We’ve all been there: waiting for a much-anticipated package, constantly checking its status, and imagining its arrival. But what do you do when you see a puzzling message like “FedEx Local Delivery Restriction, Delivery not Attempted“? 

Suddenly, the excitement turns into confusion. Why wasn’t my package delivered? Is there a problem with my address or the package itself? 

These are common questions that run through our minds. In this article, we’ll break down what this FedEx message means. 

We’ll guide you through the common reasons why you might see this alert and offer insights on when you can hope to get your hands on your package finally. 

So, for everyone who’s ever felt a little lost seeing this notification, we’re here to clarify things for you.

What Does FedEx Held Unable to Collect Payment Mean

Key Takeaways:

  1. “Local Delivery Restriction” indicates a temporary issue preventing FedEx from delivering your package on the intended day.
  2. Address accuracy and knowledge about required signatures can prevent common delivery hurdles and speed up the process.
  3. Tools like FedEx Delivery Manager offer greater control and real-time updates, ensuring a smoother delivery experience.
  4. Proactive steps and clear communication with FedEx can significantly reduce potential delays and guarantee prompt package arrival.

What Does FedEx Local Delivery Restriction Mean? 

When FedEx updates your package status with “Local Delivery Restriction, Delivery not Attempted,” it means that FedEx couldn’t attempt delivery on that particular day due to specific reasons. This arises from technical or logistical glitches that are often temporary.

FedEx has many daily operations, ensuring packages get to their rightful destinations. Occasionally, unforeseen events can disrupt this smooth process. 

For instance, maybe the package was scanned after the delivery truck had left for the day, or perhaps it landed on the wrong truck and was identified when it got back to the facility. 

Other times, situations like extreme weather, road closures, or even sudden staff shortages can cause such a hiccup.

This message doesn’t mean your package is lost. More often than not, it’s a minor delay, and FedEx usually attempts a redelivery the very next business day.

Common Causes of Local Delivery Restriction 

FedEx aims to ensure prompt delivery, but there are instances where they might flag a package with this status. Let’s dive into some common causes for this: 

Temporary Technical or Logistical Issues: 

FedEx’s vast operational network occasionally faces technical glitches or logistical problems. This can range from scanning errors, truck breakdowns, or even issues at the sorting facility. 

Such temporary setbacks usually resolve swiftly, and packages are often rescheduled for delivery the next business day.

Incomplete or Incorrect Address Information:  

Sometimes, if the address provided lacks vital details or has inaccuracies, it can prevent successful delivery. It’s essential to always double-check and provide a full, correct address when expecting a package.

Delivery to a Dangerous Neighborhood: 

Safety is important. If FedEx determines that a particular area or neighborhood poses a risk to their drivers, they might postpone the delivery or ask recipients to pick up their packages from a nearby FedEx location.

Signature Required: 

Some packages, especially those of high value or importance, might require a signature upon delivery. If no one is available to sign for the package at the delivery address, FedEx might not attempt delivery and instead reschedule or place the package on hold.

Dealing with Delivery Restriction: 

If you’re faced with this situation, the best step forward is patience. Most times, FedEx resolves the issue promptly. However, always keep an eye on tracking updates.

If you see consistent delays or issues, contacting FedEx or using their online tools, like the FedEx Delivery Manager, can provide more clarity and options.

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What is the expected delivery time after the local delivery restriction update?

After receiving this status, FedEx typically attempts to deliver the package on the next business day. 

This is because most of these restrictions are temporary in nature, be it due to weather, logistical hiccups, or address problems. However, the exact waiting time can vary depending on the root cause of the restriction.

For instance, if the restriction was due to an incomplete or incorrect address, the delivery might be postponed until the address is verified or corrected. 

On the other hand, if it’s a logistical or technical hiccup, the delay might be short, and your package might be on its way sooner than you think.

How many times will FedEx attempt delivery?

FedEx typically makes up to three delivery attempts for most shipments if the first attempt is unsuccessful due to the recipient not being home, a delivery restriction, or any other cause. 

FedEx will try to deliver the package in the next consecutive business days. After three unsuccessful attempts, they take further action.

Packages not successfully delivered after these attempts are often held at a local FedEx facility for a specified period, allowing the recipient a chance to pick them up directly. The package might be returned to the sender if it’s not claimed within this period.

How to Hold Your Shipment

Sometimes, you might not be home to get a package from FedEx. Don’t worry; FedEx lets you hold your package until you can pick it up. One way to do this is by using the FedEx Delivery Manager online. 

By signing up, you can see where your package is and choose when and where you want to get it. 

You can go to a FedEx store if you like talking to someone directly. Just take your tracking number and ID; they can help you hold your package. 

Another way is to call FedEx at 1-800-463-3339. Tell them you want to hold your package, and they’ll help you out.

You can also use FedEx’s website to track your package. A button says “Customize Delivery,” and when you click on it, there’s an option to “Hold at FedEx Location.”

FedEx will keep your package safe after you ask to hold it. But make sure to pick it up within five days, or they might send it back. 

If someone else is getting the package for you, or you’re picking it up for someone, bring an ID and a note saying it’s okay.

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Tips to Avoid Package Delivery Delays and Issues

Nobody likes to face delays or issues when waiting for a package. Knowing some simple tips that can help avoid these hassles is good.  

First and foremost, always double-check your address before confirming your order. A small typo can lead to big delivery problems.

 Secondly, if you know you won’t be home on the delivery day, use services like the FedEx Delivery Manager. 

 It allows you to pick a time or place that works best for you. Also, if your package needs a signature, make sure someone is there to sign or use the pre-sign option if available.

 Also, stay updated on local events or roadworks that might block or delay the delivery path. Informing the delivery service in advance can be a real time-saver. 

 If you live in an area known for package theft, consider investing in a secure Dropbox or ask a neighbor to collect your package.


What is the FedEx delivery exception?

A FedEx delivery exception is a problem that prevents FedEx from delivering your package on time. Various factors, such as weather conditions, customs delays, or vehicle issues, can cause this.

What is a local delivery restriction FedEx?

It limits FedEx’s ability to deliver packages to certain areas. This can be due to road conditions, traffic patterns, or safety concerns.

How do I complain about a local FedEx delivery?

You can contact FedEx customer service if you have a complaint about a local FedEx delivery. You can do this by calling their customer service number or by filling out a contact form on their website.


Receiving a “Delivery Restriction” notification from FedEx can be a little puzzling. Essentially, it signals that there’s some hiccup preventing your package from being delivered that day. 

 This could be due to reasons like address issues or some local challenges that FedEx faces. But this isn’t usually a big deal. 

 Most of the time, FedEx will make another attempt to get your package to you soon. One way to stay ahead is by using services like the FedEx Delivery Manager. It offers you more control and can give you real-time updates on your package. 

 Additionally, ensuring that the delivery address is accurate and being aware of instances where your signature might be required can prevent unnecessary delays. 

 It’s always a good idea to stay informed and proactive. This ensures a smoother delivery process and gives you peace of mind knowing your package is coming.

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