Ever caught yourself wondering which delivery truck you’d be driving if you were on the other side of that doorbell ring? 

With the boom in online shopping, courier companies aren’t just delivering packages — they’re delivering dreams. And for many Americans, those dreams include being a part of the team that makes it all happen.

But here’s the million-dollar question: Out of all the courier giants out there, which ones are Americans secretly wishing to work for?

We were curious too! So, we took a deeper dive into the online world, utilizing the power of SEMrush and Google Trends. By analyzing the monthly Google searches for these companies, we’ve uncovered the courier companies people are considering working for. 

These are the companies that people across the country are hoping to call their next workplace. Ready to discover where Americans want to clock in? Let’s hit the road and find out!


At Courier Ratings, we reviewed all career and job-related Google searches for courier companies in the United States. We utilized leading SEO tools such as Semrush and Google Trends to determine the top courier companies where Americans want to work.

We conducted multiple queries for each career-related Google search and employed Google Trends to identify the cities and regions where most job searches come from. Additionally, we referenced Glassdoor and Indeed to estimate the average salaries offered by these companies.

The data we present represents monthly searches for each term. It’s important to note that these figures can vary based on seasonality. We will periodically update this data to ensure its relevance for each month and year.

Key Findings

  • USPS is the top choice for job seekers in the courier sector with 246,000 monthly searches.
  • Driving roles, especially at UPS and FedEx, are highly sought after.
  • There’s a growing interest in remote job positions, with DHL leading in this category at 19.75%.
  • Southern U.S. states, including Mississippi and Louisiana, are hotspots for courier job searches.
  • Despite having fewer overall searches than its counterparts, DHL stands out for its remote job offerings.

Most Desired Courier Companies Where Americans Want to Work With Infographics

CompanyCareer Searches (Monthly)Job Searches (Monthly)Average Pay Scale (Yearly)
USPS246,000110,000$43,165 to $92,918
UPS135,000165,000$49,827 to $114,452
FedEx110,00074,000$39,000 to $100,000
DHL14,8008,100$48,843 to $100,610

We analyzed all shipping service providers in the USA to determine which courier company has the highest level of interest among potential employees. While USPS leads the industry, UPS and FedEx closely follow, with DHL trailing behind.

Breaking Down the Top Companies Jobs data


“USPS Careers” is the most sought-after term, with 246,000 monthly Google searches. On average, USPS jobs are searched 110,000 times a month. As of now, there are 4,280 USPS job openings listed on Indeed.

When it comes to people looking for jobs at USPS:

  • 1.73% are eyeing “USPS Gov jobs.”
  • 1.74% are keen on remote positions with USPS
  • 0.91% are on the lookout for USPS truck driver roles
  • 1.18% are interested in part-time opportunities
  • 0.65% are exploring truck driver positions
  • 0.47% are curious about USPS warehouse jobs

Geographically, USPS job searches are hottest in states like Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, and Georgia. Cities like Columbus, Miami Gardens, Macon, and Jackson are buzzing with interest.

#2 UPS

“UPS Careers” is a close second, with 135,000 monthly Google searches. UPS jobs, on average, are searched 165,000 times a month. Currently, there are a whopping 6,412 UPS job openings listed on Indeed.

Those interested in UPS jobs:

  • 6% are eager to drive for UPS
  • 4% are scouting for UPS warehouse roles
  • 1.76% are considering UPS part-time jobs
  • 1.45% are intrigued by remote job opportunities
  • 0.97% are exploring truck driver positions
  • 0.61% have their eyes on UPS package handler roles

Region-wise, UPS job searches are trending in Mississippi, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas. Cities like Jackson, Macon, Memphis, and Stockbridge are where the action’s at.

#3 FedEx

“FedEx Careers” grabs the third spot with 110,000 monthly Google searches. FedEx jobs are searched an average of 74,000 times a month. As of now, there are 3,890 FedEx job openings up for grabs on Indeed.

For folks looking for jobs at FedEx:

  • 7.30% are keen on “FedEx warehouse jobs”
  • Another 7.30% are interested in FedEx driver roles
  • 5.95% are exploring opportunities with FedEx ground
  • 4.86% are considering FedEx remote jobs
  • 4.86% are looking into part-time roles
  • 1.19% are curious about delivery jobs

In terms of geography, FedEx job searches are heating up in Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Texas. Cities like Olive Branch, Memphis, Southaven, and Collierville are leading the charge.

#4 DHL

“DHL Careers” is in fourth position with 14,800 monthly Google searches. DHL jobs are searched an average of 8,100 times a month. Currently, there are 1,181 DHL job opportunities listed on Indeed.

For individuals looking for jobs at DHL:

  • A significant 19.75% are interested in “DHL remote jobs”
  • 10.86% are exploring DHL warehouse positions
  • 7.28% are considering DHL driver roles
  • 3.21% are looking into DHL delivery jobs
  • 2.10% are thinking about part-time opportunities

On the regional front, DHL job searches are most popular in Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, and Ohio. Most of the interest is concentrated in cities like Memphis and Union City.

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