Have you ever bought something on AliExpress and seen the update “Received by Logistics Company“? It might make you wonder, “What’s that mean?” Well, you’re not alone. 

Many of us see that message and scratch our heads. So, what’s happening with your package when you see that message? When will you receive your product?

 Knowing what’s happening with our orders is good when we shop online. This status message is an important step. It means the seller has given your order to a company that will help get it to you. 

 In this article, we’ll discuss more about what happens next. We’ll explore where your order goes and how it gets to your front door. So, without any further ado, Let’s get started. 

What Does Received by Logistics Company Mean

Key Takeaways: 

  1. “Received by the Logistics Company” means your package has started its trip.
  2. Sometimes, there can be delays, often because of customs checks.
  3. Contact the company or seller if the status doesn’t change for long.
  4. Give a clear address and keep tracking your package for a smooth delivery.

What Does Received by Logistics Company Mean?

When you see “Received by Logistics Company” on your AliExpress order status, it simply means your package has been handed over from the seller to the carrier company. This carrier is responsible for starting the delivery journey of your order. 

Simply put, your order has left the seller’s location and is now in the early stages of its shipping process.

After this handover, your package is part of the carrier’s delivery network. The very first action the carrier takes is to scan your shipment, marking its entry into their system. 

What Happens After Receiving a Received by Logistics Company Status?

Following this status update, the journey of your package truly begins. Once the logistics company has your order in hand, the package undergoes a sorting process. This typically occurs at a facility near the seller’s area, especially if we consider AliExpress, which would be in China. 

At this sorting location, your package is grouped with others destined for similar routes or destinations. After sorting, the package sets out for its next stage: reaching the departure point, either a port or an airport. 

Here, it faces customs checks and other required procedures for international shipments. Then, it’s handed over for the main leg of its journey, which might involve airline transportation if it’s traveling across countries or continents.

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How Long Will My Tracking Show Received by Logistics Company Status?

 Many shoppers have a common question about the duration of this status on their tracking update. Once this status appears, it doesn’t stick around forever. 

 A new update should typically replace it within 3 to 5 business days. This timeframe can vary slightly depending on the logistics company’s processes and the order’s specifics.

 However, you might not always get an update showing your package’s movement within a local facility. 

 For instance, while the package being sorted or reaching a local facility might not always get detailed updates, significant milestones like clearing customs or reaching the departure port are highlighted.

It’s important to know that the logistics company initially handling the shipment may not be responsible for the entire journey. As the package moves internationally, tracking updates may sometimes cease. In such cases, using a universal tracking app like 17Track or ParcelsApp can offer more detailed, continuous tracking updates.

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What Does the Logistics Company Do Next?

 Upon receiving the package, the logistics company sorts and organizes items based on their destination. 

Next, the package undergoes a series of checks, especially if it’s bound for international shores. This includes customs inspections to ensure all items comply with international regulations. 

 It’s a vital step to prevent any potential hiccups in the delivery process.

 Once all checks are complete, the package is set for its main transport phase. Depending on the destination and the chosen delivery method, this could involve road transport, air freight, or even sea freight. 

 Throughout this journey, the logistics company keeps track of the package’s progress, ensuring it stays on route and reaches its destination as scheduled. Dealing with Status Delays is part and parcel of this journey. These delays might arise from customs hold-ups, unexpected transport interruptions, or other unforeseen challenges. 

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 What To Do If The Status Doesn’t Update? 

 If the status remains unchanged for an extended period, say over a week, it’s advisable to contact the logistics company directly. They may provide insights or reasons for the delay. Remember, they can access detailed internal tracking that might not be visible on the public tracking page.

 If you purchased the item from a platform like AliExpress, contacting the seller can also be beneficial. 

They might have experience with similar shipping delays and offer guidance or assurance. Sellers sometimes have direct contacts within logistics companies, which can speed up the resolution process.

 Lastly, considering the platform’s dispute process could be an option if the delay continues and you’re feeling uneasy about the prolonged wait. 

 Platforms often have buyer protection policies(60 days), ensuring customers aren’t disadvantaged.

What Can You Do to Ensure A Smooth Delivery

 There are certain measures you can take to facilitate a seamless delivery process:

Ensure that your provided address is accurate and detailed. It might sound obvious, but typos or bad descriptions can lead to unnecessary delays or misdeliveries. 

 Add landmarks or any other relevant details that could help the delivery personnel easily locate your place. Regularly checking the tracking status keeps you informed and helps you anticipate any potential issues. 

 Most logistics companies offer notifications for significant status updates. Subscribing to these can save you the hassle of manual tracking.

Another overlooked aspect is ensuring that customs-related documentation, if required, is in order. For international shipments, customs can be a major hurdle. Familiarize yourself with any duties or regulations related to your order to prevent unexpected holds.

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What is the meaning of a logistics company?

A logistics company is a business that provides services related to the transportation, storage, and distribution of goods.

What is the difference between shipping and logistics?

Shipping is the process of transporting goods from one location to another. Logistics is a broader term that includes all aspects of the supply chain, including shipping, warehousing, inventory management, and order fulfillment.

How do you know if your package is being delivered?

The best way to know if your package is being delivered is to track its status online. Most shipping companies provide tracking information for their packages. 

Final thought

Online shopping is easy and fun, but sometimes, understanding the updates about our orders can be a bit confusing. When we see “Received by Logistics Company,” it just means our item has started its trip from the seller’s place. 

But what if the status doesn’t change for a while? Well, a little patience can help. And if it’s taking too long, we shouldn’t hesitate to check with the company or the seller.

To make sure everything goes smoothly with our delivery, a few simple steps help: using a precise address, keeping an eye on the tracking, and maybe even having a friend ready to pick up our package if we’re out. Stay informed and be ready; our awaited package will soon be in our hands.

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