Are you awaiting a shipment from abroad and have a tracking update for “Received Receptacle from Abroad (OTB)”?

Naturally, you may be wondering what this means. When you receive this notice, where is your shipment? Do you need to take any action?

A bulk consignment comprising many shipments, or the receptacle, has arrived at the destination or a middle transit country, according to the “Received Receptacle from Abroad (OTB)” report. The carrier got the container or receptacle from overseas.

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What Does “Received Receptacle from Abroad (OTB)” Mean?

A large batch of many packages has arrived at the destination country or a middle transit country, according to the “Received Receptacle from Abroad (OTB)” report. Packages will be delivered in bulk within a container when they are packed into an aircraft or cargo ship. 

This container is referred to as a receptacle by certain operators. Once the carrier has unpacked the container from the plane in the target or middle transit point, the “Received Receptacle from Abroad (OTB)” alert is set off.

The shipments that constitute the bulk consignment will remain in the container, which is loaded.

How long will it take after this?

The subsequent stages will vary depending on where the container dropped down from the airline or cargo ship. The transporter must give the products to customs officials for clearance if the container has already arrived in the country where they are to be used.

Customs are often avoided if the container has landed in an intermediary transit nation. The shipments will be organized, if required, and sent in the direction of the final location to arrange them for the next leg of their route.

It will often take two to five days if you live in India. It might take between 15 and 20 days to send a speed post package from India to the United States. It could take 35–40 days for an Indian registered mail to arrive.

Tracking stuck on Received Receptacle from Abroad; Why?

The procedure can take some time, which is essential to keep in mind if your tracking appears to be stuck on “Received Receptacle from Abroad (OTB)”.

It may take weeks for the receiving carrier to collect the goods and scan them for tracking reasons if you have selected an economy air or sea cargo service.

If the item has arrived in the target country, the following step is customs clearance. But frequently, a warehouse inside the import location will first be used to store the consignment.

Numerous customers have expressed frustration about the prolonged holding times for their packages as they are sorted for further delivery or waiting for clearance inside these facilities, both of which take place within the same facility.

What to do when the package gets stuck?

You have a few solutions if your shipment remains in the “Received Receptacle from Abroad” state.

Speak with the seller.

Carriers frequently find it more convenient to communicate with the purchaser. It is necessary to let the seller know there has been a delay and that the shipment appears to be detained at customs. They should be able to look further to learn what transpired.

Use a Universal Tracker to follow the package.

You may not receive more recent updates because you are trying to monitor the change in the incorrect carrier database. The tracking will not immediately switch when the shipment is given to an alternate transportation provider.

You should enter the information you possess into a universal tracker to verify this. They will search hundreds of carrier databases to determine whether any details about your shipment can be uncovered.

You can get further information by contacting the relevant customer services department if you know all the details of the carrier currently in charge of shipment.

Message the carrier service for the origin nation.

You should contact the origin carrier if the previous stage produced no useful results. India Post is the carrier that makes the most use of the “Received Receptacle from Abroad (OTB)” warning.

India Post will be able to guide you in the appropriate direction of where the issue is, even though they might not be able to provide you with all the assistance you want since the item is currently in the target nation.

Contact India Post via phone at 1800 266 6868.  You must find out the provider’s contact information if India Post is not the operator in charge of the early phases of the shipment.


The “Received Receptacle from Abroad (OTB)” warning is a little peculiar. It simply informs you that a shipment has arrived in the target or intermediate country together with lots of others and is most frequently utilized by India Post.

It has been received, the “receptacle.” But there are still a few steps to complete before delivery, so try to focus on your tracking for new information. If there is a delay, proceed as directed in this post. I hope this post was helpful to you and allayed your worries.

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