Ever had a USPS package marked “missent”? Don’t panic! Missent just means your package accidentally took a wrong turn on its USPS journey. It’s a surprisingly common hiccup in the shipping process.

So, why does USPS sometimes send packages off-route? What should you do if your package is missent? This article will clear up all your USPS “missent” questions.

Read on for the full scoop on what to do when your USPS package gets a little lost. Let’s get started!

Missent usps meaning

Key Takeaways:

  1. “Missent” indicates a package was sent to the wrong location, but USPS often rectifies the mistake and reroutes the package.
  2. If a package is lost after being missent, then you can file a claim and apply for a refund.
  3. To make sure your package always goes to the right address, make sure you write the address clearly or print the labels in a good way.
  4. Your package will be rerouted in 1-2 days. If not, contact USPS.

What Does Missent Mean USPS?

The term “missent” simply indicates that your package or mail was accidentally sent to the location during its transit. It might have been loaded onto the wrong truck so it ended up in the wrong facility. 

This error doesn’t mean your package is lost forever. It’s a signal that USPS is aware of the issue. 

This happens when they accidentally put your package on the wrong delivery truck. When this happens, you might still see when your package is expected to arrive. 

You can watch where your package is using tracking tools like USPS tracking. They will quickly find your package and make sure it gets to you.

Another way is when the entire delivery truck goes to a different area than planned. If this happens, they might send your package back to the person who mailed it or keep it at the local post office for a bit. 

But don’t worry too much. Your local mail person will try their best to find it and bring it to you. Most of the time, you’ll get your package just a day or two later than planned.

How Long Does A Missent Package Take To Arrive?

In most instances, if your package is marked as “missent,” it might mean an added delay of 1-3 days for priority mail. If the package is shipped with low priority, it might take much longer.

The system is designed to address and reroute these packages to their intended destination quickly. 

However, depending on how far the package deviated from its path, this delay can sometimes extend up to 10 days. For services that naturally take longer, like media mail, the delay might be more significant.

Why Do Packages Get Missent?

Packages can be missent for various reasons. Often, it’s due to human errors such as placing a package into the wrong bin or onto the wrong conveyor belt.

Also, if a package label is hard to read or gets damaged during handling, it might end up in the wrong place.

Are Missent Items Ever Found?

Yes, missent items are typically found. In fact, being marked as “missent” in the USPS tracking system is usually a good sign. 

It means the system has identified that the package is not where it’s supposed to be, but it also knows exactly where it is. 

Once the error is detected, the USPS reroutes the package to its correct destination. Your package will be back on its journey in 1-2 days.

What You Can Do About It If Your Item’s Tracking Says “Missent”?

There is nothing much you can do if your item’s tracking says missent. The only thing you can do is wait patiently till you receive further updates from USPS.

Generally, you can expect an update in the tracking system within 1-2 business days. This update will provide clarity on your package’s current location and the expected delivery timeline. 

Often, the USPS worker who initially made the error retrieves the package from its unintended location. Once retrieved, they set it aside, finish their regular route, and then return the package to its originating facility for correct routing.

Will I Get Compensation if it’s lost?

The compensation that you will receive depends on the service used and any additional insurance purchased. 

For instance, USPS Priority Mail automatically includes insurance, but the amount varies based on the declared value of the item. Always ensure that you have proof of postage and any related documentation, as these will be necessary when filing a claim.

If you suspect your package might be lost, it’s essential to act quickly. Begin by contacting USPS, and if necessary, file a claim

How Can I Avoid Packages Being Missent?

First, always write the address clearly. If you handwrite it, make sure it’s neat and easy to read. This makes it simpler for the workers to understand where the package should go.

Next, if you print your own labels, get a good printer. A clear and bright label helps the machines and workers at USPS see the address easily. Remember, don’t put tape over the label. Tape can make it shiny and hard to read.

Lastly, always double-check. Before sending a package, look at the address one more time. A small mistake can make a big delay. 


Does The Missent Notification Mean My Mail Was Delivered To The Wrong Address?

No, Missent notification means it was on the way to the wrong address but USPS noticed this and rectified the error.

How Quickly Does USPS Notice When A Package Has Been Misdirected?

The USPS usually notices when a package has been misdirected within a few hours or days. In most cases, your package will be back on journey within 1-2 days.

What If It Does End Up At The Wrong House?

If your mail does end up at the wrong house, you can contact the USPS to request that it be redelivered to the correct address. 

What happens if a USPS package is Missent?

If a USPS package is missent, it will be returned to the USPS distribution center. The USPS will then attempt to redeliver the package to the correct address. However, the package will be returned to the sender if it cannot be redelivered.

What does Missent mean?

“Missent” means a package or mail has been sent to the wrong address. 


A missent package does mean that it is completely lost. USPS knows the package was sent to the wrong address and will rectify the mistake ASAP. 

Although it might mean a small delay, your package will land on your doorstep just a few days later. If your package is lost, you can file a claim for a refund, but remember only a few USPS services have the option of a refund.

Always write the address clearly or if you print your own labels, then make sure they are very clear. This way you can make sure that your package is not lost or delivered to the wrong address.

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