Have you ever waited for a package and got a message from USPS saying “No Authorized Recipient Available“? It might sound confusing, but it’s pretty simple.

USPS wants to make sure some packages go directly to the right person. So, they want someone specific at home to receive it for certain packages. But what if no one’s home or the right person isn’t there?

This article will explain this message, why USPS might leave it, and what you can do next. If you’ve ever received this message or just want to know more, keep reading!

No Authorized Recipient Available USPS Mean

Key Takeaways:

  1. USPS attempts three redeliveries before marking a package “return to sender.”
  2. Sometimes, USPS might not deliver the package if they assume no one’s home, even without checking.
  3. You can pick up your package at the post office if you miss a delivery. Just make sure to carry a photo ID.
  4. Delivery people leave a PS Form 3849 Redelivery Notice. You can use it to schedule a redelivery.

What Does No Authorized Recipient Available Mean?

“No Authorized Recipient Available” means they tried to deliver a package to your address, but the person required to sign for it wasn’t available. This usually happens when a package needs direct confirmation, ensuring it gets into the right hands.

The USPS often requires signatures for certain deliveries, especially if they are of high value or very important. 

This can be because the sender wants extra security or the package’s type demands it. When the USPS delivery person comes to your home and can’t find the appropriate person to sign for the package, they’ll leave this message. 

The idea behind this is safety. By ensuring the right person receives and acknowledges the package, both the USPS and the sender can be confident it was delivered correctly.

What Happens If No Authorized Recipient Is Available?

If they can’t complete the delivery, USPS typically leaves a PS Form 3849 Redelivery Notice behind. 

You can either schedule a redelivery at a more convenient time when someone will be available to sign or physically head to the post office to collect the parcel. 

In cases where redelivery isn’t arranged, USPS might attempt delivery on the following day, hoping someone authorized will be present.

Alternatively, you can pick up the package from the local post office. Just make sure to carry your ID card when you go to pick up the parcel.

 If a package remains unclaimed after several redelivery attempts, USPS might label it as “return to sender”. This means the package goes back to the original sender.

When Will USPS Attempt To Deliver A Package?

If they can’t hand over your package on the initial attempt, don’t worry. USPS gives you two more chances. They will make 3 tries to deliver your package for free. After these three attempts, if they still can’t find anyone to accept the delivery, the package will be marked as “return to sender.”

You either have to be present during the redelivery or schedule a time when you will be available to sign for the parcel.

If, for some reason, you miss all these delivery attempts, there’s still a way. You can visit your local post office and collect the shipment yourself. 

Who Can Schedule And Accept A Redelivery?

Not only the direct recipient but a family member, an authorized agent, or even an employee can schedule and accept a package.

No formal identification is required when the package is redelivered to the original address. If someone is present at the home or business, USPS considers them associated with the recipient. 

Remember that you cannot change the address while scheduling a redelivery. The shipment will be delivered to the original address that was given before.

Picking Up The Package At The Post Office

If you miss the delivery or just want to get the package yourself, you can go to the post office. Just take a photo ID if the package has your name. 

If a business is getting a package, they can tell the post office who will come to get it. That person should also bring their photo ID. This way, the post office knows they’re giving the shipment to the right person.

What You Can Do When You Receive A “USPS No Authorized Recipient Available” Notice?

USPS leaves a peach-colored slip when they can’t deliver a package because no one’s there to sign for it. This slip, called the PS Form 3849 Redelivery Notice, is your key to getting your package.

You can visit the USPS website, enter the number from the slip, and pick a good day. This way, you can make sure you or someone in your home will be there to sign. 

If you’d rather not wait, there’s another option. Scan the QR code on the slip with your phone. This lets you use the USPS app to handle the redelivery.

You can also ask USPS to leave your package in a special USPS parcel locker. If there’s no peach slip, or if you didn’t set a new delivery time, USPS will try again the next day.

Why Did I Get This Message Even Though I Was Home?

Sometimes, a USPS driver might not come to your door to save time if they don’t see cars near your house. They might think no one’s home. So, they don’t try knocking.

Even if they should always try to deliver, sometimes they don’t. Some people have even caught this happening on their front door cameras. 

If this happens to you, fill out the note(PS Form 3849 Redelivery Notice) they leave behind. And if you don’t see a note at your door, look in your mailbox or contact USPS.


What If There Is No Authorized Recipient For Certified Mail?

If there is no authorized recipient for certified mail, the USPS will attempt to deliver the mail to the address on the envelope. If the mail cannot be delivered, it will be returned back to the sender.

Who Is The Authorized Recipient Of USPS Redelivery?

The authorized recipient of USPS redelivery is the person who is listed as the recipient on the mailpiece. If the mailpiece is addressed to a business, the authorized recipient is anyone related to the business.

How Many Times Will USPS Attempt Delivery?

The USPS will attempt to deliver three times. If the mail cannot be delivered after three attempts, it will be returned to the sender. 

What Does Authorized Recipient Mean?

An authorized recipient is a person who is authorized to receive mail on behalf of another person or a business. 


“No Authorized Recipient Available” means the person who needs to sign the package was unavailable during the delivery.Remember, USPS tries to deliver your package three times. If you miss it, they’ll leave a note. Sometimes, they might skip the delivery if they think no one’s home, even if they should always knock or ring.

It’s crucial to either be around when they try to deliver or set up a specific time. If not, you can always pick up your package at the post office. 

If you ever get this message when you are home, it’s a good idea to check your mailbox or front door for any notice from USPS and follow its instructions.

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