Have you ever shopped on AliExpress and seen the update “Received by Linehaul” for your order? If you’re like many shoppers, this might have left you wondering what it means. AliExpress is a big online store with many products and sellers. 

This status message is one of those terms that not everyone knows about. Is your package on the move or still waiting? Why is this update so important? In this article, we’ll explain this term in a way that’s easy to understand.

By the end, you’ll know exactly what happens to your order when you see this update and when you can expect your items. So, without any further ado, Let’s get started.

What Does “Received by Linehaul” Mean in Aliexpress

Key Takeaways:

  1. “Received by Linehaul” means your order is ready to be sent overseas on AliExpress.
  2. Duration varies with the transportation mode; packages may face delays, especially during the sea-bound journey.
  3. If tracking remains unchanged for long, communication with the seller is advised, and buyer protection should be monitored.
  4. The package undergoes customs checks before international transport.

What Does “Received by Linehaul” Mean in Aliexpress?

“Received by Linehaul” on AliExpress indicates that your package has been handed over to the service responsible for taking it overseas, either by air or sea. 

At this stage, your item has cleared initial processes and is waiting to be loaded onto its mode of international transport, like a plane or a ship.

When your tracking shows this update message, it signals that your purchase is one step closer to you and will be delivered in a few days/weeks. After sellers pack and send your item, it goes to a place where it waits with other packages. They are grouped together to make shipping more efficient. 

 Once grouped, they’re given to companies that carry them long distances, and this is where this term comes in.

It’s exciting to see your order move through the journey, and understanding these terms helps you know just how close your package is to reaching your doorstep. 

Remember, while AliExpress gives these updates, the exact travel time can vary based on how the package is sent – by air, which is quicker, or by sea, which can take a bit longer.

Where Is My Package When I Receive the “Received by Linehaul” Update?

When you see this status, your package has already cleared the primary stages like customs checks, etc. It’s now in the hands of the linehaul operator, typically at a major transportation hub or consolidation center. 

Here, it waits with other packages, getting ready to be loaded onto its transportation method for the long journey, whether that’s an airplane for air shipments or a cargo ship for sea-bound goods.

The update serves as an assurance that your order is making progress. While it’s waiting at this phase, the package has successfully passed customs checks and initial sorting procedures. The next stage? Its journey across oceans or skies en route to its final destination that is, to you.

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How Long Before It Departs the Origin Country?

After you see this status, you might wonder how long your package will stay in its origin country. The answer depends on the situation.

For packages set to fly by airplane, especially with AliExpress’s faster shipping options, your order is often on its way in about two days after receiving this update. 

They’re quick because airplanes have frequent schedules, making the transport speedy.

However, if your package travels by ship, it can be a different story. Boats have bigger cargo holds and often wait until they’re full before setting sail. 

This means your package could sit at the port for around a week. It’s a way to save on costs because sending a full ship is more economical than a partly filled one.

Remember, AliExpress is a platform with many sellers. Each seller might have their preferred way of shipping. Some might prioritize speed, while others might focus on cost-saving. But with the general timelines mentioned above, you can better understand when your package will begin its journey to you.

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Understanding Linehaul Terms:

Here’s a breakdown of some commonly used linehaul terms and what they signify.

What Does “Accepted for Line Haul Transportation” Mean?

This status indicates your package has been recognized and taken in by the linehaul service. It’s now in queue, awaiting its turn for the next step of the journey, which could be by air or sea.

The Term “Linehaul Departure” Means What?

This status signifies your package has left the initial facility or point of origin. It’s now officially en route, whether by plane or ship, to its destination or the next transfer point.

What Does “Linehaul Handover to Next Forwarder” Mean?

This means your package has been transferred from the primary linehaul service to another forwarder. This usually means it’s moving from one phase of its journey to another.

Who Is the “Next Forwarder”?

The “Next Forwarder” is the subsequent logistics or courier service taking charge of your package. It might be a company responsible for the next delivery segment, like transporting the package within the destination country.

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Linehaul Handover to Next Forwarder: What Happens Next?

Once handed over, the next forwarder will process and transport your package closer to its final destination. Depending on the delivery route and destination, this could involve air travel, overland trucks, or local courier services.

What Are Linehaul Charges?

Linehaul charges cover the cost of transporting your package over long distances, especially between cities or countries. They’re usually bundled with other fees when you pay for shipping on platforms like AliExpress.

What Should You Do if Your Tracking Is Still on the “Received by Linehaul” Update?

So, you’ve been checking your package’s tracking, and it seems stuck on that one status for a while now. Before panic sets in, let’s walk through the steps you should consider. Different shipping methods have varied timelines. If it’s by sea, the transit times are naturally longer than air.

On platforms like AliExpress, there’s typically a buyer protection period. Mark your calendar for when this period ends. You’ll need to act if your item doesn’t arrive by then.

If it’s been quite a while(more than a month) and you’re genuinely concerned, don’t hesitate to contact the seller for more details. They might have additional insights or tracking details not visible to you.

Events like public holidays, customs inspections, or global issues can cause delays. Some research can often reveal if any of these factors affect your shipment.

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How Long Does a Package Stay In Linehaul?

A package typically stays in linehaul for 1-3 days. However, the amount of time can vary depending on the distance between the sorting and distribution centers and the volume of packages being transported.

What Does “Handed Over From the Linehaul Office” Mean?

“Handed over from the linehaul office” means your package has been transferred to the local delivery carrier for final delivery.

What Does Linehaul Mean in Shipping?

Linehaul is the long-distance transportation of packages between major sorting and distribution centers.

What Are the Stages of Shipping on Aliexpress?

The shipping stages on Aliexpress are Order processing, Linehaul, International shipping, and Local delivery.

How Long Does It Take for Aliexpress to Deliver to THE US?

The time it takes for Aliexpress to deliver to the US varies depending on your chosen shipping method. However, most packages are delivered within 15-45 days.


When shopping on AliExpress, tracking our packages becomes an essential part of the experience. This status is an important milestone that signifies the package’s international journey. 

Depending on the method – air or sea – the duration of this journey can fluctuate. At times, patience is required due to the delays in global shipping.

Terms such as “Accepted for Line Haul Transportation” and “Linehaul Departure” provide further insights into the package’s progress. 

They act as checkpoints that offer reassurance about their movement. If you find your tracking stuck for an extended period, remember it’s common. In conclusion, it’s wise to communicate with the seller or ensure your buyer protection hasn’t lapsed.

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