the product.

How Do You Know If Amazon Has Checked Your Return?

When you send something back to Amazon, and after they receive your returned item, you’ll typically get an email update. 

This email will tell you the status of your return, whether it’s being processed, or if there are any issues. 

Also, if you log in to your Amazon account on mobile or desktop, you can check the orders page to find out about the status of the returned item.

If Amazon finds a problem, like a mismatch or damage, they’ll often reach out for more information or to discuss the next steps.

Getting to Know Amazon’s Return Policy

Most items bought from Amazon can be returned within 30 days of purchase. The item should be in its original condition, unopened, and with all its accessories. 

If the return is due to Amazon’s mistake (like a wrong or damaged item), they usually cover the return shipping costs. 

On the other hand, if you just changed your mind, you might have to bear the return shipping. Also, remember that some items, like groceries or personalized items, might not be returnable. Always check the product’s return information before making a purchase.

What Does Amazon Do With Return Items?

Once an item is returned to Amazon, its fate is determined by its condition. If the product is as good as new, it often returns to the shelf to be resold. 

Items that are opened but still in great condition might be sold at a discount in the “Open-Box” section.

However, not all returns are resold. Products that can’t be sold again due to damage or wear might be donated, recycled, or, in some cases, discarded. Electronics, especially, might undergo refurbishment to be sold as refurbished items at a reduced price.


Does Amazon Investigate Refunds?

Yes, Amazon may investigate refunds if they suspect fraud. They will contact you via email for further clarification.

Does Amazon Warehouse Check Items?

Yes, Amazon warehouse workers check items for damage, defects, and missing items before processing the refund/return.

Why Does Amazon Refund Without Return?

Amazon may refund a customer without requiring them to return an item if it is damaged, defective, lost, or if the customer is not satisfied with it.

Can You Get In Trouble For Returning The Wrong Item?

Yes, Amazon may take action against customers who return the wrong item, such as suspending or closing their account.


Amazon does check returns. But they don’t check every return. Instead, they check returned packages based on the item’s price and the customer’s return history.

Expensive items are checked more thoroughly. If it’s an electronic item, then they might check the serial number condition to verify the originality of the product. 

This helps them to reduce return scams and stop people from committing fraudulent activities. With that being said, it’s a wrap.

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