Do you wish to succeed in Amazon’s recruiting process as a candidate? Amazon is a well-known digital titan with a separate identity that is driven by business ideals. 

This defines the cornerstones of every Amazon endeavor and greatly impacts the employment procedure. 

The corporation, a leader in technical innovation, employs some 840,000 people globally. The rigorous Amazon employment process usually entails many Amazon evaluation exams and interviews. 

Are you currently going through the Amazon hiring process? You might be wondering how long it takes. Not to worry. We’ve got all the information you need on how long the entire Amazon recruiting process is. 

How long does it take to get hired at amazon

How long does the hiring process at Amazon take?

Before Amazon recruits you, the complete hiring process may take a few weeks to a month or two. The recruiting process may go remarkably swiftly at times and then drag out for weeks for candidates at other times. You may anticipate hearing back from Amazon after submitting an application within five business days.

Employers occasionally don’t respond to calls for more than a week. The time it takes for you to hear back from Amazon will vary depending on the position or job for which you have applied.

Given how quickly Amazon operates, there’s a potential you’ll get hired shortly after submitting your application. A higher possibility of employment exists if there are more opportunities available, and vice versa.

Amazon Hiring Process

Amazon hires only the best people since it is a well-known, established e-commerce corporation. The four fundamental stages of the Amazon interview process for new hires are as follows: online application, candidate assessment, phone interview, and in-person interview. 

Sad to say, it is sometimes difficult and complex to navigate the full Amazon employment process. Every day, Amazon interacts with a large number of workers.

Hiring managers may rapidly get overburdened by the volume of applications they must deal with if they are trying to recruit individuals, which frequently entails hiring more than one person. 

This may cause the employment process to go slowly as a result. Some previous candidates have struggled terribly in their attempts to land a job at Amazon.

For the recruiting procedure, there isn’t a set time, though. Once you are chosen to move on to the interview stages, it might take several months. Every employee appears to have a different perspective on how long it takes to land a job. 

However, you may even begin working sooner if a particular place genuinely needs to recruit individuals.

The last stage of the hiring process is the drug testing procedure. Your chances of being hired for the position will be significantly reduced if your test result is positive. 

Additionally, you will be asked to submit to a drug test if you are hurt while working for Amazon.

The recruiting staff will get in touch with you when you have passed the drug test and the Amazon Background Check Policy. 

The offer letter will be given by them. Typically, a whole round of this Jeff Bezos start-up might take anywhere between 1 and 3 weeks at the earliest, and up to 3 months at the latest.


How Long Does the Amazon Warehouse Hiring Process Take?

The hiring process for various occupations and positions at Amazon might vary. Amazon frequently hires more quickly than other places since they appear to always require people at its facilities. The hiring procedure will typically take two weeks in this circumstance.

How long does it take to hire an Amazon Driver?

The length of the Amazon Driver recruiting procedure might vary based on a number of various criteria. The hiring process for an Amazon Driver may take two weeks to a month or two. Although hiring a driver might not be as rapid as hiring a worker at one of Amazon’s facilities, drivers are frequently recruited promptly.

What is the recruiting procedure at Amazon?

The recruiting process at Amazon has been divided into six primary stages: phone screening, interview with the hiring manager, writing test, cycle interviews, and recruiting committee evaluations. Phone screenings (1-2 rounds) and in-person interviews are the most challenging and essential stages of the interview process (4-5 rounds).

Is it hard to get hired on Amazon?

At Amazon, fewer than 2% of candidates are hired.

How long does it take to hire for the Amazon Customer Center?

If you’re looking for a position at Amazon’s Customer Center, you should anticipate that the recruiting procedure will take several weeks to as long as two months. However, this mostly relies on variables that are beyond your control, such as the hiring manager’s workload and the number of candidates they are considering.

Does Amazon call for rejection?

After an onsite interview, Amazon recruiters often won’t contact you to tell you that you didn’t get the job. In fact, following an interview, Amazon hardly ever even notifies applicants of their rejection. Even this isn’t certain; the most they’ll do is alter your application status to “No Longer Under Consideration.”

How do you know if Amazon hired you?

Log onto your application profile and check the roles you’ve applied for to see your status. Here, job seekers for opportunities at Amazon Fulfilment Centers and warehouses can check the progress of their applications.


The digital company Amazon is renowned for its culture, which is guided by company values. Amazon uses a dynamic hiring process to ensure that the correct candidate is selected for each open position. 

It might take anywhere from two weeks to one or two months to complete the Amazon employment process. 

When there are several candidates being employed or given consideration at the same time as you, the hiring process may occasionally take a long time. 

You should be aware that Amazon has excellent working conditions and strong workplace culture. This may pique your interest in the position and inspire you to put in more effort. I hope you found this post helpful. 

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