Got “Item Returned From Import Customs” tracking status? Now you might be like, “Has the item passed customs clearance or what? And when will I get my package?”

When you see this update, how much longer till your shipment arrives, and do you need to do anything?

The shipment has cleared customs properly and is now with the carrier responsible for the next part of the delivery journey, as stated in the “Item Returned From Import Customs” status. To find out more, keep reading.

Key Takeaways

  • “Item Returned From Import Customs” means your shipment has cleared customs and is with the carrier for the next leg of transit.
  • If your tracking is stuck on this status, contact the carrier or sender for updates.
  • “Return item from customs” means the package has cleared customs and is waiting to be delivered at the post office.
  • This status notice is positive and signals the end of a challenging stretch of the shipping journey. Your package should arrive soon.
What Does Item Returned From Import Customs Mean

What Does Item Returned From Import Customs Mean?

When a package receives the status alert “Item Returned From Import Customs,” it has finally passed the import customs procedure and transferred to the carrier in charge of the remaining transit distance. 

Basically, this is good tracking information to get. It indicates that customs have passed the shipment and is now free to enter the importing country, which is most probably the target country.

Receiving the “Item Returned From Import Customs” status notice suggests your shipment is getting closer to delivery despite the fact that customs might be difficult.

Why were my packages returned?

When import customs have cleared the item, a provider will be handed the package and is responsible for delivering it to the location. The following step would be to move from the ISC to a USPS regional facility closer to the delivery area.

The package would subsequently be prepared for delivery to the proper local post office and would leave as soon as possible for last-mile delivery. A carrier service would be in a situation similar to this. 

After obtaining the goods from customs, the carrier would arrange delivery using its facilities and hubs.

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The tracking is stuck on Item Returned From Import Customs. Why?

You may do various things if your box remains on the “Item Returned From Import Customs” status alert for several days.

Contacting the carrier service in charge of delivery in the target nation would be the initial step. This service should have assessed your item and been aware of its position in the transit journey.

Once you enter your tracking number, these sites will search through multiple carrier tracking sites until they discover a result. Or, if a different provider has scanned your item, that information will be made public. 

Last but not least, you can get in touch with the sender to determine whether they know anything or can get in touch with the original carrier provider.

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What to do when an item is returned from customs?

The phrase “return item from customs” refers to an item that has been delivered to the post office after clearing customs. If you have any queries related to it, You can contact customer support to learn more about it.

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What happens if a package gets returned from customs?

Once the package gets returned very soon, you will receive your shipment from the local postal agency or courier service provider.

What is the meaning of custom return?

Custom return means customs have released the package, and is now waiting to be delivered at the post office.


The “Item Returned From Import Customs” status notice is positive to get everything considered. It signals the end of one of the more challenging stretches of the freight voyage. 

The parcel will now be placed in the care of the local postal agency or courier for final delivery after clearing customs. Hopefully, your package will arrive in the next day or two.

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