Have you ever eagerly awaited a FedEx package, only to be met with confusion when you saw the tracking status “Tendered at FedEx OnSite“? You’re not alone. 

Many people have encountered this enigmatic update and wondered about their precious parcels’ whereabouts. 

In the world of shipping and deliveries, clarity is key, and any deviation from the expected can lead to frustration. Imagine this: you were all set to pick up your FedEx package from a convenient location like Walgreens, but the staff had no knowledge of your item upon arrival. Annoying, right? Well, we’ve been there too.

In this article, we will explain the mystery behind this status, highlight the potential problems you might encounter, and, most importantly, provide you with a clear and actionable answer. Take a look at “Tendered at FedEx OnSite” and understand it. Your package pickup will be stress-free!

What Does “Tendered at FedEx OnSite” Mean

Key takeaways

  • The tracking means the package is at the pickup location, but scan delays can occur; be prepared and patient.
  • Missing package at OnSite? Contact FedEx to initiate a claim for assistance.
  • When the FedEx scan confirms readiness; visit or wait for delivery at the chosen location.
  • Easily track FedEx packages on their website; enter your Tracking ID and stay informed about your shipments.

What Does “Tendered at FedEx OnSite” Mean?

In the world of FedEx tracking, the tracking status is a crucial status update you’ll often encounter. This concise message indicates that the delivery driver has handed your FedEx package to a designated “OnSite” pickup location, which is usually a retail store like Walgreens. Now, let’s break it down further.

When you see the status “Tendered at FedEx OnSite,” it essentially means that your package has reached its intended pickup location. At this point, the FedEx delivery driver has completed their part of the journey by delivering your package to the specified OnSite location.

In practical terms, the driver uses a hand scanner to officially transfer the responsibility of your package to the staff at the OnSite location. This action signifies that your package is now available for pickup by you, the recipient, at the chosen location.

Arrived at Walgreens for Pickup

Now, let’s explore what happens once your package has “Arrived at Walgreens for Pickup.”

After receiving the “Tendered at FedEx OnSite Walgreens” update and confirming that your package has arrived at an OnSite location, let’s say Walgreens, in this case, you might be all set to pick up your awaited item. 

However, when you walk into the store and approach the counter, you might encounter a common hurdle: the clerk has no record or knowledge of your package. This difference occurs because, despite the package being physically at the location, it may not have been officially scanned as received in the system.

In such situations, it’s essential to be prepared. Ensure you have your charged phone handy to show the FedEx tracking information you’ve received so far. Highlight the fact that this status has been sent and that the specific Walgreens location was designated as the pickup point for your package. 

This information can help the staff at the store locate your item. With a bit of luck, you’ll find yourself dealing with a cooperative clerk who will be willing to check the storeroom or lockers for your package. 

Package Genuinely Not at Walgreens

In some unfortunate instances, despite the tracking status indicating that your package has arrived at Walgreens or your chosen On-site location, you may find no sign of your item when you visit the store.

If you encounter this situation, it’s essential to take action promptly. Your first step should be to contact FedEx for more information about when and where your package was handed over. 

FedEx will initiate inquiries on your behalf, which may involve contacting the responsible driver or coordinating with the staff at Walgreens directly.

Should your package still remain missing and cannot be located at the designated OnSite location, you might need to go through the formal process of filing a missing mail claim with FedEx. While this can be an inconvenience, it’s an essential step to help track down your missing package and ensure it reaches you as intended.

Tendered At the FedEx location for over a day, what to do?

If you notice that your package has been delayed and has stuck on the same tracking status, exceeding the expected delivery time, it’s natural to wonder what steps to take.

First, it’s essential to keep in mind that this tracking status usually implies that your package has reached the designated OnSite location, like Walgreens, and is ready for pickup. However, delays can happen, and your package might not be immediately processed or scanned as “ready for recipient pickup.”

To resolve this situation, you should consider contacting FedEx’s customer service. Provide them with your tracking number and inquire about the status of your package. The FedEx customer service team can investigate the delay and provide you with updates on when you can expect to retrieve your package.

Additionally, you can visit the OnSite location, such as Walgreens, and inquire with the store staff about the status of your package. They might be able to assist in expediting the process or provide further information about any unexpected delays.

Remember, while delays can be frustrating, both FedEx and the OnSite locations are there to assist you in ensuring your package’s safe and timely delivery.

What Happens After the “Tendered at FedEx OnSite” Update?

Once your package has received the “FedEx OnSite,” they follow a standard process to ensure a smooth pickup or delivery experience.

The crucial step that occurs after this update is that the staff scans the package at the OnSite location. This scan is essential because it officially marks the package as “ready for pickup.” It triggers an automatic notification that informs you, the recipient, that your package is now available for retrieval.

Once you’re familiar with this update, you can make your way to the designated pickup point, whether it’s a Walgreens or another On-site location, to collect your package. This is when you’ll need to present your tracking information to the staff to initiate the pickup process.

In most cases, assuming there are no unexpected delays or issues, you can expect a smooth and straightforward pickup experience. However, checking the store’s operating hours and policies is always a good idea to ensure a hassle-free visit.

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How to Track FedEx Packages?

Tracking a FedEx package is a straightforward process. You can use the FedEx website to track a single package or multiple packages at once. Here’s how:

  1. Visit the FedEx website.
  2. Scroll down a bit and click on ‘Track.’
  3. Enter the Tracking ID into the provided window.
  4. Click ‘Track’ to get real-time updates on your package’s status.

If you need to track multiple packages, simply click on ‘Multiple Tracking Numbers’ just below the ‘Tracking ID’ window, enter the tracking numbers, and click ‘Track.’ It’s a convenient way to stay informed about your shipments.

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What does tendered at FedEx on-site mean?

The status Tendered at FedEx OnSite means that your package has been delivered to a FedEx OnSite location, which is a retail store or other location that offers FedEx pickup and drop-off services. The package is at your final destination, but it is in the process of being delivered.

What does it mean when your package is tendered?

The term “tendered” is used by FedEx to mean that the shipping carrier has received a package. This can happen at a FedEx facility, a FedEx OnSite location, or another location that has a contract with FedEx. Once a package is tendered, it is scanned into the FedEx tracking system, and the tracking status will be updated.

How long does a FedEx package take to deliver?

The delivery time for a FedEx package depends on a number of factors, including the shipping speed, the distance the package is traveling, and the volume of packages that FedEx is currently shipping. However, in general, FedEx Ground packages typically take 1-5 business days to deliver, while FedEx Express packages typically take 1-2 business days to deliver.


In the world of FedEx tracking, understanding the “Tendered at FedEx OnSite” status is key to ensuring a smooth delivery or pickup experience. This concise update signifies that your package has reached its designated OnSite location, typically a store like Walgreens, and is ready for the next step in its journey.

However, it’s not uncommon to encounter situations where the package isn’t immediately available for pickup due to a lack of scanning by the On-site staff. In such cases, being prepared and presenting your tracking information can help resolve the issue swiftly.

In rare instances where your package is genuinely missing at the OnSite location, reaching out to FedEx’s customer service and possibly initiating a missing mail claim becomes necessary.

Remember, the tracking status is a step toward successful delivery or pickup. With a clear understanding of this status and the right actions, you can ensure your FedEx packages reach their intended destination without a hitch.

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