The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) regularly updates its shipping standards to meet the needs of a fast-evolving world. There are many reasons a package may face a delay in delivery, and it’s essential to understand these reasons to know what to do next. 

You may receive an update like “Processing Exception Other Delay.” You might be questioning. What does this imply? Is your postal item late, and do you need to take any action? Don’t worry. Continue reading this post to know everything in detail. 

USPS Processing Exception Other Delay Mean

USPS Processing Exception Other Delay Mean?

Processing Exception, Other Delay is a status that appears when a package does not follow its normal route due to various reasons. This could be due to a missort, weather conditions, equipment failure, or other unforeseen circumstances. This status indicates that the package is still in the USPS system but has experienced a delay.

Numerous factors, such as flawed packing and labels and technological faults within the facility, may be responsible for all of this. The mail item must thus go through human processing instead of regular, automatic delivery processing, which might result in a lag.

What are the reasons behind USPS processing exceptions and other delays?

Remember that USPS alerts the sender and receiver that the mail item may be delayed due to the processing exception. Several possible causes are listed below:

  • Checking the package’s contents is necessary.
  • Damage to labels or packaging that needs immediate attention by a person.
  • Uncorrected sorting or dispatching of a mail item.
  • Technical difficulties with the sorting process need to be fixed by humans.

In other words, you can receive the “Processing Exception Other Delay” tracking update if a problem occurs during routine mail processing and human involvement is needed.

The USPS will make every effort to minimize the delay and have the postal item physically handled and on its way as soon as feasible. 

Unfortunately, the “Processing Exception Other Delay” monitoring update is frustratingly ambiguous. 

The gist is that manual processing is necessary instead of automatic delivery for your mail item. This naturally slows down the mail item’s regular journey as it is added to a line of other things awaiting physical inspection, sorting, and delivery.

How long do processing exceptions take?

You will know your shipment has been delayed if you receive a USPS update that states “processing exception,” which is most likely due to one of the frequent causes of delivery exceptions.

Except for Sundays, USPS may try to fix the shipment issues once again the following day, relying on the package position mentioned in the update. 

What to do when tracking is stuck on Processing Exception Other Delay?

You can do little when you get this update because it’s sent out after USPS has had difficulty with its processing infrastructure.

You should contact USPS here if your tracking is stuck on this update without a subsequent notice. You should go here if the postal item is an overseas delivery.

If the item has made it to that point in its voyage, you can also get in touch with your neighborhood post office. 

By examining the update before the “Processing Exception Other Delay” warning, you should be able to determine the general position of the mail item.

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What is a processing exception other than delay USPS?

It indicates that several events outside the control of USPS have caused a delay in the arrival of your shipment.

How long do processing exceptions take?

The next day, excluding Sundays, USPS may try to solve the problem again, depending on the package status mentioned in the update.


USPS will notify you via the “Processing Exception Other Delay” tracking update if there is a chance that the postal item will be delayed because of a processing issue. 

Most of the time, USPS employees must take personal action to restart the mail. You should get in touch with USPS to learn more if the tracking is delayed for more than a couple of working days. I hope this post answers all your queries. 

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