In the United States, FedEx is one of the leading courier services. Every day they handle hundreds of parcels, and occasionally they make mistakes.

Customers of FedEx have recently begun to complain that despite receiving a message from FedEx that their shipment had been delivered, when they examined their front doorstep or mailbox, the parcel was nowhere to be seen.

Many individuals are perplexed and irritated by this. You’re not the only one who has been impacted by this problem, so don’t worry. What to do when FedEx says delivered but no package is discussed in this post.

Key Takeaways

  • If FedEx says your package has been delivered but you can’t find it, check with neighbors, the post office, and contact customer support.
  • You can file a missing package complaint and submit a claim if your package is lost or stolen within 21 days.
  • FedEx may replace your stolen or lost package if it meets certain criteria, but won’t assist if delivered to the wrong address.
  • Turnaround time for resolving an issue with FedEx is typically 5-7 days, but may vary based on the cause of the loss.
FedEx Says My Package Delivered But No Package

FedEx Says My Package Delivered But No Package: What can you do?

You’re not the only one who has ever had a FedEx package “delivered” but never really got it. It may be incredibly annoying when a courier service runs across this issue. Here are some actions to do that could be useful in this circumstance.

  • It’s important to do a self-inspection in case your product was delivered to one of your neighbors.
  • For further details about the delivery, get in touch with the package’s sender.
  • Look about you or at your front door. Due to the lack of a receiver, the delivery man may have left the box someplace.
  • When the location is unsafe or too large to fit in a box, they may take it to your nearest post office. So visit there and ask them about it.
  • Get in touch with FedEx customer support to trace your shipment more quickly.
  • If all does not work, you can also file a missing package complaint so FedEx can start investigating it.

How To Check the Status of Your FedEx Package?

You should monitor your package initially if you don’t know what happened to it or if it takes too long to arrive. A tracking code or a transportation control number is required. You may also use a door tag code or a FedEx Office order number.

The delivery status may be checked in four different ways:

  • Using the online tracking feature for FedEx.
  • Using the FedEx Mobile app to download it and enter your tracking information.
  • When contacting customer support, state “track my package” and dial (800) 463-3339.
  • Message to 48773 with the following information and your door tag code.

Is FedEx Responsible for Lost Packages? 

If your package is damaged or disappears between the time it is shipped and delivered, FedEx is responsible for finding it and processing it as a loss.

But not all missing parcels are FedEx’s responsibility. FedEx might not be able to assist if the shipment was delivered to the incorrect address or if it was delivered but you just missed it.

FedEx might be able to compensate you for the expense of the shipment or send you a replacement if you search all the usual areas and still can’t find it. 

Therefore, you may submit a claim by filling out the form and attaching the necessary paperwork if it is lost. 

Another thing to remember is that you may only register a claim within 21 days of the loss, so if the package was lost and you wish to file a claim more than 21 days later, FedEx will be unable to assist you.

How can I report a missing FedEx package?

Go to the FedEx tracking website and take the following actions if your package’s tracking status indicates that it was delivered but you can’t locate it:

  • Type in your reference or tracking number.
  • Select Report Missing Package after choosing Manage Delivery. The original delivery address of your shipment must be entered if you don’t already have a FedEx account. Give that information, then press Continue.
  • By selecting Yes, you attest that you have looked everywhere the package may have been left.
  • Type in your name, contact information (such as a phone number and email address), and postal address.
  • Give your chosen contact information (text or email) and give permission to contact you.
  • After you click “Submit,” your report will be given a case number.

Will FedEx Replace Stolen Packages?

Your claim must be submitted within 21 days. FedEx will replace your stolen package or pay the cost of your lost shipment when the claim has been processed.

Additionally, FedEx would not assist if the stolen box was a component of an order that contained other products successfully delivered. You must meet the following criteria to be eligible for a refund or replacement:

  • The delivery and sending addresses for the shipment must match.
  • Within 21 days of the loss, you must have submitted a claim.
  • It must have been misplaced or damaged in transit.

If all of the above is accurate, FedEx will assist you in getting a replacement shipment or pay you back for the value of your misplaced package. 

However, FedEx might not be able to assist you if the shipment was delivered to the incorrect address or if it was delivered, but you just missed it. Therefore, please verify everything twice before submitting a claim.

How many days FedEx will take to resolve the issue?

The typical turnaround time for FedEx is 5-7 days. However, this might vary sometimes. They will determine whether or not to replace it based on the cause of the loss. For instance:

  • FedEx might be unable to replace the package if it was lost due to a natural disaster (fire, flood, etc.).
  • FedEx might not be able to assist you if the shipment was lost due to the incorrect address being used for delivery.

You may anticipate receiving a replacement box in 5-7 days, though, if all the conditions are satisfied, and it can be demonstrated that FedEx was to blame for the loss. 

You may attempt a few different methods to look for it. You can check your local post office or other locations where your parcel might be by asking your neighbors if they received it.

After looking at each of these locations and still being unable to locate them, you can claim with FedEx. They might be able to send you a new shipment or compensate you for the price of the original one.

How can I Prevent this from Happening In the Future?

For the most part, you have little control over how or when your package will be delivered. However, there are several safety precautions you may take. These actions will stop something similar from occurring again.

Direct Signature Request 

Select a direct signature to guarantee that the product is always delivered into your possession. By doing this, you may be certain that your delivery won’t be delivered without your express signature.

Pickup via FedEx

You may even have your box delivered to the closest FedEx office if you want to be extra cautious and not take any chances. After that, you may pick it up there. This is a simple and reliable mechanism that ensures the security of your shipment.

Give specific information about your shipping.

Always double-check that your shipping information, including your address, is accurate. Such delivery blunders frequently result from wrong addresses. It would be best if you listed any notable landmarks that are nearby. Confusion during delivery will be avoided if this is done.


Does FedEx lie about delivery?

FedEx doesn’t lie concerning delivery. Occasionally, internal problems might cause their estimated delivery date to be off, but it is exceedingly rare that FedEx would make up a delivery date.

What is the first thing I should do if my package is delivered, but I haven’t received it?

Contacting FedEx customer service and explaining your issue is the first thing you need to do. A thorough explanation of the problem and specifics about your package must be given.

Does FedEx Mark deliver before delivery?

FedEx won’t mark the delivery as being made before it is.

Do I have to pay for shipping if FedEx loses my package?

Unless you have extra insurance or additional services, shipping is not reimbursed when your shipment is missing.

How can I contact FedEx when my package isn’t delivered?

When your shipment isn’t delivered, there are a few ways you may get in touch with FedEx. You may reach them by phone at 1-800-463-3339, online through their website, or via email.


That concludes the discussion on the matter of FedEx Saying Delivered But No Item. If you believe your package was delivered, but it wasn’t and is now lost, simply register a claim with FedEx. I hope you found it informative.

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