Amazon understands that life happens. That’s why they have an absence policy in place when you need to step away from work for unexpected reasons.

Whether it’s a personal matter or a family situation, Amazon’s leave of absence (LOA) policy might be the solution.

Curious about how Amazon’s absence policy works? We’ve got the details. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about taking a leave at Amazon.

Amazon Leave Of Absence Policy

Amazon Leave of Absence Policy

During the course of their employment, an employee is being given time off to help with personal matters that are not addressed by FMLA or to seek access to education for an estimated period of a maximum of six months.

The departmental authority of the employee should receive and confirm any requests for leaves of absence. The County Manager must authorize any requests for leaves of absence that go above and beyond FMLA standards. 

Employees who wish to begin or maintain leave of absence must promptly and appropriately verify their eligibility.

If an individual can fulfill the job’s required duties following a leave of absence that has been granted, they will often be returned to their old employment or one that is similar and pays the same amount. 

Only for significant health conditions may an employee receive an additional six months of absence after the original six months have passed. 

When a 12-month leave term expires, and an employee still has accumulated leave, the employee may seek further time off, but only the County Manager can grant this request. 

After a 12-month leave of absence, employees with no accumulated holiday leave will not be permitted to request another prolongation.

A health provider’s certification of the necessity for leave is required when a request for leave is made due to a significant health condition requiring the employee’s care or that of a member of their immediate family. 

Every 30 days, the employee could also have to recertify their need for ongoing leave. Always refer to the FMLA policy for further details if the break meets the requirements for FML.

What’s the Process for the Amazon Leave of Absence?

Most businesses have standards that employees must adhere to obtain a leave of absence, including Amazon. Find out how to make an LOA request on Amazon.

Explain your necessity for the leave of absence on the Amazon form, and provide any supporting documentation you think is appropriate.

The Leave of Absence Request Form should be filled out by the employee who needs a leave of absence, regardless of the cause, and should include any supporting evidence. The employee’s supervisor should get the form. 

Before or when they request a leave of absence, employees who are self-employed or have other secondary job positions must acquire formal permission from their employer to continue working in those capacities.

In cases when the absence is anticipated, the employee must seek leave at least 30 days before the anticipated departure. If the leave is not expected, the employee must submit the request as soon as feasible.

On rare occasions, LOA requests from employees may be turned down. You may initiate a case if Amazon unfairly rejects your FMLA leave. You may get compensation for any injuries or losses if your case is successful.

How long can I be away from Amazon before returning?

Any eligible employees may apply for a 12-week leave of absence. If you have severe health issues, you can stretch the break to 12 months.  You must complete a form and provide medical certification to request more leave.

Your LOA at Amazon can be canceled. In order to cancel your LOA, you must contact them and let management know. You’ll be informed that the reverse will occur in a day or two. Following approval, you may resume your work.

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Can I Change My Amazon Leave of Absence?

It is possible to cancel your LOA at Amazon. In order to cancel your LOA, you must contact them and let them know. You’ll be informed that the reverse will take place in a day or two. You may go back to work after approval.

Does Amazon Pay You for Leave of Absence?

A leave of absence may be compensated or unpaid depending on the amount of accumulated leave the employee has. Parental and maternity breaks, special prosecutor duty, military service, and compassionate leave are just a few of the paid LOA at Amazon. In most cases, leaves are taken without pay.

Can your LOA be Terminated?

In rare circumstances, HR-related issues might lead to your employment being terminated if they think you abandoned your position rather than taking a leave of absence.


During their first term of up to 6 months, Amazon employees may ask for a leave of absence owing to a personal crisis, a family necessity, or health-related issues. 

You should submit your LOA request at least 30 days prior to the day you wish to begin your leave unless it is an emergency. 

Employees are granted time off from work to assist with personal issues not covered by the FMLA or to pursue education for a projected duration of up to six months.

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