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One of the top courier service companies in the US is FedEx, as we are all aware. Every day, it manages thousands of parcels, but occasionally, it displays a tracking status that is different from the others, confusing us, such as “On FedEx Vehicle For Delivery.”

Read the entire post to learn everything linked to it if you receive this and are unsure of its significance.

What does on FedEx vehicle for delivery mean

What does on FedEx vehicle for delivery mean?

The phrase “On FedEx vehicle for delivery” means that your package is on a FedEx vehicle for delivery and your package is going from FedEx vehicle to your door for final delivery.

When the box has been put into the FedEx vehicle for delivery and the FedEx driver has scanned the package’s barcode, you receive this notification.

Even after you’ve seen that notification, there might still be various problems that prohibit your FedEx goods from getting to you in time.

FedEx will occasionally unintentionally scan a shipment far sooner than it should have, resulting in the notice being sent to you. Therefore, despite the fact that you will be eagerly awaiting it, there won’t be any FedEx deliveries made that day due to an error at the FedEx facility.

On occasion, particularly if the driver is a novice, the FedEx van will be unable to locate your location. In such circumstances, the delivery truck will return your product to a FedEx location, which will be scanned and reregistered in the system. You may receive the package the next day.

Where exactly is my package?

According to this tracking status, your shipment has completed the final sorting stage and is now on the FedEx truck traveling to your area. This often indicates that your package will arrive on the same day.

You could notice this status early in the day because the products are often placed into the delivery vehicles first thing in the morning. The shipment can, however, take a while to get to your house.

How long does FedEx take to deliver when on the truck?

The amount of time it takes for you to arrive after getting the “On FedEx vehicle for Delivery” update depends on the driver’s route.  You can anticipate receiving your delivery early in the day if your address is at the start of the route. You must wait longer if your address is at the end of the journey.

Generally, the FedEx delivery window is from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM during a regular business day. You may anticipate delivery to occur within that time limit on the day you get the “On FedEx truck for Delivery” notification.

Why is my Tracking Stuck on a FedEx vehicle for Delivery?

Several reasons can lead to tracking getting stuck, so let’s explore all of them together.

Delayed Deliveries

Unexpected delays and errors can and do occur. The fact that the driver was unable to get to your home is one possible issue. Delays may be brought by heavy traffic or broken-down vehicles.

Drivers have also been hampered by the lack of staff during working hours and the number of deliveries they are asked to make each day.

Basically, the driver could not have had enough time to finish his rounds and deliver your package. If that’s the circumstance, your address will be put earlier on the route and your shipment will be prioritized for delivery on the next business day.

Mistakes in Scanning

FedEx could have misscanned your shipment, which is another possibility. The status may have been changed to “On FedEx vehicle for delivery” when, in reality, it is in travel to your local FedEx facility on a vehicle, necessitating totally other tracking updates.

The fact that your product is still shown as “On FedEx truck for Delivery” notwithstanding the rarity of these mistakes and delays might be due to them.

You should first wait the additional day. There is a very good possibility that the parcel will be delivered the next day if it was not successfully delivered on the date it was scheduled for delivery.

You should also recheck your FedEx monitoring during this period. It’s possible that there has been an update with further details on the causes of the delay and a new delivery date set. You should contact FedEx customer support if your item still hasn’t arrived after waiting 24 hours.

Can FedEx reroute your package when it’s out for delivery?

Thankfully, you may request that FedEx send your delivery to one of the following addresses:

Any local FedEx location, Walgreens, Dollar General, and grocery store sites.

Even if the shipment is being delivered by a FedEx van, you can have it forwarded to any of the aforementioned locations. To be able to accomplish that, you must register for the free Delivery Manager service.

Customers who need to conduct errands and don’t want to be concerned about their FedEx shipments lying outside would particularly benefit from this option.

Additionally, you can request them to keep the delivery if you think it will take you longer to return home or if you are perhaps unable to do so presently.


What does it mean when your package is on the truck for delivery?

Your box has been put into the van and the bar code has been scanned, which indicates that delivery will happen soon.

Is there a difference between on-vehicle for-delivery and out-for-delivery?

When a box is marked as being “on FedEx vehicle for delivery,” it has been loaded and verified as being on a vehicle at the nearby delivery facility, and you may receive your parcel after a few hours. You will receive your parcel on the same day after you read “Out for delivery” on the tracking page.

How long does it take for FedEx to deliver once out for delivery?

It could take until 8 pm to get the package from FedEx because the delivery window ends at 8 pm.


When your shipment is marked as being “On FedEx Vehicle for Delivery,” it means that FedEx placed a pallet that was intended to be delivered by truck onto a FedEx vehicle before moving your package from a package handler onto the pallet. It will soon be sent to you.

Every parcel that is scheduled to be delivered has the typical tracking status FedEx On Vehicle for Delivery. Now that you are aware of it, perhaps you no longer have any concerns.

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