Ever bought something online and came across the delivery update “Departed Shipping Partner Facility, USPS Awaiting Item.” It sounds confusing, right? But what does it really mean for your package?

This update tells us about a step in the journey of our package. It means a different company has been carrying our package, but now it’s ready to be delivered to USPS.

In this article, we will discuss what’s happening with your package when you see this update and what you should do if the tracking status is stuck on this update. So, without any further ado, Let’s get started.

What Does Departed Shipping Partner Facility USPS Awaiting Item Mean

Key Takeaways:

  1. “Departed Shipping Partner Facility USPS Awaiting Item” means a third-party carrier has handled the package until now, then it’s handed over to USPS.
  2. USPS partners with carriers like DHL Global and FedEx Smart Post, utilizing them for efficient, cost-effective package transportation.
  3. If tracking is stuck on this status, contacting the seller or direct shipping partner can provide clarity on delays.
  4. Once USPS receives the package from the partner, final delivery typically occurs within 1 to 3 business days.

What Does Departed Shipping Partner Facility USPS Awaiting Item Mean?

“Departed Shipping Partner Facility, USPS Awaiting Item” is a tracking status update that indicates another delivery company first had your package, and now it’s heading to the main post office (USPS) for the final part of its journey.

Many online sellers use various delivery companies to help move packages nationwide. These are often called ‘shipping partners.’ 

Companies like DHL Global, FedEx Smart Post, and even Amazon Flex Drivers can be involved. They do the bulk of the traveling with your package. 

When they’re close to your address, they hand it over to USPS, which completes what’s known as the “last-mile delivery” because they have a more extensive reach in certain areas.

This method is common because the post office is everywhere and can easily make that final delivery to your door. The package has finished its journey with the shipping partner and is soon to be in the hands of USPS. Once USPS receives the package, they’ll deliver it to your doorstep or mailbox.

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What Happens After a Package Departs a Shipping Partner Facility?

First, the package is transported, typically by truck or plane, to a USPS location. This journey can be short if the facility is close to a local USPS center or longer if it needs to cross states or even time zones.

Then it is handed over to USPS once they are close to the recipient. Upon arrival at a USPS facility, it’s then sorted based on its final destination. 

This sorting helps USPS manage and handle their delivery routes. 

Your package might move between different USPS facilities, getting closer and closer to your home with each move.

Finally, once your package reaches the closest USPS center to your house, it’s loaded onto a delivery truck. 

From here, it won’t be long until you hear a knock on your door or find your package waiting in your mailbox. You should see tracking updates reflecting the package’s progress throughout this process. 

If you notice a long pause without updates after the “Departed Shipping Partner Facility” status, it might be in transit to USPS or processed at a USPS center.

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How Long Does It Take To Arrive After Departed Shipping Partner Facility USPS Awaiting Item?

The time it takes varies based on several factors. The distance between the shipping partner’s facility and the nearest USPS center is the first consideration. 

Your package might be handed to USPS within a day if they’re close. However, it could take several days if they’re farther apart, especially across states.

Next, once USPS has your package, its delivery timelines come into play. Typically, USPS can take 1 to 3 business days for standard deliveries. However, if you’ve chosen expedited services like Priority Mail, it could be quicker.

Factors like weather, high delivery volumes (especially during holiday seasons), or unexpected events can cause delays. But after the “Departed Shipping Partner Facility” status, you can generally expect your package in about 2 to 5 days.

Tracking Stuck on Departed Shipping Partner Facility USPS Awaiting Item; What to Do?

If the tracking status of your package has been stuck on this update for many days, it might be a problem.

Sometimes, packages are in transit longer than expected, especially if they’re crossing large distances. A couple of days without updates is normal.

If the status remains unchanged for over a week, consider taking action. Begin by contacting the seller or the company you purchased from. 

They can often provide insights or contact their shipping partners for more information on the package’s whereabouts. While USPS is awaiting the package, they might not have enough information on its status. But if you believe the package has been handed to USPS and there’s still no change in status. 

Then, reaching out to USPS customer service can be helpful as they can provide you with more details about the package.

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What Is a USPS Shipping Partner Facility?

A USPS shipping partner facility is a facility that is operated by a third-party company that has a partnership with USPS to process and transport USPS packages.

Why Does My USPS Package Still Say Awaiting Item?

“Awaiting item” status on USPS tracking may indicate that the package has not yet arrived at the shipping partner facility, has not been processed, or has a tracking delay.  

What Does Departed From Facility Mean?

When a USPS package says “departed from facility,” it means that the package has left the USPS facility. The package may be on its way to the next USPS facility or to the final destination.

Why Is My Package Stuck in Departed?

If your package is stuck in “departed,” it is possible that there is a delay in transporting or processing the package. Delays can be caused by several factors, such as bad weather, mechanical problems, or high volume.


In conclusion, the “Departed Shipping Partner Facility USPS Awaiting Item” status simply indicates that a third-party shipping partner, like FedEx or DHL, has passed on your package to USPS. 

USPS will now prepare to handle the final step of its journey. It will deliver the package to your home. This is called ‘Last mile journey’.

While most packages flow smoothly from the shipping partner to USPS, delays can happen. It’s essential to keep an eye on tracking updates and, if things seem stuck, to reach out to the seller or the shipping partner for clarity.

Remember, most delays are rectified automatically. But don’t forget to stay in touch with the USPS customer care if something seems wrong.

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