Ever ordered something online and seen the phrase “Inbound in Sorting Center” when tracking where it is? You might wonder what that means.  

When shopping from places like AliExpress, we might come across this and get confused. Don’t worry. It’s a key point in the journey of your package, moving it closer to your doorstep.  

But what happens next? And how long before your order arrives?  

In this article, we will discuss this tracking status and also answer all your questions if you have any. So, without any further ado, Let’s get started.

What Does Inbound In Sorting Center Mean

Key Takeaways: 

  1. “Inbound in Sorting Center” means the package has arrived at a processing hub for sorting before its next shipment phase.
  2. Delays at this stage can arise from high package volumes, international shipping processes, or unexpected logistical challenges.
  3. If you are concerned about delays, try checking tracking, contacting the seller, contacting the shipper, or notifying AliExpress support.
  4. Most of the packages coming from China are very slow and can take several weeks to be dispatched.

What Does Inbound In Sorting Center Mean? 

“Inbound in Sorting Center” means a package has reached the processing hub of a shipping company in China. Here, it will be organized and sent for further shipping. 

For those who shop from sites like AliExpress, seeing this update is a good sign. It tells you that your item is moving along its journey. 

Once sorted, your package is ready for its next trip, which might be a shipping port or airport, depending on the shipping company.  This status is just a way to inform you where your order is and how it’s getting to you.

What Happens After Inbound In Sorting Update? 

After your package arrives at a Sorting Center, it gets grouped with other packages heading to similar destinations. Workers there ensure it’s properly labeled and directed to its next stop. 

For orders from places like AliExpress, this next step could involve moving the package to another sorting facility, especially if it’s being shipped internationally. 

Then, it will go to a local distribution center if it’s near its final destination. After that, the package will be handed over to the delivery person, who will bring it to your doorstep or mailbox. 

During this time, you might see updates like “Outbound from Sorting Center” or “Arrived at Local Distribution Center.” These tracking updates give you a clearer picture of how close your order is to reaching you. 

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What Is The Difference Between Inbound And Outbound Sorting Centers? 

Inbound in Sorting Center: 

When you see this tracking status, it signifies that your package has freshly reached the sorting facility.  

At this stage, your package is in a queue, waiting to be processed. It’s a critical phase because the package will be categorized based on its destination and the type of service chosen by the sender. 

After it’s processed, it will be dispatched to the airport or seaport for international transit. 

Outbound from Sorting Center: 

This status appears after the parcel has been sorted at the facility. It indicates that your package has completed its stay at the center and is now set to depart. 

The package has been properly labeled and is ready for the next leg of the journey. From here, it may travel to another sorting facility, especially if crossing borders, or proceed to a local distribution hub.

Why Is My Package Stuck On “Inbound In Sorting Center”?

When you buy things, especially from sites like AliExpress, you should expect some delays. Your package might be stuck on this tracking status for several weeks to a month. 

Many parcels shipped from places like China use sea-bound services, which inherently take longer.  

Since the distance is very long, it can sometimes take over a month for your item to arrive or maybe even more. 

The sorting center is a hub of activity. Your item might be among thousands waiting to be processed, categorized, and then dispatched.  

During peak times, such as sales or holidays, this volume can dramatically increase, leading to longer wait times.

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What To Do? 

If your package’s tracking status is stuck for over a month, follow the below steps to resolve this issue:

Check Tracking Regularly: 

Even though it may seem like nothing’s moving, always watch the tracking updates. Sometimes, changes might not get immediately reflected.

Contact the Shipper: 

Sometimes, the delay could be due to the shipper’s internal processes. Reaching out to them can provide info about the package’s status and any hold-ups. 

Raise a support ticket with AliExpress: 

If the delay feels too long, it’s a good idea to contact AliExpress support and open a dispute. They often have more detailed information or can provide reassurance.

Use Universal Tracking Services: 

Consider checking your tracking number on universal tracking platforms like Parcelsapp. They can offer more detailed updates as they pull information from multiple carrier systems.

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What Does It Mean That My Order Has Been Inbounded?

When your order is inbounded, it means that it has arrived at a processing center or fulfillment center. It is now being processed and prepared for shipment to you.

What Does Inbound In Sorting Center Mean?

When your order is inbound in a sorting center, it arrives at a shipping facility in China, where it will be sorted and sent to its final destination.


This tracking means your package is at a shipping facility getting sorted before being dispatched to you via seaport or airport.

However, delays can happen due to a busy sorting center, international shipping checks, or other factors. 

Most of the time, the shipping process from China is slow, and it can take several weeks to ship to you. 

If you feel the wait is too long, always remember you have options:

  • Checking the tracking
  • Contacting the seller
  • Reaching out to the shipper
  • Even getting in touch with AliExpress support
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