Have you recently received a notification to “Depart a FedEx Location“? Therefore, you could be wondering – what does such implies.

When you get a “Departed FedEx Location” update, is the package nearby?  Or is it only a long way from the shipper, yet is the nearest FedEx facility?  To know everything in detail, keep on reading this post.

What Does Departed FedEx Location Mean

What Does Departed FedEx Location Mean?

The tracking update that says “Departed FedEx location” indicates that your item has moved on to the next stage of its trip and has departed the FedEx facility where it was most recently handled. This update may take place many times during a package’s voyage, relying on how far the shipper is from the destination.

Where is My Package After a Departed FedEx location Update?

When you get this update, there are two possible outcomes for the location of the package. The most probable scenario of your item following a “Departed FedEx Location” notification is en route to the subsequent FedEx facility since a FedEx shipment going from carrier to receiver must pass through several FedEx facilities.

The alternative scenario is that the item has departed the FedEx facility near the recipient’s address and is currently out for the last delivery to the recipient.

The most likely conclusion is out-for-delivery if the information line underneath the update displays a location close to the delivery address.

My package is stuck at the Departed FedEx Location; what’s wrong?

It may be irritating in this situation. After receiving a message that a FedEx location has departed, it may take between 24 and 48 hours for the package to arrive at its next destination.

The item won’t be scanned after it arrives at the next site, so you won’t get another update until then. Customers may believe that the shipment is stuck or delayed as a result of this.

The easiest thing to do is get in touch with FedEx customer care for further information if the tracking information hasn’t been updated for a few days and you suspect there may have been a problem.

Will Delivery be delayed?

If such is the case, FedEx will frequently provide an “out for delivery” update; nevertheless, this message may simply have been missed. The parcel will soon be delivered if there is a “Departed FedEx Location” sign near the delivery address.

Should I be alarmed if I see the Departed FedEx location in my tracking details?

No need for concern. It simply indicates that your shipment has moved on to the next destination after leaving the first. Additionally, it can imply that you will receive it and receive it soon.

This indicates that your item is in transit and is a perfectly standard message displayed by FedEx. To get more information, though, speak with a FedEx employee.


Are Departed FedEx Location tracking updates is common?

Yes, it is very common as customers to be frequently informed via updates that an item has left a facility and is in transit from one place to another using the phrase “Departed FedEx Location.”

What does depart mean in shipping?

When the Departed from FedEx Location label appears in your tracking information, it is sorted and headed to the next destination.

How long does a package stay at a FedEx location?

After receiving a Departed from FedEx Location message, it may take between 24 and 48 hours for the shipment to arrive at its next destination, depending on the FedEx service utilized.


In conclusion, “Departed FedEx Location” means that a package has left a FedEx facility and is en route to its final destination. If you are expecting a package and see this status update, it means that the package is on its way and should be delivered soon.

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