You ordered something from AliExpress, right? And now, you see this message: “Arrived at Departure Transport Hub.” What does that even mean? Don’t worry; I’ve been there too! 

When we order online, especially from big places like AliExpress, we get these tracking updates that can be a bit confusing. But guess what? They’re not that hard to understand.

Ali Express usually sends this update if your package is coming from overseas. But what exactly does this status message mean? Is your package nearby? 

In this guide, we’ll chat about what this particular message means, where your package might be, and what’s happening next. Ready to clear up your doubts? Let’s get started right away!

Arrived at Departure Transport Hub Aliexpress Mean

Key Takeaways:

  1. “Arrived at Departure Transport Hub” indicates your package is at a Transport Facility awaiting customs clearance in China.
  2. Delays at this stage are common, especially during peak periods or due to unforeseen circumstances.
  3. Tools like 17Track can give more detailed tracking info; reaching out to sellers or AliExpress is advisable for prolonged waits.
  4. AliExpress offers a 60-day Buyer’s Guarantee period, ensuring protection if shipments face significant delays or issues.

Arrived at Departure Transport Hub Aliexpress Mean?

When you see the status “Arrived at Departure Transport Hub AliExpress,” it indicates that your package has reached the primary transportation hub that prepares shipments for international transit. At this point, your package will go through customs clearance procedures and other related checks.

This is a significant step, as it’s the last point before your parcel leaves its country of origin, usually China, for its journey overseas.

As a massive exporter, China has several major transport hubs in key cities. These hubs, like those in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Beijing, are critical for gathering, processing, and dispatching international shipments.

This hub is crucial in the international shipping process. Here, your package undergoes important procedures like customs clearance. 

Depending on the parcel’s contents and the country’s regulations, clearance might include electronic checks or even physical inspections. 

Once all necessary checks are completed, the package is handed over to the carrier in charge of the next stage, be it a cargo ship or an airline, to transport it across borders.

How Do Arriving at Departure Transport Hub Updates Work?

When a package reaches one of the major transport hubs in China, the system updates to reflect its new status. 

This update doesn’t just happen automatically. Behind the scenes, logistics companies use a combination of barcode scanning and digital tracking to monitor a package’s progress. 

As your parcel moves from one point to another within the hub, it’s typically scanned, and this information is instantly updated in the tracking system.

Once the package has successfully undergone customs clearance, it gets assigned to a particular transport method, whether air or sea. 

Each time the package hits a significant milestone, like being loaded onto a plane or cargo ship, the system updates accordingly. For consumers, this means real-time insights into where their package is and what processes it’s undergoing.

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How Long Do I Have to Wait for Delivery After the Parcel Arrives at the Shipping Hub?

Once your parcel reaches the departure transport hub, a series of steps start. The package undergoes customs clearance, gets sorted based on its destination, and waits its turn for the next available transport, be it air or sea. 

These processes, while systematic, can vary in duration. Typically, once at the hub, your package might remain there for a few days, especially during peak seasons or due to customs procedures.

Following this, the actual transit time depends on the chosen shipping method and the final destination. For instance, air freight is faster, often taking a week or less, while sea freight can extend up to several weeks. 

Domestic delivery timelines kick in once the package arrives in the destination country, adding a few more days to the wait.

Considering all variables, after your parcel reaches the shipping hub, expect to wait anywhere from a week to a month or more. However, regular tracking updates will provide clearer insights into the estimated delivery date.

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Tracking Is Stuck at “Arrived at Departure Transport Hub”; What Should I Do?

If your tracking hasn’t progressed from this status for multiple weeks, consider taking the following actions:

Utilize Universal Tracking Tools: 

Platforms like 17Track or Parcelsapp provide real-time tracking updates, collecting data from various carriers. Sometimes, they can offer updates not visible on the primary tracking platform.

Engage with the Seller: 

Try contacting the AliExpress seller. They might provide insights or updates from their end, which can clarify the situation.

Stay Calm and Patient: 

AliExpress often utilizes ‘economy’ shipping, which, while cost-effective, isn’t the fastest. Delays can happen, especially if the hub is waiting for the right transportation method or a package is undergoing rigorous customs scrutiny.

Contact Support Team: 

If the status remains unchanged and you feel uneasy, contacting the AliExpress support team can be helpful. They can address such concerns, offer a clearer picture, or suggest practical solutions.

Buyers Guarantee Period: 

Always keep an eye on the AliExpress Buyer’s Guarantee period. Typically, you’re covered for 60 days after the order is placed. 

If your package hasn’t arrived within this timeframe or there’s no change in the tracking status, it’s a good indicator to take action. Either open a dispute with AliExpress or contact the seller about possible solutions, whether a refund or a replacement.

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What Does Arrived at the Transportation Hub Mean?

“Arrived at the transportation hub” means your package has reached a major sorting and distribution center. It is now being processed and sorted for delivery.

Where Are the Shipping Hubs in China?

There are many shipping hubs in China, but some of the most common ones include Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Beijing.

What Is the Departure Transport Hub in Aliexpress?

The departure transport hub in Aliexpress is the sorting and distribution center where your package will be processed and sorted for delivery.

How Long Does a Package Stay at a Transport Hub?

A package typically stays at a transport hub for 1-3 days. In rare cases, it stays up to several weeks.


When you see the “Arrived at Departure Transport Hub” update, it just means your package is ready to leave China and is waiting for its next ride. Sometimes, packages stay at this point for a while. This can be because of busy times or other reasons outside of our control. 

If you’re worried, you can use tools like 17Track to check on it. If it’s been a really long time, maybe talk to the seller or contact AliExpress. And remember, there’s a 60-day protection period for buyers on AliExpress.

So, while waiting can be hard, knowing what’s going on and what steps to take can make it a bit easier. Just hang in there!

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