International shipping can be an exciting yet nerve-wracking experience. You’ve ordered a package from abroad, eagerly tracking its journey across borders, only to receive a notification with a confusing message: “FedEx International Shipment Release – Import.” 

The mix of anticipation and confusion can leave you wondering: What exactly does this mean, and is there anything you need to do?

When you see this tracking update, it’s natural to worry if something’s gone awry with your shipment. Delays, customs procedures, and the fear of your package being stuck in transit can be stressful. But here’s a reassuring fact: This notification is actually a positive sign in the shipping process.

In this article, we’ll decode the mysterious “FedEx International Shipment Release – Import” update, breaking down its meaning step by step. We’ll explain the customs clearance process, what happens next, and how long you can expect to wait for your eagerly awaited package. 

What does Fedex international shipment release - import mean

What does Fedex international shipment release – import mean?

FedEx International Shipment Release – Import is a tracking status that signifies a critical milestone in the journey of your international package. In a nutshell, it means that your shipment has successfully cleared customs in the destination country and is now authorized for release to FedEx for the final leg of delivery to you.

To elaborate, when you see this tracking update, it’s a positive sign. It tells you that your package has passed through the often complex and time-consuming customs process in the country it’s headed to. Customs officials have approved the package being released back to FedEx, which can now proceed with the delivery to your doorstep.

So, your package has overcome the regulatory hurdles at the border and is now on its way to you. This update usually occurs when your package is still at the entry point into the destination country, just after customs clearance. It then enters the FedEx delivery network in that country, getting closer to its final destination – your hands.

How Long Does It Take For FedEx International Shipment Release?

The timeline for FedEx International Shipment Release can vary depending on several factors. Generally, the import release process takes up to two weeks to complete. During this time, the destination country’s customs review and approve the shipment for release. Once customs gives the green light, your package is cleared for delivery.

However, The actual duration can depend on multiple variables, including the country of origin and the shipping company handling your package. 

An international package is typically released from customs within 3 to 5 days. However, there can be delays if customs decides to subject the package to further examination or if there are issues with the required documentation.

As a shipping provider, FedEx typically requires 1 to 2 working days to complete the customs clearance process. Factors such as the package’s weight, quantity, and origin can influence this timeframe. 

If you experience delays beyond this, it’s advisable to contact FedEx for information on the status of your package.

What Happens After the “International Shipment Release Import” Alert?

Once your package receives the “International Shipment Release Import” alert, it’s still at the entry point into the destination country. It has successfully passed through customs clearance at this stage, which is a significant achievement.

The next step typically involves your package entering a large warehouse at the import location. This could be a FedEx international hub at an airport or a similar facility if another carrier handles the final delivery. 

It’s like a pit stop where packages are sorted and prepared for their onward journey. From this point on, your package becomes part of the FedEx delivery network within the destination country. 

It starts its journey toward your address, making its way through local distribution centers and transport hubs. This is when your package is in the final stages of reaching you.

While delays can occur at various points along this route, rest assured that the “International Shipment Release Import” status indicates that your package is well on its way to being delivered to your doorstep. 

It has passed the customs hurdle and is now in the capable hands of the delivery network, moving steadily towards its final destination.

Tracking Stuck on “International Shipment Release Import”

This situation can be a source of frustration, especially if you’re eagerly awaiting your package. The “International Shipment Release Import” status suggests that your package has successfully navigated customs and is in the process of being delivered. 

However, various factors can cause delays, making the tracking status stagnant. One common reason for this is backlogs within the delivery network. Think about the sheer volume of international shipments entering a country daily – processing them all efficiently is a substantial task. 

These delays can cause slowdowns in scanning and updating tracking information, leaving you in the dark about your package’s progress.

While it’s understandable to feel impatient, especially if you’ve opted for faster FedEx service, it’s advisable to exercise patience at this point. Your international shipment has already cleared the most challenging part of its journey by passing through customs.

If, however, you find that between 2 to 3 days pass with no new tracking updates, it’s entirely reasonable to contact FedEx for information regarding the delay. They can provide insights into your package’s status and help alleviate any concerns you may have about its progress.

How do I get my FedEx package out of customs?

Getting your FedEx package released from customs involves a process that typically takes place behind the scenes. Once your package reaches the customs authorities in the destination country, they are responsible for inspecting and approving its entry. 

This involves verifying information such as customs classification, declared value, and country of origin.

As the recipient, you usually don’t have to take direct action to get your package out of customs. As your shipping provider, FedEx manages most of these logistics on your behalf. 

They work closely with customs authorities to ensure all necessary requirements are met for your package’s clearance.

However, if you encounter prolonged delays, such as your tracking being stuck on “International Shipment Release Import” for an extended period (typically beyond 2 to 3 days), it’s a good idea to reach out to FedEx customer service. 

They can provide you with updates on the status of your package and help expedite the process if needed. In most cases, though, customs clearance is a routine process, and your package should proceed through it smoothly without any direct action required on your part.

What does FedEx International Shipment Release – Export mean?

Unlike this update’s “Import” version, “FedEx International Shipment Release – Export” is a less frequently seen status. This alert indicates that your shipment has successfully cleared customs in the origin (export) country and has been given approval for international transit.

In essence, it signifies that customs authorities in the country where the shipment originated have completed their checks and have allowed the package to leave the country for international shipping. 

This release is generally smoother than the import counterpart since customs often apply less stringent regulations to items leaving a country.

So, if you encounter “FedEx International Shipment Release – Export” in your tracking updates, it means that your package has smoothly passed through customs in its home country and is on its way to international destinations. 

While not as common as the import status, it’s another positive sign that your shipment is progressing on its journey.


How Long Does International Shipping Release Take?

The time it takes for an international shipment to be released can vary depending on the shipping method, the destination country, and the customs clearance process. However, it typically takes between 1 and 3 business days for a package to be released from customs after it arrives in the destination country.

How Long Does Import Clearance Take?

The time it takes for import clearance can also vary depending on the same factors as international shipping release. However, it typically takes between 1 and 5 business days for a package to be cleared through customs.

What Happens if FedEx Packages Are Stuck in Customs?

If a FedEx package is stuck in customs, it means that it has not yet been cleared through the customs process. This can happen for various reasons, such as if the package is missing documentation, contains prohibited items, or if there is a backlog at customs.


In summary, “FedEx International Shipment Release – Import” is a significant milestone in the journey of your international package. It indicates that your shipment has successfully cleared customs in the destination country and is now authorized for delivery by FedEx. 

This is a positive sign, suggesting that your package is on track to reach its final destination. 

After receiving this alert, your package typically moves from customs clearance to a warehouse at the import location. 

From there, it enters the FedEx delivery network in the destination country, steadily making its way to your doorstep.

While delays can occur, especially in the face of high shipment volumes, patience is key. If your tracking remains stagnant for too long, reaching out to FedEx for information is a reasonable step.

On the other hand, “FedEx International Shipment Release – Export” is a less common status, indicating that your package has cleared customs in the origin country and is ready for international transit.

In both cases, understanding these statuses helps demystify the international shipping process, ensuring you can confidently anticipate your eagerly awaited package’s arrival.

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