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Key Takeaways

  • Fake tracking numbers are illegal and useless for genuine shipments. They are only good for jokes or pranks.
  • You can create a fake tracking number online using a program on GitHub, but it won’t work for all courier companies.
  • To determine if a tracking number is real or fake, check the official website of the courier company or contact customer support.
  • Always follow the guidelines of the courier company and avoid misleading others with fake tracking information.
Fake Tracking Number

What is a Fake Tracking Number?

A fake tracking number is a tracking element that hasn’t been assigned legally or entered into the database. Simply telling a buddy or giving it to someone else that it is their tracking number serves its sole purpose.

However, making a fake tracking number is pointless because not all parcel tracking websites will accept it. Only the data that the creator inputs during creation will be provided by it. Additionally, only that website may be used to trace it.

How can I create a fake tracking code that will work as real one?

Users may generate a false tracking number for a certain courier service provider using a program on GitHub. You may use it to make a tracking ID that you can provide to friends or other people to trick them or for other reasons by utilizing it.

Furthermore, because the maker of this program doesn’t offer a false tracking id for some organizations, this app generates fake tracking numbers that won’t function for them.

Creating Fake Courier Tracking Numbers Online

The ability to create a tracking id from any website is this tool’s key benefit. It only requires that you input the name of the courier service provider, a special tracking ID, and a unique number. [Website with a Fake Tracking Number] Check out this GitHub javascript that allows you to generate and validate a tracking number.

You can choose a courier service provider, a service, and a country code.  Enter all the information, then choose “create.” After clicking that, you may use those ten to fifteen numbers wherever you choose.

Why should you not create Fake Tracking?

It is unlawful and illegal to give someone fake tracking information while claiming that your shipment has been dispatched. They will soon realize that you are lying to them and that this isn’t the genuine tracking number so it will work for some time.

Additionally, doing this will make it appear as though you are betraying someone else’s confidence, causing the two of you to lose contact. By pretending to have made reservations for your pals or by stating anything different, you might utilize it to tease them.

How do we know the tracking number is fake?

It is possible to determine whether the given tracking number is authentic.

What transpires during package shipping is listed below.

  • The tracking status is often changed.
  • If the supplier that shipped your goods is genuine, you’ll also receive an email saying it has been delivered.

If you submit the information, the courier provider will email you once the shipment has been sent. The official could also email you a receipt for your order.

How to know the tracking number is fake

How to figure out –

On the courier’s official website, you may occasionally track the parcel. Nothing would be shown if the tracking were fraudulent; however, if it is updating or indicating that your product has been picked up or whatever else, it is legitimate.

If the tracking doesn’t change within a day, keep checking for updates to learn what’s happening with your item. To learn what happened to your shipment in that situation, get in touch with the courier service’s customer assistance.

To find out more, you can get in touch with the individual who sent the goods to you. You can only learn the latest information on your package from the shipper and the courier service provider.

Additionally, you ought to confirm the validity of the tracking number. The tracking number should be opened in order to accomplish that. Details regarding this shipment will be shown on the screen for you to examine and verify.

It is preferable to contact the person who sold you the goods or who sent your box if you discover anything odd.

More details than any of us would be able to provide you here will be available in person. To learn more about it, you may also contact customer service.


Is a fake tracking number safe?

Yes, it is safe as long as you use it for practical jokes rather than genuine shipments. If you send them something, this program will help you, but after a while, it will discontinue operating, and the tracker will show an erroneous status.

Can you fake a tracking number?

No, you can’t make up the tracking information you provide someone else. If they attempt to follow it and it isn’t updated, they will realize you misled them.

Can a scammer fake a USPS tracking number?

Undoubtedly, a fraudster may provide you with a false USPS tracking number. You will discover, though, that the data presented is unreliable. Therefore no. Your level of comprehension is what counts, not your level of intelligence.

Is there any Fake Tracking Number App?

The answer is no, and it makes no sense for someone to make a false tracking number app.


Fake tracking numbers are fraudulent, and they operate differently from authentic ones. They are no longer functional. It can only be used for amusement or practical jokes. Additionally, you may utilize it to send your buddies simple jokes or other forms of light-hearted communication.

Try none of these, though, if you’re sending a box; otherwise, your delivery won’t arrive safely. Use a courier service provider’s official website instead, and ensure you abide by their guidelines.

If you’re still unclear, ask the courier firm’s customer support for tracking information. I hope you find this information to be helpful.

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