In today’s fast-paced e-commerce world, tracking our shipments has become more than just a convenience—it’s an expectation. We’re always eager to know our parcel’s journey, and Yun Express offers that.

Ever seen the status “Shipment Information Received by Yun Express“? Let’s dive into what that really means.

Yun Express is among the leading logistics companies that deliver cross-border e-commerce packages.

The tracking statuses provided by Yun Express, especially this status message, offer crucial insights into where your parcel is and when it might arrive at your doorstep. But what does this status specifically indicate? And why is it so crucial for you as the buyer? Stick around as we unpack the world of Yun Express tracking.

Shipment Information Received Yun Express Tracking

Key Takeaways:

  1. “Shipment Information Received” means Yun Express has shipping details, but the package might still be with the seller.
  2. Delays in updates can be due to various reasons, including backlog at the seller’s warehouse or pick-up issues.
  3. Tracking a Yun Express package is easy; use the official website with your unique tracking number for real-time updates.
  4. International shipping requires patience and time; regular tracking check-ins can provide info about your package’s status.

What Does Shipment Information Received by Yun Express Mean?

When you see “Shipment Information Received” on Yun Express tracking, it means that Yun Express has received all the information about the package, but the actual parcel hasn’t been picked up or received by the carrier yet. 

Essentially, the shipping label has been created, and the package is ready for dispatch but hasn’t been handed over or moved from the seller’s warehouse.

This status is an early step in the shipping process. Once the seller gives the parcel to Yun Express, the status will change, indicating the package is in transit. 

It’s essential for buyers to understand this status because it differentiates between a package being prepared by the seller and one that’s actively being shipped by the carrier. During peak times or for various reasons, there might be a delay between creating the shipping label and the package being picked up.

How Long Does It Take for Yun Express to Deliver?

As a leading cross-border logistics service provider, Yun Express typically takes between 7-15 business days for standard deliveries, depending on the destination country and the type of service chosen. 

However, this duration can vary based on factors such as customs clearance, local courier involvement, and potential logistical challenges. 

For packages shipped out of China, the initial journey from the sender to Yun Express facilities in cities like Shenzhen might contribute to a few days of this timeframe. Additionally, peak shopping seasons, public holidays, or adverse weather conditions can sometimes add to the delivery period. 

To get a more specific delivery estimate, it’s advisable to use the Yun Express tracking tool with your provided tracking number. This not only offers real-time tracking updates but also gives a clearer picture of your parcel’s estimated arrival date.

What to Do if Yun Express Tracking Status Stays the Same?

As earlier mentioned, “Shipment Information Received” indicates the carrier has the shipping details, but the physical parcel might still be with the seller. 

This status could persist for several days, especially if there’s a delay with the seller dispatching the parcel or if Yun Express faces challenges picking up the package.

If you notice that the tracking status hasn’t changed for more than seven business days, reaching out might be a good idea. 

Begin by contacting the seller or merchant from whom you made the purchase. They might have insights or updates not reflected in the public tracking system. 

If the seller assures you that the item has been dispatched, your next point of contact should be Yun Express customer support. They can provide details or possibly expedite the process.

One notable reason for an unchanging status is a delay in Yun Express collecting and scanning the package. This can be due to various reasons, such as logistical challenges, peak delivery seasons, or unforeseen operational hitches. The tracking status should advance accordingly when the package is finally collected and scanned.

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How to Track Packages in Yun Express?

Yun Express provides a straightforward tracking system for users to monitor their parcels’ journey. 

To begin, you’ll need your unique Yun Express tracking number, which is typically provided by the seller or the platform where the purchase was made. This tracking number acts as the identifier for your specific shipment.

Next, visit the official Yun Express tracking website. Enter your tracking number into the designated search box, and the system will retrieve your parcel’s latest status and movement details. 

The updates will include timestamps and locations, offering a chronological view of the parcel’s journey.

Certain third-party tracking apps and platforms integrate Yun Express tracking for those who prefer mobile access. Simply input your tracking number there for real-time updates.

Keep in mind that tracking details are more accurate and frequently updated once the package has entered the Yun Express system and received its initial scan. Before that, the status might only reflect the “Shipment Information Received” alert.


How Long Does a Package Take With Yun Express?

Yun Express packages typically take 7-15 business days to arrive, depending on your chosen shipping option. 

Who Delivers for Yun Express in the USA?

Yun Express partners with a variety of local delivery companies in the USA, including FedEx, UPS, and USPS. Once your package arrives in the USA, it will be handed over to one of these local carriers for final delivery.

How Long Does the Yun Express Take To the USA?

The shipping time from China to the USA with Yun Express is typically 7-15 business days.


When using Yun Express, knowing what the updates mean is good. “Shipment Information Received” just tells us that the shipping info is ready, but the package might still be with the shop or person who sold it. Sometimes, there might be small waits, especially if Yun Express is busy or has a lot of packages to pick up.

If you want to see where your package is, use the Yun Express website. Just type in your tracking number to get the latest info. But remember, the updates are best after the package is with Yun Express and gets its first scan.

In conclusion, when you’re waiting for a package from another country, it’s good to be patient and monitor the tracking updates.

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