When we think of online shopping, Amazon often comes to mind. But when it comes to bigger purchases, like furniture, there’s a common question: “Does Amazon actually deliver furniture?

Amazon isn’t just about books or gadgets. They’ve got a wide range of products, including furniture. In this article, we’ll explore if Amazon delivers furniture, how it works, and what you can expect.

So, if you’re considering a new sofa or dining table and are curious about getting it from Amazon, keep reading. We’ve got all the answers for you! So without any further ado, Let’s get started.

Does Amazon Deliver Furniture

Key Takeaways:

  1. Amazon offers various furniture delivery options, including direct room placement and front door drop-off.
  2. Most furniture deliveries on Amazon are free, eliminating extra customer shipping costs.
  3. Quick Prime shipping isn’t available for furniture; delivery generally takes between 4 to 21 days.
  4. While Amazon drivers don’t assemble furniture, a specialized team is available for setup with certain delivery choices.

Does Amazon Deliver Furniture?

Absolutely! Amazon delivers various furniture items, from sofas and chairs to tables and desks. Amazon utilizes third-party delivery services such as ABF, CEVA, and Pilot to deliver these larger items.

While many Amazon items are eligible for the popular Two-Day Shipping, most furniture pieces don’t fall under this category due to their size and the logistics involved. But for prime members, it is free.

Furniture deliveries are scheduled based on the third-party shipper’s availability, generally falling between 4 to 21 business days. It’s also worth highlighting that for orders exceeding $25, Amazon offers free delivery, which usually covers most furniture items given their typical price range.

They’ve also introduced services like “Key by Amazon,” which, under specific conditions, allows delivery personnel to place items directly inside your home, enhancing the delivery experience further.

What type of delivery does Amazon offer for furniture?

Front Porch Delivery:

Front Porch Delivery means your order will be left at your front door. This option is convenient for those who may not be home during delivery hours, as it eliminates the need for anyone to be present during the drop-off.

Entryway Delivery:

Entryway Delivery places the item just inside your home’s entryway. While this offers a bit more security than leaving an item outside, it does mean you’ll need to be present to grant access to the delivery personnel. 

This can be especially helpful for items you’d prefer not to be left outside due to weather or other concerns.

Room of Choice Delivery:

Room of Choice Delivery allows customers to specify exactly which room they’d like their new furniture placed in. It’s a service that brings added convenience, particularly for larger items. 

However, it’s worth noting that Amazon generally places a restriction on this service, allowing movement up or down just two flights of stairs. Also the path to the room has to be cleared, and pets should be kept in another room, if any. 

Deluxe Delivery Options:

Amazon has the Deluxe Delivery Options. These include services where the delivery team brings the item to your desired room and unpacks it. 

In some scenarios, they might even assemble the furniture for you. But it’s essential to keep in mind that the availability of these deluxe options might be rare, depending on specific areas or furniture items.

How Much Does Furniture Delivery Cost on Amazon?

Most times, when you buy furniture on Amazon, delivery is free. This is because Amazon doesn’t charge for shipping on orders over $25. Most furniture pieces like couches, tables, or chairs cost more than 25$, So the delivery is free for these types of furniture.

But remember, some small things like lamps might have a shipping fee if they’re priced very low. Always check the item’s page on Amazon to be sure about shipping costs.

Does Furniture From Amazon Qualify for Two-Day Prime Shipping?

Well, the answer is NO. While Amazon Prime offers speedy Two-Day Shipping for many items, this doesn’t usually include furniture. 

This is mainly because Amazon relies on third-party delivery services to handle bulky furniture items. These services run on their delivery schedules, which can differ from Amazon’s regular timelines.

However, a cool feature Amazon offers is Scheduled Delivery. This means you can pick a suitable delivery date when checking out. It’s a handy option to ensure you’re home when your new piece of furniture arrives.

How long does it take for Amazon to deliver furniture?

When you order furniture from Amazon, you can expect the delivery between 4 to 14 business days. In some cases, especially during peak seasons or due to service schedules, this could extend up to 21 days.

This might seem like a lot of time, but remember, Amazon often uses third-party services for these bulky deliveries. These services have their schedules and routes, which can influence delivery times.

Amazon provides a tracking number for most furniture orders to keep you updated. This allows you to follow your item’s journey and get a clearer idea of its arrival.

Is Amazon able to deliver furniture to your home?

Yes, When you order furniture, not only do they ship it, but they also offer a service known as “Key by Amazon”. This unique service grants delivery personnel temporary access to your home, allowing them to place the furniture in a designated spot within your residence. 

The “Key by Amazon” feature comes with security measures, ensuring that your home and its contents remain protected during the delivery process. 

Do Amazon Drivers Assemble Furniture Upon Delivery?

Amazon drivers will never assemble your furniture as they are not trained for that task. Instead, a different team from Amazon handles furniture assembly. You can choose whether you want someone to assemble the furniture while selecting the delivery type.

If it’s a Standard delivery, Amazon won’t provide assembly, and you’ll need to assemble the furniture set yourself.

However, if you choose the Deluxe delivery option, the driver will deliver the furniture, and another team will come to set it up in your desired room.

While this option might cost more than Standard delivery, it’s worth every penny since professionals will safely set up the furniture. This way, they ensure that the furniture remains undamaged.


Does Amazon ship everywhere?

Yes, Amazon ships to most countries around the world. However, there are some countries and regions where Amazon does not ship. You can check the Amazon website to see if Amazon ships to your location.

Does Amazon bring furniture upstairs?

No, Amazon does not bring furniture upstairs. Amazon delivery drivers are only responsible for delivering packages to your door. 

Does Amazon deliver to houses?

Yes, Amazon delivers to houses. Amazon delivers to most residential addresses in the countries and regions where it ships.


Amazon does deliver furniture. They have different ways to deliver, like leaving it at your door or putting it in a room for you. Most of the time, you don’t need to pay extra for furniture delivery. 

But remember that quick Prime shipping isn’t used for furniture. It might take a bit longer, usually 4 to 21 days. Amazon can even bring the furniture inside your home. And if you need help putting it together, they have a team for that. 

To sum it up, buying and getting furniture from Amazon is easy and smooth.

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