Have you ever thought about sending a surprise gift on Amazon but didn’t want the receiver to know it was from you, basically sending a gift on Amazon anonymously? It’s a fun idea that many of us have considered at some point.

With Amazon being a go-to for online shopping, knowing its gifting rules is handy. Can you actually send a gift without your name popping up somewhere? It’s an interesting question that many have asked before.

Let’s try to see if we can find a way to keep our names secret and send an Amazon gift. Keep reading to find out. We will try to answer most of your doubts about sending an Amazon gift anonymously. So, without any further ado, Let’s get started.

Can You Send an Amazon Gift Anonymously

Key Takeaways:

  1. Amazon allows anonymous gifting, but certain steps, like using gift cards, keep the sender anonymous.
  2. Choosing “No Rush Delivery” prevents Amazon from displaying your return address on the package.
  3. Not all items on Amazon offer gift options, and those without can reveal sender details.
  4. Unwanted Amazon gifts can be easily returned, typically resulting in a gift card refund for the recipient.

Can You Send an Amazon Gift Anonymously?

Yes, you can send a gift anonymously from Amazon without revealing your identity. However, To ensure anonymity, you must utilize Amazon gift cards for payment and select the appropriate gift options at checkout.

If you want to send someone a surprise gift without your name on it, you need to be smart. When you buy something, Amazon lets you say it’s a “gift.” 

This way, they hide how much it costs but might still show who sent it. To avoid this, you can buy an Amazon gift card for yourself and then use that to pay for the gift. This way, your payment details are hidden, so your identity is not revealed to the recipient.

How to Send an Amazon Gift Without Revealing Your Identity?

Instead of using your real name, opt for an anonymous or generic name while placing the order. This way, even if the recipient is exceptionally observant, they won’t have any name to connect the gift to.

You can send an Amazon Gift without revealing your identity using some tricks such as when placing an order, opt to mark it as a gift. 

This simple act ensures that the price isn’t shown and allows you to add a personal note, which you can leave blank for more anonymity. 

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Can You Send an Amazon Gift Anonymously Without Revealing Your Address?

When placing an order on Amazon, you have the option to mark it as a gift. This ensures that the price isn’t displayed, and your billing address is not showcased. 

Still, it’s advisable to ask Amazon not to include the gift receipt for added security. This step guarantees that your details remain hidden. The person receiving the gift won’t be able to guess who sent the gift as your identity or address is not displayed.

Ensure you request that Amazon leave out the gift receipt to hide your name. Also, selecting the “No Rush Delivery” option is important when checking out. 

Otherwise, Amazon automatically includes your return address on the package’s label. So, don’t skip this step as anonymity is our goal.

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How to Send an Anonymous Gift With an Amazon Gift Card?

Begin by purchasing an Amazon gift card for the intended gift amount, factoring in shipping and taxes. Make sure to choose yourself as the recipient, ensuring the gift card is emailed directly to you.

Once you receive the gift card in your email, you’re set to purchase your intended gift. Add the desired item to your cart, and when you get to the checkout, check the “This is a gift” option. 

When filling out the shipping details, simply use the address of the person you’re gifting. Finally, when it’s time to pay, use the gift card code you received. You can send an Anonymous Gift with an Amazon gift card.

What Does It Mean When It Says Gift Options Are Not Available on Amazon?

Sometimes, while shopping on Amazon, you might come across certain products where the option to mark it as a gift is unavailable. 

This simply means that, for that specific item, Amazon can’t offer the typical gift-wrapping service, include a personalized message, or omit the price on the packing slip. 

The reasons can vary – it might be due to the item’s size, its packaging, or the seller’s specific policies. This can be a slight inconvenience for those who enjoy the extra touch of gifting. You can contact Amazon customer service or opt for Amazon Prime to check whether it’s available for it or not.

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How to Return Unwanted Gifts to Amazon?

If you want to return unwanted gifts that you have received, you can initiate the return by contacting Amazon customer service. All you have to do is provide the details of the package and your address, and they will guide you on what you must do next to return the package.

Amazon might offer options like dropping it off at a nearby location or collecting it directly from you.

Once you have everything ready, it’s time to repack the item, ideally in its original packaging. If you’ve chosen to drop it off, ensure you print and affix the provided return label to the package. 

After Amazon receives and processes the returned gift, they will process the refund to the original payment method. Remember that Amazon generally provides a return window, which is often 30 days from the delivery date.  

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Does an Amazon Gift Show Who Sent It?

The only information on a gift label sent from Amazon is the recipient’s name and address. A gift receipt is required to let the recipient know you sent the gift; there are no other details of the sender.

Can You Use an Amazon Gift Card to Send an Anonymous Gift?

Yes, you can use an Amazon gift card to send an anonymous gift. Simply do not include your name on the gift card when you purchase it. You can also send the gift card anonymously through email or text message.

How Do I Send an Amazon Gift Without the Sender’s Name?

If you want to send an Amazon gift without the sender’s name, you can use the “send as a gift” option from the cart. These services will wrap and ship your gift on your behalf, and the recipient will not see your name or address.

How Do I Find Out Who Sent Me a Package From Amazon?

If you want to find out who sent you a package from Amazon, you can contact Amazon customer service. They can provide you with the sender’s name and address.


Amazon offers many ways to send gifts; if you want to keep it a secret, there are steps to follow. You can keep your name hidden by using gift cards or choosing certain delivery options. 

Employing methods like using an Amazon gift card or selecting the ‘send as a gift’ can aid in preserving anonymity. But always think of how the person getting the gift might feel. If you get a gift you don’t like, Amazon makes it easy to return it. 

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