You’re counting down the hours until your FedEx package arrives, but the weather forecast calls for heavy rain. Will FedEx still deliver in this rainy weather? Does rain delay FedEx delivery? It’s a question that leaves many waiting anxiously.

Rest assured, FedEx is a dedicated delivery service that strives to get your packages to you, even in less-than-ideal weather conditions. However, severe weather events can sometimes impact their delivery schedules.

Let’s delve into FedEx’s policies surrounding rain and bad weather deliveries. We’ll help you understand when delays might occur and what to expect when the weather isn’t cooperating.

Does FedEx Deliver in the Rain

Key Takeaways:

  1. FedEx delivers in the rain, prioritizing package safety and employing protective measures to prevent damage during adverse weather conditions.
  2. Secure delivery spots, waterproof covering, and driver discretion safeguard packages from rain, snow, and potential damage.
  3. If rain damages your package, document it, contact the seller or FedEx, and file a claim for reimbursement or replacement.
  4. Proper packaging and protection measures can significantly reduce the risk of package damage, ensuring reliable delivery in any weather.

Does FedEx Deliver in the Rain?

Yes, FedEx typically delivers in the rain. They strive to maintain their delivery schedule even when the weather isn’t ideal. However, there are some important nuances to consider.

FedEx drivers are well-prepared for inclement weather. They undergo training to handle adverse conditions, such as rain, to ensure the safety of both drivers and packages. 

They may use waterproof packaging to protect your parcel from getting wet and damaged during delivery.

In severe weather situations like tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, or extremely icy conditions, FedEx may suspend deliveries for the safety of their employees. 

Natural disasters like fires and earthquakes can also impact their services. In such cases, delivery for that day may be canceled.

FedEx does its best to deliver your packages in the rain, but extreme weather conditions can lead to delivery disruptions. 

It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on your package’s tracking information during inclement weather for the latest updates on its status.

How Does FedEx Deliver When It’s Raining?

When FedEx encounters rainy weather, they take specific precautions to ensure your packages arrive safely. Here’s how FedEx handles deliveries when it’s raining:

Intensive Weather Training: 

FedEx doesn’t just rely on luck. They have a team of meteorologists to forecast weather conditions well in advance. FedEx drivers undergo extensive training to prepare for adverse weather conditions. 

This includes a “slip and fall” training program that teaches drivers how to walk safely on icy surfaces, simulating the experience of slipping and falling.

Waterproof Packaging: 

FedEx drivers are trained to protect your packages from rain. They will place your package in a waterproof plastic bag if the weather forecast calls for rain. This extra layer helps shield the contents from moisture.

Driver Discretion: 

FedEx prioritizes safety above all else. If a driver feels it’s unsafe to make a delivery due to heavy rain or flooding, they may delay the delivery until conditions improve. 

They know how to keep packages in the best possible condition until the customer can safely receive them.

Sheltered Locations: 

FedEx drivers will leave packages under archways, awnings, or any sheltered spot available when possible. 

This ensures that the package remains as dry as possible during the rainy weather. If the customer allows it, they may even leave the package in the mailbox.

FedEx employs a combination of training, waterproof packaging, driver discretion, and seeking sheltered locations to ensure that your packages are delivered efficiently and safely, even when it’s raining.

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Does FedEx Deliver When It’s Snowing?

Just like with rain, FedEx has strategies in place to mitigate potential disruptions caused by snowstorms. FedEx drivers are trained to adapt to snowy conditions. This includes route changes, vehicle adjustments, and the possibility of rerouting shipments to areas with more favorable weather conditions. 

Their goal is to ensure that deliveries can continue safely despite the snowy weather.

FedEx understands that weather-related delays can occur. If your package is delayed due to snow or other severe weather conditions, FedEx will attempt to provide you with a revised delivery date

They aim to get your package to you as close to the original delivery date as possible.

If you are expecting a delivery during snowy weather, there are steps you can take to improve the chances of receiving your package on time.

Keeping driveways and walkways clear of snow and applying sand or rock salt for better traction can be helpful.

How to Protect Your Package From Rain

To safeguard your package from rain and ensure it arrives dry, consider these practical steps:

Proper Packaging: 

The foundation of protecting your package starts with the right packaging. Use sturdy corrugated boxes to shield your items. Ensure that the shipping cartons are in good condition, avoiding old or compromised boxes.

Secure Labeling: 

Use packing tape or water-resistant adhesive to secure the shipping label to the package. However, be cautious not to cover the entire label with tape. 

Place the shipping label inside a waterproof plastic wallet before attaching it to the box, ensuring that your label remains intact.

Waterproof Covering: 

Enhance your package’s resistance to rain by covering it with a layer of polyethylene plastic or protective wax. This provides an additional barrier against moisture, keeping your items dry.

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Does FedEx Leave Packages in the Rain?

So, does FedEx leave packages in the rain? The short answer is no, they typically don’t. FedEx takes measures to prevent your packages from being exposed to rain, ensuring they arrive in good condition.

FedEx drivers are trained to look for safe and sheltered delivery spots, especially during rainy weather. They won’t simply leave your package exposed to the elements. 

Instead, they’ll seek out locations where the package can remain dry.

FedEx drivers exercise discretion and judgment when delivering packages. If they believe that leaving your package outside in the rain would risk damage, they may opt to hold onto it until the weather improves.

Sometimes, customers may authorize FedEx to leave packages in specific locations without a signature, even in rainy conditions. 

Where Is FedEx Supposed to Leave Packages?

FedEx drivers are trained to prioritize safety and package security when choosing delivery locations. Here’s what you can expect:

FedEx drivers aim to leave packages in secure and sheltered areas whenever possible. This may include covered porches, carports, or areas protected from rain and theft.

If no other secure location is available, the front door is a common choice for package delivery. However, drivers make sure the package is as discreet and inconspicuous as possible to deter theft.

FedEx respects customer preferences. If you have specific instructions for where you’d like your package placed, such as a back door or with a neighbor, FedEx will follow those instructions whenever feasible.

In rare cases where no secure location is available, and the customer is unavailable, FedEx may leave a note with instructions for arranging a redelivery or package pickup.

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What Should You Do if Rain Causes Damage to Your Package?

If you discover that your package has been damaged due to exposure to rain, you have to take necessary action immediately.

Start by documenting the damage thoroughly. Take clear photographs of both the damaged packaging and the contents inside. This visual evidence is crucial when filing a claim.

Reach out to the seller or the company you purchased the item from. Provide them with the photos and a detailed description of the damage. 

They will often initiate the claim process with the shipping carrier on your behalf.

If the seller doesn’t handle the claim or if you are the shipper, you can file a claim directly with FedEx. Visit the FedEx website and follow their specific instructions for filing a claim. 

You will need the tracking number and the documented evidence of the damage.

FedEx will review your claim and determine the appropriate course of action. This may include reimbursement for the damaged item or a replacement. The resolution process may take some time, so be patient.

By promptly documenting and reporting damage caused by rain, you increase the likelihood of receiving compensation or a replacement for your damaged item. Acting quickly and following the appropriate channels to address the issue is important.

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Does FedEx Deliver in the Snow?

Yes, FedEx will attempt to deliver your package in the snow, but they may not be able to do so if the weather conditions are too dangerous. If your package is not delivered due to weather conditions, FedEx will attempt to redeliver it as soon as possible.

Will My Package Still Be Delivered if It’s Raining?

Yes, FedEx will attempt to deliver your package even if it is raining. However, if the rain is heavy and the roads are wet, FedEx may not be able to deliver your package safely.

Does FedEx Leave Packages Outside?

FedEx will not leave packages outside if the package is not secure. This means that if the package is not delivered to a door or a secure location, FedEx will not leave it outside.

Why Would FedEx Not Leave a Package?

If FedEx does not leave your package, they will leave a notice at your door explaining why the package was not delivered. You can then contact FedEx to arrange for redelivery.


In conclusion, FedEx’s commitment to delivering packages in various weather conditions, including rain and snow, underscores its dedication to customer satisfaction. 

While the company makes every effort to ensure your packages are safeguarded from the elements, unexpected weather-related challenges can occasionally occur.

FedEx employs a range of strategies to protect your shipments, including selecting secure delivery spots, utilizing waterproof bags, and exercising driver discretion. 

In the event that rain or other weather factors lead to package damage, taking swift action is essential.

By following these guidelines and understanding FedEx’s approach to weather-related challenges, you can enhance the security and reliability of your shipments, ensuring they arrive safely, rain or shine.

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