Have you ever experienced the surprise of receiving not one, but two identical packages from Amazon, even though you only ordered one? It’s a scenario that can leave you in puzzled and unsure of what to do next.

Whether it was a simple mistake in the fulfillment process or a glitch in the ordering system, receiving duplicate items is not as uncommon as you might think. In this guide, we’ll explore some expert tips and solutions for handling this situation.

From understanding Amazon’s policies on duplicate orders to figuring out the most ethical and practical steps to take, we aim to provide clear and straightforward advice.

Amazon sent two of the same item

Why Did I Receive Two of the Same Items from Amazon?

You received two of the same items from Amazon due to a processing error in their order fulfillment system. This can occur due to duplication in order entries, glitches in software processing, or mistakes during the packaging stage. Amazon operates a complex logistical system where such errors, while not common, can happen.

The intricacies of Amazon’s vast warehousing and sorting facilities involve automated and human elements which both contribute to the efficiency and occasional faults.

Different factors, such as barcode misreading, inventory mismanagement, or system synchronization issues, could also lead to receiving duplicate items.

In consumer culture, receiving more than what was paid for might trigger a sense of a fortunate gain, aligning with the desire for economy and bargains.

What Should I Do if I Received Two of the Same Items From Amazon?

What Should I Do if I Received Two of the Same Items From Amazon

If you received two of the same items from Amazon, you should check your order history to confirm that only one was ordered and then contact Amazon customer service for guidance. They will typically advise you on whether to return the item or keep it.

The response from Amazon might vary depending on the value of the items. For low-value items, Amazon often allows customers to keep the duplicates, which simplifies logistics and enhances customer satisfaction, thereby nurturing consumer loyalty and approval.

In contrast, high-value items might require a return to adjust inventory and account balances correctly, emphasizing dependability and quality in service.

Should I Contact Amazon Customer Service About Receiving Two Items?

Yes, you should contact Amazon Customer Service if you receive two items instead of one to report the discrepancy. This helps ensure that your order records are correct and that any necessary adjustments are made.

By contacting customer service, you engage in a process that not only rectifies your order but also helps Amazon improve its service and inventory accuracy.

This action aligns with desires for efficiency and dependability, as it aids in maintaining a reliable shopping environment for yourself and others.

What Is Amazon’s Policy on Duplicate Orders?

Amazon’s policy on duplicate orders typically allows customers to keep any additional items if they are of low value, due to the cost-effectiveness of not returning them. However, for higher-value items, Amazon may request a return.

This policy reflects a practical approach to cost management and customer convenience, which are crucial in retail logistics. It also supports the consumer’s desire for bargains and convenience, as keeping the extra item can feel like an unexpected reward.

Why Does Amazon Have a Policy That Allows Customers to Keep Low-Value Items?

Why Does Amazon Have a Policy That Allows Customers to Keep Low-Value Items

Amazon has a policy that allows customers to keep low-value items because it is often more cost-effective than processing a return. Handling returns involves administrative work, additional shipping, and restocking, which can exceed the value of the item itself.

This policy is designed to optimize operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. It reduces the logistical burden on Amazon and provides a positive experience for the customer, addressing desires for convenience and economic benefits.

How to Return a Duplicate Order to Amazon?

To return a duplicate order to Amazon, you should initiate a return through your Amazon account. Go to your order history, select the item, and follow the steps provided to print a return label and prepare the item for shipping.

The return process is designed to be user-friendly, promoting a hassle-free experience that respects the customer’s time and effort, which is essential for maintaining a high standard of customer service and ensuring comfort and convenience.

Will Amazon Cover the Return Shipping Costs if I Have to Send the Extra Item Back?

Amazon will typically cover the return shipping costs if you need to send an extra item back due to a mistake on their part. They provide a prepaid shipping label that you can use to return the item at no additional cost.

This policy is part of Amazon’s commitment to customer satisfaction and service quality. It removes the burden of additional costs from the customer, aligning with the desires for economic benefits and freedom from financial strain.

Do I Need to Pay for the Extra Item That I Received?

No, you do not need to pay for the extra item that you received if it was sent by mistake. Consumer protection laws and Amazon’s own policies ensure that you are not financially liable for unsolicited items.

This stance is grounded in legal precedents that protect consumers, ensuring they enjoy freedom from unjust financial obligations, and it supports the desire for fairness in commerce and economic security.

How Can I Contact Amazon Customer Service to Report the Issue?

You can contact Amazon Customer Service by logging into your Amazon account and navigating to the “Help” section. From there, you can choose to chat, email, or speak with a representative by phone to report the issue.

The availability of multiple contact methods caters to different user preferences for communication, ensuring accessibility and convenience, which are crucial for efficient and satisfactory service resolution.

What Happens if I Don’t Return the Extra Item Sent by Amazon?

If you don’t return the extra item sent by Amazon and it was sent to you by mistake, typically nothing adverse happens, especially if it’s a low-value item. Amazon may simply write it off as a loss. For high-value items, Amazon might follow up to arrange a return.

This scenario underscores Amazon’s pragmatic approach to cost management and customer relations, balancing the expense of recovery against customer goodwill and operational simplicity, appealing to the consumer’s desire for convenience and absence from hassle.

Can Receiving a Duplicate Item Impact My Amazon Account in Any Way?

Receiving a duplicate item generally does not negatively impact your Amazon account if you report the incident to Amazon. Failing to report it, especially if it happens repeatedly, might lead to a review of your account to prevent potential abuse.

This ensures that both Amazon and the customer maintain a trustworthy relationship, fostering a sense of security and reliability in the online shopping environment, which satisfies the desires for dependability and social approval.

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What should one do if an Amazon order is sent twice?

Call Amazon’s customer service to explain the matter if they shipped you two of the same item even though you only paid for one. Either they’ll ask you to return the second item or let you keep both while just charging you for one.

Can I keep a duplicate shipment?

The Federal Trade Commission states that as a free gift, you are entitled to keep it. Additionally, sellers aren’t allowed to request payment for things that arrive in an unplanned sequence, and the FTC asserts that buyers are not required to notify the vendor of the incorrectly delivered goods.

What to do if a company sends you two of the same item?

Legally, you are not required to inform the vendor. A note to the corporation explaining that you did not order the item and that you are thus entitled to keep it for free is an excellent suggestion.

Can you keep something sent to you by mistake?

In most cases, you are completely permitted to retain them. Law is actually on your side as well. By law, you will not be required to pay for or return things that were provided to you in error.


It is not required by law to notify Amazon or send back a duplicate order you did not pay for. Even so, informing Amazon that the item has been received is often advisable. 

Amazon will frequently merely advise you to retain both things. I’ve concluded from my study that if an item is out of stock, Amazon will probably ship you two things. Amazon utilizes a system while deciding which things to deliver to a consumer, although the system occasionally makes mistakes.

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