Yodel has long been a popular choice for online shoppers due to its reliable delivery service. However, recent reports have suggested that Yodel may not be as reliable as it claims.

Customers have complained of late or missing deliveries and even outright lies from Yodel customer service representatives. This raises the question: is Yodel lying about delivery? In this post, we will take a look at this in detail.

Is Yodel Lying About Delivery

Is Yodel Lying About Delivery?

Without experiencing it personally, it is impossible to determine. Yodel should do better with its position in the United Kingdom. Customer complaints about this frequently applied carrier are simple to locate online.

Yodel takes great pride in delivering packages on time and with the utmost care. However, there have been instances where Yodel has failed to meet its promised delivery date.

The dependability of the tracking system and the delivery drivers appears to be a serious problem that occurs frequently.

Customers begin to believe Yodel is lying about delivery as a result of two vexing issues that result from this.

The initial situation occurs when drivers claim they tried to deliver something even if they didn’t reach the intended address. When the package cannot be found, the second option claims it was delivered.

Is Yodel Lying About Delivery Attempted Delivery?

If a delivery note can be obtained and the Yodel tracking indicates that a delivery attempt was made, this is evidence that the driver was at the address and made an attempt.

The recipient was not there to pick up, and the driver was unable to locate a secure location. Customers should not assume the driver was misled about the attempted delivery when no message is left.

The message may have been left with another member of the household, or the package may have been left with a neighbor.

Basically, the receivers should check the appropriate boxes; get in touch with relatives and neighbors; and see if anyone else did not receive a message or delivery.

In case you come across a note known as a Yodel Calling Card, a green one signifies that you should get in touch with the Yodel driver to discuss making a further delivery attempt.

The Yodel monitoring website must be used to make plans if you receive an orange calling card. If no card is located, Yodel should try the delivery once more the next working day.

What happens if Yodel doesn’t deliver?

To find out if the item was left outside the building and is lost or stolen, you should also get in touch with Yodel or, if you can, speak to the driver.

In any event, if you suspect the driver of wrongdoing, you should get in touch with them directly if you have their contact information or through formal means like Yodel so that further facts regarding the delivery’s conditions may be supplied.


What happens if Yodel doesn’t deliver?

If Yodel doesn’t deliver, it could cause many problems for customers and businesses. Customers may not receive the items they ordered in a timely manner or at all. This can lead to frustration and dissatisfaction with the company. Businesses may have to contact customers to notify them of delays.

Why has Yodel not delivered my parcel?

There could be several reasons why Yodel has not been able to deliver your parcel. It may be that there is an issue with the address you provided or that it was incomplete.

Are Yodel always late?

Yodel is not always late, but recently there have been complaints against this company for late delivery and unreliability.


Yodel is one of the most popular parcel delivery services in the UK. Unfortunately, there are times when they cannot deliver parcels. It is not rare for a driver to lie about an attempted delivery.

Declaring that they arrived at the location when they didn’t is more of a white lie than a serious offense if they didn’t arrive at the address during the working day or if they wanted to end early.

It is unlikely that a driver would falsify a signature, claim that delivery was accomplished, and keep the box. Some clients assert it occurs, but it seems extremely doubtful.

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