Have you ordered something from China and received a tracking update saying “CDL Origin Scan”?

Now you might be wondering- What precisely does this mean? When you get this notice, where is your shipment and are there any actions you need to do?

Continue reading this post to know everything in detail.

What does CDL Origin Scan Yun Express mean

What does CDL Origin Scan Yun Express mean?

When the carrier Yun Express initially gets the item in its distribution network and can take a physical scan of the label, the “CDL Origin Scan” is initiated. The initial scan is conducted at the starting point. Yun Express employs the “CDL Origin Scan” update to notify consumers when their shipment is scanned for the first time.

When Yun Express begins the delivery process, there are three primary circumstances in which the item might be scanned.

The initial is a pickup by a Yun Express driver, the second is at the goods origin warehouse, and the third is at the Yun Express-owned sorting facility where the shipment arrives.

When I receive the CDL Origin Scan update, where is my package?

The shipment is only starting in transit when it receives this update. The operator now has the shipment inside its delivery network, and the sender has already made all necessary shipping preparations.

Depending on where it was picked up, your item will either be with the courier driver who picked it up or in a facility close by when you receive this notification.

What Happens After the CDL Origin Scan Update?

Sorting inside the origin carrier facility comes following the “CDL Origin Scan” upgrade. The package will then be sent in this direction in the direction of the exit port.

Your product will be delivered to a Chinese airport since Yun Express is primarily employed by Chinese e-commerce platforms as an economy air freight carrier service.

Though China is a sizable nation, there are fulfillment centers spread out all over the place. A domestic aircraft within China carrying your goods to a major international hub airport is quite probable to arise initially. However, the package will be ready for cross-border travel from this point on.

My Tracking is Stuck on CDL Origin Scan; What To Do

Your package may get stuck on the “CDL Origin Scan” update for various reasons. Examples include circumstances where progress cannot be recorded due to technical difficulties, a missed scan, lost or stolen packages, or the facility’s high package volume delays sortation.

Usually things don’t get taken or lost very often. Though, delays resulting from logistical issues are typical with an economical service like Yun Express.

You will need to be patient since the “CDL Origin Scan” message appears at the start of the shipment trip. Companies like Yun Express are infamous for their infrequent tracking updates.

You would only be advised to wait longer if you contacted the seller or the online marketplace where you made the purchase, thus early in the delivery process.

Yun Express customer service support would be just as useless if only a few days went by since you received the upgrade.

Know the timeframe of the buyer protection period. You must be conscious of your buyer protection period if the days pass into weeks and you still don’t know where your package is.

Use a universal tracking app to check.  It’s possible that even if you haven’t been getting updates, your package has still likely been moving through the delivery system.

One way to confirm this is by entering the monitoring data into a universal tracking app. If any similar data is found, it will be shown to you after searching through the database of hundreds of carriers.


After the “CDL Origin Scan,” you will often get more tracking updates so you can see how your cargo is progressing. The cargo won’t arrive for a few weeks, though, since it is still in the early stages of travel. Hopefully, this post has answered all of your questions.

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