You’ve just checked your AliExpress order status and found the message: “Received by Local Delivery Company.” What exactly does this mean? How close is your package to reaching your doorstep? 

AliExpress, one of the largest online marketplaces globally, often dispatches products through a vast network of logistics providers and has unique shipment statuses that sometimes confuse shoppers. 

This status is a key milestone in the journey of your order and can give you significant insights into your package’s whereabouts. Stick around as we simplify this status, its significance, and what you should expect next on your AliExpress delivery journey.

So, without any further ado, Let’s get started.

What Does Received by Local Delivery Company Mean AliExpress

Key Takeaways:

  1. “Received by Local Delivery Company” indicates your AliExpress package is in your country and nearing its final destination.
  2. Delays can occur due to high shipment volumes, weather, or incorrect address details.
  3. If tracking is stuck, contact the delivery company, the seller, or AliExpress, and always monitor your package status.
  4. Using accurate delivery details and choosing reliable shipping methods can help reduce potential delivery issues.

What Does It Mean When a Local Delivery Company Receives a Package?

When a package is marked as “Received by Local Delivery Company,” it indicates that the shipment has reached its destination country and has been handed over to the local carrier responsible for the final delivery. 

This typically signifies that the package has cleared customs and is now within the domestic delivery facility. After an international journey, packages often transition from global or regional carriers to local delivery services. 

This ensures that your order is managed by those who best understand the local distribution networks and whereabouts of the destination area. 

The local delivery company will then organize, schedule, and dispatch the parcel based on optimal routes and delivery timeframes.

Once the local carrier takes charge, recipients can usually anticipate their package’s arrival within a few business days, barring any unforeseen delays or complications.

Factors That Delays Delivery When Local Delivery

While this status is promising, it’s worth noting that there can be certain factors at the local level that might cause delivery delays. Here are some key aspects to consider:

High Volume of Shipments: 

Busy periods, especially around holidays or sale seasons, might lead to an influx of parcels, causing a backlog at local sorting centers.

Inaccurate Address Details: 

Even slight discrepancies in the provided address can lead to potential delays, as delivery personnel may require additional time to determine the correct location.

Operational Challenges: 

Sometimes, local delivery hubs may face issues like equipment malfunctions or a shortage of staff, impacting the overall delivery speed.

Weather Conditions: 

Extreme weather events, be it heavy rainfall, snowfall, or other natural phenomena, can obstruct delivery routes, causing delays.

Local Restrictions: 

Certain regions might have specific rules or restrictions, such as no delivery zones or limited operational hours, which can extend the delivery window.

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Tracking Stuck on “Received by Local Delivery Company,” What to Do?

If your package stays in this status for a long time, it can be worrying, especially if it’s something important. Here’s what you can do if this happens to you:

Check with Universal Tracking Platforms: 

Before jumping to conclusions, it’s important to cross-check your package status on universal tracking platforms like 17Track or ParcelsApp. 

Sometimes, the tracking page you’ve been using might not update in real time, but these universal platforms could provide a more detailed or recent status.

Reach Out to the Local Delivery Company: 

This should be your next step. A quick call or email to the local carrier can often provide clarity. They might have more detailed information about the package’s whereabouts or any potential issues causing the delay.

Contact the Seller: 

If you’re unable to gather information from the local delivery company, turn your attention to the AliExpress seller. They may have alternative ways of tracing the package or might provide insights based on past experiences with deliveries to your region.

AliExpress Customer Support: 

If the seller is unresponsive or unable to assist, AliExpress has a dedicated customer support team. They can intervene, especially when a seller is not cooperative.

Consider Opening a Dispute: 

As a last resort, if all the above steps fail to resolve the issue, consider opening a dispute on AliExpress. Ensure you do this within the buyer protection period(60 days) to guarantee your rights are protected.

Regularly Monitor the Package:

Consistent monitoring of your package’s status can be beneficial. By checking the tracking information from time to time, you’ll stay informed about its journey, and any potential delays will be spotted early on.

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How Long Does Local Delivery Take?

Local delivery typically takes 1-3 business days but can vary depending on the carrier, the distance to the destination, and the type of delivery service.

What Does Package Received by Local Delivery Company Mean?

This means that your package has been received by a courier company that specializes in delivering packages within a specific geographic area. Your package is now on the way to you, and it should arrive within 1-3 days after the update.


When you see “Received by Local Delivery Company,” it means your item is in your country and close to arriving at your home. If it takes too long, something might be wrong. Always keep an eye on where your package is. If there’s a delay, first talk to the company delivering it. 

If that doesn’t help, talk to the person or shop where you bought it from. If you’re still stuck, AliExpress customer support can help. 

It’s all about staying aware and asking questions if you’re unsure. So, be patient and ready to check in if things seem off. 

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