FedEx is a big name in shipping, and it’s not just famous for sending packages. It’s also known for taking good care of its workers. One of the best things about working at FedEx is the great discounts they offer their employees.

These aren’t just small savings here and there. FedEx workers get special prices on many things we all use every day, from shopping and fun activities to important stuff like health services and money matters.

If you want to know more about these awesome deals and why FedEx offers them, keep reading. So without any further ado, Let’s get started.

Fedex Employee Discounts

Key Takeaways:

  1. FedEx offers many health benefits, covering 100% of charges for its employees’ wellness and health programs.
  2. Through the Employee Assistance Program(EAP), employees are offered a variety of benefits and incentives.
  3. Employees enjoy great discounts, from FedEx services to hotel or flight bookings, improving their work-life balance.
  4. The exact discount amounts may differ based on the product or service.

What Discounts Do Fedex Employees Get?

FedEx employees get discounts in many sectors, such as insurance, health and medical, entertainment, travel and vacation, vehicles, home utilities, etc. You can avail these discounts by producing your FedEx id card during checkout.

Fedex Employee Benefits

FedEx provides various benefits to its employees which are mentioned below:

Work-Life Balance:

Along with the obvious monetary benefits, FedEx understands there’s more to life than just work. The company provides a balance, allowing its employees to enjoy their personal lives alongside their professional commitments.

Reimbursement of Tuition Fees of Wards:

Permanent staff have special benefits where the company covers the educational expenses of their children, after they complete one year in FedEx. The limit is set at 15000$ per employee. Remember, this facility is only for permanent staff.

Paid Leaves:

From the very first day, every FedEx employee starts gathering vacation time and pay, which can be used after six months of continuous service.

Paid Holidays:

Every permanent FedEx employee has 11 paid leave days each year, ensuring rest and recreation.

Employee Healthcare:

FedEx genuinely cares for its employees’ health. From insurance to extended medical coverage, everything is covered by FedEx. Also, after 90 days of working at FedEx, you can get dental and total health coverage as part of EAP (Extended Assistance Program).

Reasonable Accommodation:

The company provides special facilities for differently-abled staff members, ensuring everyone’s comfort. You have to apply for this separately.

Other Employee Benefits and Discounts:

Beyond these, there are various schemes like FedEx employee shipping discounts and benefits via programs like LifeWorks.

Fedex Employee Discounts

FedEx employees, along with their families, get exclusive discounts on everyday essentials and luxuries. They are:


Be it health, vehicle, life, or property, FedEx offers discount benefits on a wide range of insurance products.

Health and Medical:

Employees enjoy discounted rates on many healthcare services, from hospital facilities to medications and consultations. You can get discounts on medicines, equipment, medical insurance, eye testing and many more.

Travel and Vacation:

Whether it’s a flight ticket or hotel stay, traveling becomes more affordable for the FedEx family. FedEx provides various discounts for people who travel via flights, trains, car rentals, etc.


Discounts on movies, events, parks, concerts, malls, sports zones, magazines and more ensure employees have their fair share of fun. You can avail a variety of discounts at most of the major parks or movie theaters.

Car and Vehicles:

From insurance to auto loans, service to spare parts, FedEx employees enjoy special rates, making vehicle management easier. You get discounts on batteries, tires, roadside services, etc.

Financial Discounts:

Financial products, ranging from credit cards to loans, come with exclusive offers for FedEx team members. Special discounts are available for products like shares, bonds, credit repair, investments, etc.

Home Utilities and Services:

FedEx ensures the comfort of its employees, even at home. Discounts on the internet, cable, gardening products, houseware products, gardening products, cable subscriptions and more bring added convenience.

Other Unique Discounts:

Special offers on children’s school supplies, pet care products, gifts, watches, jewelry, clothes and more to improve the quality of life. This shows the quality of the culture at FedEx and how much it cares about its employees.

How To Benefit From Employee Discounts At Fedex

As discussed in the above sections, FedEx provides various employee discounts. You can avail of these discounts anytime you want.

To use these discounts, you should have your ID card.  If you haven’t received it yet, contact your HR department.

Once you have your ID card, head over to the FedEx discount website. This is where you can find all the deals available to you. 

When you want to use a discount, show your FedEx ID Card at the time of billing. Some places might even accept a FedEx pay stub if you forget your card. But it’s always best to have your ID card on hand.

After picking what you want, check the bill. It should show a special “Employee Pricing” because of your discount. 

The total might even go down more if there are other offers. So, make the most of your FedEx benefits and enjoy the savings!

Additional Exclusive Discounts

There are various additional discounts FedEx provides such as employees can avail special pricing on items ranging from jewelry, watches, baby clothing, to school supplies for kids. The company also provides discounts on pet care items.

Do Fedex Employees Get Discounts At Fedex Office?

Yes, FedEx employees usually get discounts at FedEx Offices. It helps them save money on shipping and printing.

Do Fedex Employees Get Flight Discounts?

Yes, FedEx employees get discounts on flights. The exact details can vary, according to the situation.

Do Fedex Employees Get Discounts On Phones?

Yes, many FedEx employees can get deals on phone plans or even the phones themselves. Big companies often have such deals with phone providers.

Do Fedex Employees Pay For Uniforms?

Usually, FedEx gives uniforms to employees for free. If you have to wear a uniform for your job, they’ll likely give it to you.

Does Fedex Give You Shirts?

Yes, FedEx provides shirts if your job needs you to wear one with the company logo.

Does Fedex Give You A Jacket?

For employees working in conditions where a jacket is necessary, like delivery drivers in colder climates, FedEx might provide a company-branded jacket.

Do Fedex Employees Get Discounts On Hotels?

Employees get discounts at certain hotels, especially if there’s a corporate partnership in place. FedEx has partnerships with various major hotels.

What Additional Perks Does Fedex Provide To Its Employees?

One of the best perks is their health and wellness program. The company genuinely cares for its workers’ well-being, and as proof, they fully cover the costs for this program. This means employees don’t have to stress about the expenses tied to their health.

Furthermore, the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is another plus for the FedEx team. This program gives employees many benefits and incentives. 

Who Can Use Fedex Employee Discount?

You can use these discounts if you work at FedEx and have your FedEx Employee ID Card.

This card is your key to many special offers. But, remember, some offers might be different based on how long you’ve worked there or your job.

Sometimes, even family members of FedEx workers can get some discounts. If you’re not sure, just ask someone in HR or at the place offering the discount.

How Much Discounts Can A Fedex Employee Get?

The exact amount of discount a FedEx employee can get is based on the product or service that is in the question. 

For instance, while an employee might receive a significant percentage of FedEx shipping, the discount on third-party products or services, like hotel bookings or cell phone plans, could differ. 

It’s essential to check specific deals and the associated terms and conditions. You can also check the deals and discounts provided on the official FedEx discounts website.


In wrapping up, FedEx stands out not just for its global courier delivery services but also for the extensive benefits it offers its employees. 

From health and wellness schemes, where FedEx bears the entire cost, to a variety of advantages through the Employee Assistance Program, FedEx ensures its team is well taken care of.

Moreover, the discounts span across many sectors, from shipping to hotel bookings, showcasing the company’s dedication to its staff’s well-being. 

While the discount amount varies, the commitment to employee satisfaction remains constant. 

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