You’re anticipating a delivery, but you just got a “No Such Number USPS” notification and wondering what it means & what to do next.

It’s possible that USPS will do this in a variety of circumstances. When placing an order, two situations can occur: first, when using the wrong tracking number, and second, when providing an invalid address. 

Another possibility is that you came into this post as a result of a “USPS Package returned, No Such Number” status update. So continue reading this post to know what No Such Number implies.

What Does “No Such Number USPS” Mean?

No Such Number phrase is used when someone enters a number they have been told does not exist, or it may refer to an invalid area code. First, make sure that it’s correct; if so, contact USPS support for assistance.

Reasons for USPS no such number unable to forward

There are many reasons why USPS, not such a number unable to forward, could happen. When placing an online USPS delivery order and entering an incorrect street address or Postal code, the system may frequently respond with “No Such Number USPS.”

The USPS address database is quite sophisticated enough to detect an obviously erroneous number, albeit this doesn’t happen every time. 

If that’s the scenario, you must go back and double-check the recipient’s address information to make certain that you possess the right information.

If you are the recipient of and have just noticed the update USPS Package Returned “No Such Number,” you might still have time to stop the item from being sent back to the original sender by contacting your local post office.

Hopefully, the parcel is still being delivered or is being held by the delivery person inside the neighborhood post office or USPS facility. Since the first effort failed, you will be able to use this to make alternate delivery arrangements.

However, the problem could be as easy to fix as a wrong street number or an apartment number missing from the address. You obviously wish to prevent the cargo from being returned to the sender, regardless of what happens.

Why does USPS not tell me where my package is?

An inaccurate tracking number is the most frequent cause of “No Such Number USPS” for a client. The USPS tracking system may not recognize your provided information for various reasons.

You just entered it incorrectly. Copy and paste the number directly from the confirmation email you got from USPS or the sender to be sure you entered it accurately.

A link with a clickable tracking number may be available as an option. Using any approach that spares you from having to fill in the tracking number is preferable. If typing is necessary, write it correctly three times before moving on.

Verify that you have used the correct tracking database for the tracking if, despite typing the number accurately or utilizing a link, you are still getting the “No Such Number USPS” message. 

You could be dealing with a parcel from a carrier other than USPS or on the UPS tracking page. Before you ask any more questions, double-check to ensure you didn’t make a mistake.

It’s possible that you received a false tracking ID. On eCommerce sites, this can occasionally occur with less than reliable suppliers. 

It’s also possible that the tracking is inaccurate if you’ve followed the previous two procedures and the number still displays as “No Such Number USPS.”

In this case, you’ll need to contact the sender, let them know what happened, and cross your fingers that they didn’t intentionally trick you by using the wrong number.

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What does no such number mean on USPS?

“No such number” means either the tracking number is wrong or the address you have used is incorrect. Get in touch with the support team to get your package on track.

What happens if USPS can not deliver my package?

All mail is delivered back to your neighborhood Post Office, where delivery will be attempted the following working day. Sometimes, it can be sent back to the original sender due to some factor.

What does USPS do with undeliverable mail?

The Postal Service donates, recycles, discards, or auctions things that cannot be delivered or returned. Even though it is a risk-reward scenario, the reseller network enjoys unallocated item auctions.


The most common reasons why you can get a “No Such Number USPS” are listed above. You may at least start taking some concrete actions right now. The problem is typically not unsolvable, and you can usually find a way to address it. I hope this post was helpful to you. 

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