When it’s time to travel, the one thing you can’t forget is your passport photo. This picture is important because it’s how officials recognize you when you’re traveling around the world.

You probably know FedEx because they’re good at sending packages quickly all over the place. But do they also take passport photos?

In this article, we will discuss if FedEx takes passport photos or not. We will also try to answer all other related questions regarding this including cost, amount of time it takes to receive your photos, etc.

So without any further ado, Let’s get started.

Key Takeaways:

  • FedEx offers convenient passport photo services at their Office locations without requiring an appointment.
  • The cost for two government-compliant passport photos at FedEx is $14.95, which includes a quick printing service.
  • Beyond photos, FedEx provides additional services like passport renewals, document copying, and expedited processing options.
  • While FedEx isn’t a Passport Acceptance Facility, it partners with RushMyPassport for expedited passport renewal services.

Does Fedex Take Passport Photos?

Yes, FedEx does offer passport photo services. At FedEx Office locations nationwide, you can get two government-compliant 2” x 2” passport photos for $14.95. 

These photos are necessary for new passport applications and renewals, and FedEx ensures they meet all the requirements set by the government.

When you walk into a FedEx Office, there’s no need to book an appointment. Instead, you can request your passport photos on the spot.

A team member will take your photo, show it to you on a screen for approval, and then print it out within minutes.

Where Does Fedex Do Passport Photos?

FedEx offers passport photo services at various FedEx Office locations across the United States. To find your nearest spot for these services, simply use FedEx’s store finder tool online. 

By entering your ZIP code or city name, and selecting the filter for “Copy and print services,” you’ll be directed to your local FedEx Office that’s equipped to help you get those government-required photos.

Not every FedEx Office location may provide this service, so it’s important to check in advance to ensure you head to the right place.

How To Get Passport Photos At Fedex Stations?

Firstly, locate your nearest FedEx Office location that offers the photo service using the store finder tool. 

No need for an appointment as FedEx welcomes walk-ins, which adds to the convenience. When you arrive, simply tell a team member that you’re there to get your passport photo taken.

A FedEx staff member will guide you through the process. They’ll take your photo with the proper background and ensure it meets all government requirements for passport pictures. 

You’ll be able to preview the image to make sure you’re satisfied, and then, within minutes, they’ll print out the required number of photos for your application. 

Passport Photo Requirements At Fedex

When you go to FedEx to get your passport photo, you should keep a few things in mind. Make sure your face looks natural and you’re not smiling. 

The background will be plain white or light gray. It’s best to skip fancy clothes or uniforms, but if you wear clothes for religious reasons, that’s okay. 

Don’t wear glasses or headphones because they can get in the way of seeing your face clearly. Look straight at the camera so your whole face shows, and tuck your hair back if it’s long. 

Also, take off big earrings or necklaces that might hide part of your face. FedEx will make sure your photo fits all the rules for a passport.

What Does Fedex Charge For A Passport Photo?

When you get passport photos at FedEx Office, you pay $14.95 for two photos. This price is the same as what you might pay at the post office. 

It’s a bit higher than places like Costco or Walmart. But, FedEx offers more than just photos. They can also help you renew your passport and send it off quickly if you’re in a rush. 

So, the extra cost is for the extra help they give you. 

How Long Does It Take To Get Passport Photos From Fedex?

Getting your passport photos at FedEx is fast. They snap your photo and in no time, your pictures are printed and ready to go. 

You’ll be in and out with your new passport photos in just a few minutes. If there is a queue, you might wait a few minutes.

Does Fedex Offer Other Passport Services?

FedEx isn’t just for sending packages; they can also help you with your passport. They’ll print photos from your USB or online storage, making sure it looks perfect. 

They’re great with details like size and color. Plus, if you need to print or copy important papers like your social security card or birth certificate, FedEx can do that too.

They even work with RushMyPassport for fast renewals. Remember though, FedEx isn’t the place for your first passport or if it’s been too long since your last one expired. 

For that, you’ll have to go to a Passport Acceptance Facility, like your local post office.


Does Fedex Take Canadian Passport Photos?

No, FedEx does not take Canadian passport photos. You can find a list of authorized passport photo service providers on the Government of Canada website.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Passport?

The processing time for a passport application is typically 1-2 weeks. However, it can take longer, especially during peak seasons. 

Does Fedex Do Digital Photos?

Yes, FedEx does offer digital photo printing services. You can upload your digital photos to the FedEx Office website or bring them to a FedEx Office location. They will print your photos in various sizes and finishes.


FedEx now offers a handy service for passport photos, making it simple to get your photos without an appointment. 

With their ability to provide additional passport services, such as renewal and expedited processing in partnership with RushMyPassport, FedEx is a one-stop shop for many of your passport needs. 

However, it’s key to remember that for first-time applications or passports expired for over five years, you’ll need to visit a Passport Acceptance Facility. 

While FedEx’s service might cost a bit more than some alternatives, the convenience and number of services can make up for the extra expense. 

So, next time you’re prepping for international travel, FedEx could be worth considering for getting your passport photo and more.

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