Have you recently received a FedEx shipment exception that says Cannot locate the recipient? If so then you might be wondering- What does the message “Shipment Exception Cannot Locate Recipient” that you receive from FedEx mean?

It might be confusing to understand the many warnings you can get after checking the tracking number, as they are with all carriers.

On its official website, FedEx states that an exception “means that an unexpected circumstance is preventing delivery of your goods.” For more information, keep reading.

Key Takeaways

  • FedEx Shipment Exceptions are temporary delays in delivery caused by unforeseen circumstances, such as bad weather, customs clearance, or car problems.
  • The “Cannot Locate Recipient” message indicates that FedEx was unable to find the package’s delivery destination due to logistical issues or incorrect address information.
  • Customers can take actions such as scheduling a local pickup or setting up delivery to a different address to resolve the issue.
  • Contacting FedEx customer service is crucial for more detailed information and appropriate action. There is usually only a short delay before redelivery attempts or pickup can be easily planned.
FedEx Shipment Exception Cannot Locate Recipient means

FedEx Shipment Exception Cannot Locate Recipient means?

The circumstance where a delivery attempt was made but the receiver was not there should not be confused with this notice.  It is possible that the recipient’s address is frequently unknown. An update with the message “cannot locate recipient” will result.

This might be annoying if you are convinced that the address information is accurate or if the address has already had packages delivered to it without any issues. 

What is FedEx Shipment Exceptions?

FedEx Shipment Exceptions are an essential part of the FedEx shipping process. If you have a delivery exception, it signifies that unforeseen circumstances have caused a temporary delay in the delivery of your goods. 

The cause may be bad weather, a natural calamity, customs clearance, a car problem like a mechanical problem, or other circumstances. 

The customer can then go back into the FedEx Shipment Exceptions section of their account online or by calling FedEx customer service.

Why does FedEx “Cannot locate recipient”?

It may be claimed that additional factors are limiting the receiver from being found. There are a variety of various answers offered when looking at cases where this has occurred to other people online. 

These consist of the following:

  • There are not enough parcels in the region to warrant delivery.
  • An unreliable FedEx driver delays delivery.
  • Addresses without floor numbers
  • FedEx is attempting to find the missing shipment.
  • Many tracking number updates fall short of addressing the details of a particular circumstance.
  • It is noteworthy to notice that consumers who give these justifications have scant supporting documentation. The issue with companies like FedEx not being transparent would be this.

What to do when FedEx Shipment Exception Cannot Locate Recipient?

If you receive the FedEx Shipment Exception Cannot Locate Recipient tracking update, there are a few actions you may do.

Pick up the shipment personally.

Organizing delivery of the package to its current location is an additional option. Frequently, the box has arrived at the nearby FedEx facility, and the “exception” is only due to final delivery.

A local pickup can be scheduled in advance to get around the problem of delivery failure. On the other hand, if you sent a product in a B2C way, this would irritate a consumer.

Make a customer support call.

Calling customer support is the first step. The problem will be more thoroughly investigated by an agent, who should be able to offer further details.

The product will be prepared for delivery if the issue is just that the address information is lacking.

Set up delivery to a different location.

The shipment can also be arranged to be delivered to a different address if FedEx has trouble locating the recipient’s location.

Perhaps one of the several businesses that FedEx currently works with, such as Walgreens or a FedEx pickup location.


What does the shipment exception Cannot locate recipient mean?

Such a delivery exception can occur due to an inaccurate address, unavailability of the receiver, etc. A second effort at delivery is frequently made the following day.

How do I fix a shipment exception?

Call the carrier right away. To find out where your shipment is, get in touch with your courier as soon as you can. You might need to get in touch with the client to get the correct address if the delivery address is incorrect. 

What happens if FedEx Cannot locate a recipient?

If a recipient cannot be located, FedEx will attempt to contact the sender to confirm the shipping address. If the sender cannot be reached, FedEx will return the package to the sender. If the sender wants to re-ship the package, they can contact the customer service team at FedEx to find out how much time it will take to ship the package again.


We hope you enjoyed this blog post on what causes a “FedEx Shipment Exception Cannot Locate Recipient” message. Finally, FedEx Shipment Exception Cannot Locate Recipient indicates that the package’s delivery destination was not discovered. 

When this happens, it might be a FedEx logistical issue or a mistake with the address information. FedEx customer service is the crucial first step. When you have more detailed knowledge, you may take appropriate action. 

There is usually only a short delay, and a redelivery attempt or pickup can be easily planned. We hope that you were able to improve your shipping process after reading this blog.

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