Have you ever tracked a package and seen the “Moved, Left No Address” message from USPS? It’s a common message, but it can be confusing. 

In simple terms, it means there was a problem with the address, so the package couldn’t be delivered.

There are a few reasons why this might happen. Maybe the address was missing some details, or the person moved without telling USPS. Whatever the reason, knowing what this message means and what you can do about it is important.

In this article, we will explain what this status means, why it happens, and how to ensure your package gets to the right place. So, without any further ado, Let’s get started.

What does USPS “Moved, Left No Address mean

Key Takeaways:

  1. “Moved, Left No Address” means address issues. You have to correct the address info or contact USPS for smooth package delivery.
  2. USPS retries delivery and holds packages at local offices, and it usually holds undelivered packages for around 15 days.
  3. The sender typically pays return shipping costs if delivery is completed.
  4. Stay informed about tracking updates, ensure accurate addresses, and utilize USPS support for hassle-free package handling.

What Does USPS “Moved, Left No Address Mean?

When the USPS tracking system shows “Moved, Left No Address,” it signals that there was an issue delivering the package due to an address problem. The recipient might have moved, or the provided address might be incomplete or incorrect.

Such a notice can arise from various situations. For instance, the address might lack essential details like an apartment number or street name, or perhaps it’s formatted improperly, making it hard to understand. 

In some cases, the individual might have relocated and not provided a change of address to the USPS. The package can’t be delivered as intended in these cases, so it’s held by USPS or returned to the sender.

The key to resolving this is promptly verifying the shipping details and communicating with the recipient and USPS. Acting immediately often ensures the package reaches its intended destination immediately. So, communicate with USPS as soon as possible after you receive this update.

Reasons for the “Moved, Left No Address” Alert

Several factors could lead to this status. Below, we’ve outlined some of the primary reasons:

Incomplete Address Details: 

This is one of the most frequent causes. The address might be missing essential components such as the apartment number, street name, or even the zip code.

Invalid Address: 

In some cases, the provided address simply doesn’t exist. This could be due to typos or outdated information. Make sure to communicate with USPS and sort this out.

Recipient Moved: 

If the individual has relocated and didn’t update their address or file a change with USPS, the package can’t reach its intended destination. This might cause a delay, or your package might get lost.

Forwarding Period Expired: 

If the recipient had set up mail forwarding after moving, there’s a limited period for that service. You must provide a valid address at this time; otherwise, this status update will be generated.

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What Should You Do When You See This Update?

Address Verification: 

Begin by rechecking the shipping address you provided. Mistakes can happen, from typos to missed apartment numbers. Ensuring that every detail, from street name to zip code, is correct can often resolve the issue.

Contact Recipient: 

Connecting with the package recipient can be helpful because they might be aware of common delivery issues in their area, or they can confirm specifics of their address that might be easily overlooked. Also, make sure if they have moved recently. If yes, ask them to update their new address.

Contact USPS Support: 

Their customer service can provide real-time updates, potentially highlight any issues, and help rectify the situation. You can often fasten the re-delivery process by updating them with any revised address details.

In-Person Pickup or Reschedule Delivery: 

If the package isn’t returned to the person who sent it, it’s probably at the nearby USPS office. Tell the person getting the package to go there with a picture ID. This can help them pick it up easily and avoid more waiting.

You also have the option to reschedule the delivery by reaching out to USPS customer support and giving them an updated address where the recipient can be located.

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What Does USPS Do After a Moved, Left No Address Update?

Attempted Delivery:

When USPS encounters this status, their initial approach is often to reattempt the delivery. They understand that mistakes happen – maybe a house number was obscured, or a new tenant had just moved in. 

By trying again, they aim to overcome any temporary obstacles that might have caused the initial non-delivery.

Hold at Post Office:

If the package remains undeliverable after the reattempt, the local post office will retain it for a set period. This holding period allows the recipient to become aware of the situation and personally retrieve their parcel. It’s beneficial for those who might have missed the delivery attempt and are waiting eagerly for their package.

Returning to Sender:

Of course, there are situations when all efforts to find the correct address or recipient fail. In these cases, if the package has a legible return address, USPS prioritizes sending it back. This ensures that the sender is made aware of the delivery failure and can take further action if necessary.

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How Long Will USPS Try to Deliver My Package Before Returning It?

After this status update, USPS will attempt delivery again on the next business day. If they still can’t deliver the package after this second try, they won’t immediately send it back to the sender. 

Instead, the package is held at the local post office for a certain duration, allowing the recipient to pick it up. This holding period generally lasts around 15 days. During this time, the package awaits collection by the recipient. 

If it remains unclaimed by the end of the holding period, then USPS initiates the process of returning the package to the sender.

Who Pays for the Return Shipping Costs if USPS Can’t Deliver? 

The responsibility generally falls on the original shipper. If USPS cannot deliver a package due to an insufficient address or any other reason, and it ends up being returned, the sender is typically charged for the return shipping costs. 

This is because the transportation service, regardless of its direction, incurs costs for USPS regarding resources and manpower.

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Can I Pick up a Package at My Local Post Office if I Get This Notice?

When USPS marks a package with this status, it doesn’t immediately send it back to the sender. Instead, it’s typically held at the local post office for a certain period. 

During this holding phase, recipients can visit their local branch and retrieve the package. To do so, it’s important to carry a valid photo ID that matches the recipient’s name on the package.

Upon seeing this update, reaching out to the post office can save both time and potential return shipping costs. It’s an effective way to ensure you receive your package without waiting for it to make an unnecessary return trip.

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What Does It Mean When USPS Says, Moved Left No Address?

The mail carrier could not deliver the package because the address was incorrect or incomplete. When you get this update, first check the address. If it’s correct, contact the courier service to reroute it or hold it at the local post office.

What Happens to a Parcel With Incomplete Address?

If they cannot deliver the package, they will hold it at the post office for up to 15 days. If the recipient does not claim the package within 15 days, it will be returned to the sender.

Will USPS Attempt to Deliver Again?

The USPS will attempt to deliver a package with an incomplete address up to three times. If they cannot deliver the package after three attempts, they will hold it at the post office for up to 15 days. 


The “Moved, Left No Address” alert from USPS can initially seem concerning. It means the package faced delivery challenges, usually because of address issues. 

Whether it’s an incomplete or incorrect address or a recipient who’s moved, USPS typically makes attempts to deliver before marking this status.

However, there’s no need to panic if you see this update. Try confirming the address or seeking customer support assistance to redirect your package effectively. 

Remember, packages with this status may be held at the local post office, offering recipients a chance for pickup. Always keep an eye on the tracking details and reach out to customer service if you encounter any problems.

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