As the world becomes more connected, global trade has become a common practice. In the logistics industry, brokers play an important role in facilitating the movement of goods from one country to another.

In this process, paperwork is a vital component that ensures the smooth flow of goods through customs and borders. While FedEx brokers commonly use in-transit paperwork, non-FedEx brokers can also access this important documentation to facilitate the smooth transport of goods.

In this article, I will explain the in-transit paperwork available for non-FedEx brokers and what it means for the logistics industry.

What does in-transit paperwork available for non-FedEx brokers mean

What does in-transit paperwork available for non-FedEx brokers mean?

A tracking update that says “Paperwork Available for Non-FedEx Broker” indicates that a broker apart from FedEx will be clearing the shipment with Customs. The agent can utilize the customs documentation, and if clearance has been granted, FedEx will collect the box and proceed with delivery.

Where is my package when I receive a “Paperwork Available for Non-FedEx Broker” message?

You may receive this update and find your package in one of two locations. It is either waiting for the broker to pick it up, or it has already been given to the broker in charge of handling the paperwork and coordinating the shipping.

The next step is customs clearance in any scenario. This has been covered in great length here. “Clearance in Progress” is the tracking update indicating that clearance has begun.

After Customs Clearance, what happens?

Your parcel will be sent to FedEx or a partner of Fed-Ex after customs clearance to continue its journey. Export clearance procedures, i.e., departing the homeland, often involve air or sea transits to the target country.

A FedEx facility or facilities would receive the package for transit if the clearance process was for import or entry into the target country before it is sent out for ultimate delivery.

What should I do if my package is stuck on Paperwork Available for Non-FedEx Broker?

In the event that your shipment is still showing as having “Paperwork Available for Non-FedEx Broker,” your best course of action is to get in touch with FedEx to see which broker is in charge of clearing and whether or not they truly have your box on hand.

In such a case, FedEx won’t have any influence over the procedure. Usually, the broker must submit the shipment for clearance, or customs must properly clear it before the delay can be said to have occurred. You or the sender must get in touch with the broker directly to learn more.

Is there anything I can do to speed up the process?

Even under the best circumstances, clearing customs involves waiting. As soon as the broker obtains the box and necessary documentation, it is up to them to deliver the item for clearing. 

Numerous factors outside the purview of this essay affect how quickly customs operate. It is crucial for shippers to complete and provide all the necessary information to ensure a smooth clearing process. 

The only thing you can do as the recipient is to monitor your tracking information for updates on the status of your item.


What does in-transit paperwork available mean for FedEx?

When your item shows the shipping status “In Transit,” it has been picked up by the courier service and is now traveling to the shipping address. This does not imply that the package travels by plane or delivery vehicle to its destination.

What is non-express clearance?

Non-express clearance means that before delivery may take place, customs must release the cargo.


A tracking update that reads “Paperwork Available for Non-FedEx Broker” denotes that the cargo will be cleared with Customs by a broker other than FedEx.

Generally, the broker has access to the Customs papers, and after clearance is granted, FedEx will collect the item and proceed with the shipping. I hope this post was informative.

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