Have you ever ordered something online excitedly and then tracked your package on FedEx to see what’s happening? And suddenly, you see the words “Label Created.” It’s a bit confusing, right?

This tracking status might leave you wondering if your package is still with the seller or if FedEx is slowing the delivery. It’s a notification that can raise many questions about the package.

In this article, We’ll explain everything you need to know about this status. If you’ve ever felt stuck trying to figure out what’s happening with your shipment, this article is for you. 

So, without any further ado, Let’s get started.

What Does Label Created Status Mean For Fedex Shipments

Key Takeaways:

  1. “Label Created” means a shipping label is ready, but FedEx likely hasn’t received the package from the seller yet.
  2. Common reasons for this status: sellers are preparing bulk shipments, or FedEx is missing the package’s initial scanning process upon receipt.
  3. If this status is struck for over a week, it’s wise to contact the seller first and then contact FedEx.
  4. Tracking numbers are essential; they help in tracing packages and addressing any delays or issues in the shipping process.

What Does “Label Created” Status Mean For Fedex Shipments?

This tracking status indicates that a shipping label has been generated for a package, but the package hasn’t been received or scanned into FedEx’s system yet. Sellers usually plan to send their shipments in batches. This means they might generate shipping labels for several orders simultaneously, even before the packages are ready for pickup or drop-off. 

This status message is initiated because of this process. The label has been made, but the actual transit hasn’t started yet. 

Once FedEx receives the package, it will scan these packages and update their details in the system.

Reasons Behind FedEx is Stuck on Label Created?

Shipper Yet to Hand Over the Item to FedEx:

Often, when you buy something online, the store might quickly create a shipping label. This lets them and FedEx know that a package is ready to be shipped. 

However, just because a label is made doesn’t mean the package has left the store. They might still be getting your order ready or waiting to give many packages to FedEx at once. 

During this time, even though the seller has started the shipping process by creating the label, FedEx hasn’t gotten your package yet. This is why this tracking status is shown to you.

Initial Scan missed by FedEx:

Let’s consider that the seller did everything right and gave your package to FedEx on time. Sometimes, due to being busy or maybe an oversight, FedEx might not scan your package right away. 

This initial Scan updates the system from this tracking update to show that the package is moving. If they miss this step, the system won’t update, even though your package is with FedEx and on its way to you.

How Long Will Fedex Stay Stuck On “Label Created”?

Usually, it’s only for a day or two. Let’s say a store is getting your package ready. They make a label, and FedEx knows a package is coming. 

Once the store gives the package to FedEx and they scan it, the status should change. Sometimes, a store might be super busy and take a few extra days to give your package to FedEx. 

Or, FedEx might have a lot of packages and miss scanning yours when they first get it. If things like this happen, you might see the “Label Created” status for a bit longer.

If the status doesn’t change for more than a week, it’s time to take action. Give the store or FedEx a call. It’s always good to check in and ensure your package isn’t lost or forgotten.

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What to do when a FedEx package is Stuck on “Label Created”?

The status may take a few days to update for various reasons, such as the seller prepping multiple packages or FedEx missing an initial scan.

If the status doesn’t change for an extended period, say a week or more, it’s time to act. Start by contacting the seller or the store where you bought the item. 

Ask them if they’ve given the package to FedEx. They might provide information, perhaps there’s been a delay, or they might confirm that the package was handed over.

If the seller assures you that the package is with FedEx, your next step is to contact FedEx directly. They can provide information on whether they’ve received the package or if there’s any issue from their end.

Always ensure you have a tracking number. It’s the most crucial information that allows FedEx to trace your package.

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Why is my FedEx package stuck on the label created?

FedEx may not have scanned the label, there may be an issue with the address or information on the label, or the package is not yet handed over to FedEx.

Why is my package still on the label created?

FedEx may not have picked up the package, there may be a delay in processing, or the package may be held up in the system for unknown reasons.

What does it mean when a FedEx label has been created?

It means that FedEx has generated a shipping label for your package, but it has not yet been picked up or scanned by FedEx.

Why does FedEx say “label created” when I have already shipped my package?

This could be due to a technical issue, a delay in processing the package, or a human error. Please get in touch with FedEx.


 FedEx’s “Label Created” status is pretty straightforward. It means that a shipping label has been made, but FedEx might not have the package just yet.

There are a couple of reasons for this. Either the seller is still preparing your item, or FedEx got it but didn’t scan it immediately. 

If you have seen this status for over a week, it’s a good idea to check-in. Always remember to start by contacting the seller, then reach out to FedEx if needed. 

Usually, this issue will be solved quickly as it’s either with the shipper or FedEx. They will sort this issue out in no time.

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