You’ve excitedly ordered from your favorite Chinese-based eCommerce platform like AliExpress, eagerly anticipating your parcel’s arrival. 

You have a China Post tracking number to monitor your package’s journey, but something seems fishy. Could it be possible that the tracking number that has been given to you might be fake?

It’s a concern many online buyers face. While China Post is reputable and doesn’t issue fake tracking numbers, some bad sellers might try to mislead. Spotting a fake tracking number can save you time, frustration, and potential financial loss.

In this guide, we’ll dive deep into identifying a fake China Post tracking number, what steps to take if you encounter one, and how to protect yourself in online transactions. So, without any further ado, Let’s get started.

Fake China Post Tracking Number

Key Takeaways:

  1. China Post tracking numbers follow a specific format; ensure it’s 13 digits long and ends with “CN.”
  2. If unsure, use multiple tracking websites to verify the status and location of your package from China.
  3. Delays can happen with international shipping; patience and understanding of customs processes are crucial.
  4. Always communicate with sellers about concerns and use platform protections, like disputes, if needed.

Why Does It Seem Like a Fake China Post Tracking Number?

Sometimes, when you try to track a package, you might see a message like “No Shipping Record.” This can make you feel worried and wonder if the tracking number is fake. But there are a few things to check first before getting too concerned:

Real China Post tracking numbers have 13 numbers and end with “CN.” If yours is different, it might not be real.

If you get a message like “No Shipping Record,” it means there’s no info about your package right now. This can be because it’s still early, or there might be a problem.

If you’re worried and ask about your package but get no reply, it might make you feel more suspicious about the tracking number. Raise a dispute with the platform customer support if you are too worried.

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Reasons China Post Tracking Is Showing No Shipping Record

When the “No Shipping Record” message pops up on China Post’s tracking page, it’s natural to feel a bit anxious. But before getting too worried, let’s consider some common reasons this could happen:

Number mistyped: 

Did you type the tracking number correctly? Small typos can happen to the best of us. Try to copy and paste the tracking number from the order page. If there’s a mistake, the system won’t recognize the number.

Different Shipping Company: 

Is the number really for China Post? There are many shipping services in China. If you’ve mistakenly tried to track a parcel meant for another service on China Post, it won’t show any details. Universal trackers like 17Track can help identify which courier service your package belongs to.

The Package Is Still With the Seller: 

Sometimes, even if the seller gives you a tracking number, the shipment isn’t with China Post yet. It could still be with the seller or hasn’t been scanned by China Post. It usually takes a bit of time before the details appear online.

Fake Tracking Number: 

This is a less common but possible scenario. If none of the above reasons apply and there’s still no update after a reasonable time, there might be a chance the tracking number isn’t genuine. This could happen with dishonest sellers trying to scam buyers.

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How to Spot a Fake China Post Tracking Number?

How can you tell if the number you have might not be real? Here are some simple tips:

Start by entering your tracking number on the official China Post tracking site. If it doesn’t recognize it, it might not be valid. But remember, if it’s a different shipping company’s number, China Post won’t recognize it.

Genuine China Post tracking numbers typically have a set structure. They should be 13 digits long and end with “CN.” If yours looks different, it could be a sign.

After you order, if a seller instantly provides a tracking number (within minutes), be cautious. Real tracking numbers usually take a bit of time to generate.

Websites like 17Track let you input your tracking number and identify which courier it might belong to. If it doesn’t show up on any courier service, that’s a warning sign.

If you suspect the number is fake, reach out to the seller. Genuine sellers should respond promptly and clarify any concerns. A lack of response or vague answers might indicate a problem.

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What to Do if You Receive a Fake China Post Tracking Number

Getting a tracking number that doesn’t seem genuine can be a bit stressful, but there’s no need to get too worried immediately. Contact the seller about the tracking number and ask them about the tracking number they provided. 

If you’ve purchased through a platform like AliExpress, they have measures in place to protect buyers like you. It’s worth spending some time reading through their guidelines and protections.

Don’t rely on just one tracking website. Sometimes, a site might experience issues or delays in updating tracking information. Try tools like 17Track or ParcelsApp, which offer comprehensive tracking across multiple carriers.

It’s essential to understand typical delivery timelines. Sometimes, delays can be due to external factors like customs processing and not necessarily because of a fake number. 

If it’s been longer than the expected delivery time, there might be a reason for concern.

Once the parcel reaches your country, the local postal service usually takes over. Reaching out to them with the tracking number can provide additional insight into the shipment’s location and status.

It’s worth noting that international shipping, especially from China, can sometimes take longer than expected. Various factors, like customs clearance, can add to the delivery time.

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How can I tell if a China Post tracking number is real?

To tell if a China Post tracking number is real, check if it is 13 characters long and starts with the letters “R,” “LF,” “C,” or “U,” and ends with the letters “CN.” You can also try tracking the number on the China Post website or a third-party tracking service. It is likely a fake if the tracking number is not found or the tracking information does not make sense.

What Does China Tracking Numbers Start With?

China tracking numbers typically start with the letter “L” or “R.”

Can There Be Fake Tracking Numbers?

Yes, there can be fake tracking numbers. Scammers may create fake tracking numbers to trick people into believing that their package has been shipped.

What Does a Valid Tracking Number Look Like?

A valid tracking number will typically be a combination of numbers and letters. For example, a USPS tracking number is typically 18 digits long, and a FedEx tracking number is typically 12 digits long.

Final Thoughts

When you order something from China, you get a tracking number. Sometimes, it might seem strange or wrong. It’s good to double-check the number to make sure it looks right. 

If it doesn’t, try using different websites to track your package. Remember, packages from China can take longer because they’re coming from far away.

If you’re worried, talk to the person who sold you the item. And if you think something’s not right, the website where you bought the item, like AliExpress, can help. It’s all about being careful and checking things so you know where your order is. Happy shopping!

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